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29 Year Old w/ two babies finally got breast augmentation

I wanted to share my personal Journey which as I know for most women is usually pretty long especially when it comes to researching the right surgeon. I have gotten so many quotes and for me a single mom of two it was hard to be able to spend $7000 and up for breast surgery. So the day came and... READ MORE

28 Yo 3 Kids Lost over 100 lbs Including Titties

Im schedule for a breast augmentation for September 2017. I will be flying out to Florida and I'm scheduled with Dr. Salama. Prior to this procedure I had a gastric sleeve done almost 2 years ago and I lost over 100 pounds including my breast. I'm not looking to get big breasts I never had big... READ MORE

22 Years Old, Asian Canadian, Flying to Miami to Get Boobs! - Miami, FL

Hi! I'm 22 years old from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I just put the deposit down to have my surgery done at CG Cosmetics in Miami, Florida! Breast augmentations cost $10000+ in Canada and even with my flight, accomodation, and car rental, the entire thing will end up only costing about half as... READ MORE

28 Yr Old - Anatomical (Teardrop) Silicone Cohesive Gel Implants - Petite Body

It's the night before my surgery and I've come all the way from Toronto, Canada to Ostrava, Czech Republic. Typically I would never consider travelling to any country for surgery other than Korea. However, after seeing and hearing reviews from a couple of my friends, I decided I would take the... READ MORE

LOVE MY NEW BOOBS! Mel Ortega is Amazing!

Since I can remember, I've always wanted to have bigger boobs. I was embarrassed by my A-cup and never owned a bra without padding. So, no doubts, breast augmentation was on my mind for a long time. First time I've heard about Dr. Mel Ortega from my friend. She said she had her boobs done by... READ MORE

20 Year Old Flying from the UK to Clinic BeauCare in Belgium for a Breast Augmentation

I am 20 years old and have wanted a breast Augmentation for as long as I can remember. I am 5ft2 size 6/8 in clothes but very small chested at a 32B. I feel unconfident in clothes and feel my tip half does not match my curvier bottom half. I want a breast augmentation to make myself more... READ MORE

34 yo, 5 kids/pregnancies, 3 c-sections; breast augmentation and tummy tuck

Hello!! I am a 34 year old mom of 5, who endured 3 c-sections and who is ready to get my pre-baby body back. I feel like on the surface (under my clothes), I look great...but I live in spanx and breast cutlets. I am ready to live my life without those things! I am NOT looking to look like a... READ MORE

35 yr old, saline implants

Like many of you ladies on this site, I too have been contemplating breast implants for quite sometime and have done an extensive amount of research in terms of the process from beginning to end. I had a plastic surgeon in mind already due to a recommendation made by my sister. I an not... READ MORE

BA with Dr Krau at CG Cosmetics in Miami!

Aaaaaaaaahhhhh! I'm flying from Canada to Miami this coming Thursday for a BA. I'm 5'6", around 118lbs, and a very small 32A, deflated, sad, boobs after nursing 5 babies. So I am beyond stoked to have BOOBS!! So far my experience with CG has been good, my coordinator is Blanca and she always... READ MORE

21, Silicone, 1 Happy Breastfed Baby - Miami, FL

Name: Jane Breast size: 32A Implants: Silicone, 400cc+ Round profile Height: 5'2 Weight: 104 pounds BMI: 19 Hey y'all, please feel free to follow my journey with Dr. Freiman at CGCosmetic. Originally, I was going to get saline implants but with my lack of breast tissue, that's already firm I'm... READ MORE

30yo, Breast Fed Two Kids, 5'4 Approx 110lbs Going for Silicone Unders out of State!! - Miami, FL

I found Dr. Ary Krau while doing extensive research for Dr's that provide more affordable BA's. I live in Maine and the procedure is way more expensive here than in other parts of the Country. Also, every BA I have seen done in this State doesn't look good to me so I started doing more research... READ MORE

Saline Under Muscle, 28 Yr old, 5'5" 125 lbs- Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

I have been waiting for this for years. It's time. Next week Thursday I will say goodbye to my little boobies, it was nice knowing you two. I am a small B and wanting a D. I am very particular about how I want them to end up and the anxiety is killing me. I have got to make sure the doctor knows... READ MORE

Very Happy with my Breast Augmentation! - Seattle, WA

This review is super delayed. I had a breast augmentation about 3 years ago now with Dr.Salemy and I couldn't be happier. They now feel super natura and most people can't even tell. They "dropped" and settled into a natural shape. I had no boobs to start with, so very little breast tissue. I am... READ MORE

36 Y/o, No Kids, Time for a Boob Upgrade! - Miami, FL

Hello Ladies, I'm soon to turn 36 and finally taken the big step to get bigger boobies. I have wanted to do this since I was 22 and had to swallow the hard fact that my breasts were never going to get bigger. My older sister is a DD and my Mum too, I'm the smallest in my family of many girls... READ MORE

To Boob or Not to Boob - Oahu Island, HI

I've been debating getting a BJ for a while now. Coming from Orange County the land of the job, I knew I would always get one! Now that my youngest is almost two, I'm ready to go under the knife. I've done three consultations via FaceTime with surgeons in the Southern California area (debated... READ MORE

29 Y/o Mother of 1. 110 Lbs 5' 2" 32a to ?? *post op*- Scottsdale, AZ

I have wanted to get a BA done over 10 years. I thought I would wait until I had children in case I was magically blessed with bigger boobs. Well that didn't happen so on to plan b! I have been saving for this for about 6 years. I live in Alaska and we have very slim pickings for plastic... READ MORE

A Little Worried, my Dr is Changing Plans. - Miami, FL

I have had my date planned and paid for since July and now its a week away and the doctor is requesting a date change. Here's my dilemma, I fly in to Melbourne, FL at 1:15pm 10/29 and will be picked up by my bestie to drive 3+ hours to Miami where I have a hotel booked for the duration of my... READ MORE

25 Year Old, 1 Kid Schedule to Have Surgery with Dr Mel Ortega - Miami, FL

I'm scheduled to have a breast augmentation on March 16, 2015 with Dr Mel Ortega in Miami, FL. I'm flying from CT. Anyone have any advice, past experiences, or recommendations? Prefer reviews on Dr Ortega. Thanks! : ) I'm so excited but scared at the same time! Just wanna make sure I'm going... READ MORE

Flew from Canada to Miami for a BA with Dr.Ortega - Miami, FL

I flew from Canada to Miami to have a BA with Dr.Ortega. He had amazing reviews and before and after pictures. Not to mention the reasonable prices for his services. My coordinator was Karla. She was amazing. She answered all my questions very quickly via text. I decided to go with 475cc... READ MORE

Boobie Time...EXCELLENT!! - Las Vegas, NV

I have been wanting breast augmentation for about 10 years now and I am finally financially secure enough to make it happen! I've been all talk for so long, it seems almost surreal that I'm sitting here on my computer typing out my experience with a giant set of saline knockers in my chest! It's... READ MORE

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