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31yo, 5'6", 130lbs, 32B

I'll start with my stats, since that's what everyone seems to look for! 5'6", 130lbs, BWD 13cm, 34B (on a good day, more like an A cup) I breastfed my 2 babies, and I miss my D cup nursing breasts! I've always been unhappy with my chest size, and now they have zero volume after nursing. Ive... READ MORE

19yr Old, 115lbs, 5ft4", 32B/C Asymmetrical Breasts, Planning on Getting 380cc Saline Unders - East Pittsburgh, PA

I have my surgery booked for 5/17/17.I am super excited because I won't have to feel selfconscious about my lopsided breasts anymore or upset about not being the size I wanted or expected since my mom is naturally a DD.Can anyone tell me any tips to get them to drop & fluff fast once I get... READ MORE

23 Years Old. 135lbs. 300cc Saline Low Profile Implants.

It's been less than a week since my surgery and I am already in love with the results. I'm recovering quick and already came back to work with no problems. I started at a 32B and I am now a 32D which is perfect. They're not too big but it's a noticeable difference. The day before my surgery I... READ MORE

33yrs 5'4" 130lb mother of 4

Lt 495cc Rt 465cc. One week post-op very swelling and tender. Not feeling to bad but keeping in top of my meds. The implants are very high n tight. I am very skeptical about the end results. This is my one and only shot to improve my chest. I know nothing of pockets, dropping or fluffing. Any... READ MORE

Dr Bryson is the Best!!! Hands Down....

Hello! I did my BA this feb 1 450cc high profile silicone (gummybear) and im already 4 days post op and I feel really great! Recovery was fast I can lift my arms (not over my head tho) and take a shower by myself I dont feel any pain at all ! cept in the morning when I get up from bed... READ MORE

38 Years Old, No Children, 5'5 1/2 and 147 Lbs - Philadelphia, PA

I was completely flat with nipples that just hung over... Very embarrassing. I wanted bigger breasts since I was 10 years old because all of my friends breasts began developing while mine still looked like mosquito bites lol. As I got older I never took my shirt off in front of anyone, not even... READ MORE

Lipo Revision and Breast Aug- 375 Cc's-- Very Happy with Doc!

Two years ago, I was placed on a medication (seroquel) that made me gain 20 pounds, mostly all in my belly. It was distressing and nothing I did would make a difference. I made an appointment with Dr. Parker to initially talk only about liposuction. I was interested in doing my stomach,... READ MORE

24y/o, No Kids, 420cc SALINE Implants - Cleveland, OH

Hello all :) I underwent a breast augmentation a little over a week ago and am still waiting for my final result after my gals drop and fluff. I went with 420cc saline implants with inframammary fold incision under the muscle. My pre-op breast size was around a 34b and I am hoping I am a full D... READ MORE

26 Years Old, No Kids, 5'6", 122 Lbs - Hillsboro, OR

I am so excited for my breast augmentation this Thursday!!! I have spent HOURS and hours on realself reading everyone else's reviews and I'm nervous but so excited at the same time! I went to 4 different plastic surgeons and decided to go with Dr. Hayes! I still haven't decided what size I want... READ MORE

31 Year Old, BA from a to C - Kingston, ON

I ha my BA on Feb 21 so about 2 weeks now since the surgery - I feel really good. Some muscle discomfort on my dominant side that's about it. Swelling in minimal but still there and of course they are sitting very high still. They need to "fluff and drop" as its called... can't wait for that... READ MORE

Cherries on Top. Hialeah, FL

Did my BBL in October and went back this month to finish it up with my boobs. I know it will take a while to drop and fluff but right now I'm extreme happy with how they look. Still swollen and sore but not to much pain. The only negative thing about this time around was my wait time. I was... READ MORE

Why Doesn't my Boobs Look Bigger in my Clothing? Was 36A, 520 cc's 5' 2" 150 Lbs. January 13th BA - Palo Alto, CA

I'm a little disappointed that you can't even tell that I had a BA...well at least with clothing on. Naked I could tell the difference. I've always been flat chested and so insecure about it. I used to buy any extra option possible to make it look like I had boobs, when buying bras when I was a... READ MORE

To Understand Drop and Fluff and Uneveness. Sudbury, ON

I had a very emotional roller coaster ride from day one. It's been a love hate relationship with these new boobs. Yesterday I hated them today I love them. As you can see the drop and fluff happened and for anyone that has worries about there uneveness or what drop and fluff looks like. Look here... READ MORE

28 Yrs Old Was Wanting Full Breasts

I got my breasts done in tijuana mexico at the hospital angeles. I'm from Canada. Unfortunately my surgery did not go over well from beginning to now. I've been told by my surgeon it's my inframatory fold that this is why my breasts look this way. Are there any suggestion to help my breasts... READ MORE

after many years dream comes true

Hi there, I had my surgery on September 4th and only had 24 hours of pain. Overall i highly recommend this. I went through a major weight loss and was a 38C before and dropped to 34B. I had 625cc over muscle high profile textured (gummy bear) implants. How long does it take for the implant... READ MORE

Best Decision I've Ever Made! Couldn't Be Any Happier! - Johnson City, TN

I've been dreaming of a breast augmentation for years! 19 years old, no kids. Just wanting to fill out clothes and look good in a bikini! I was about a small B before surgery now 1 month post op I'm at a 34 D, and they are still dropping and fluffing. My surgeon, Dr. Gaurav Bharti was absolutely... READ MORE

19 Yrs. Old / No Kids / 34b to 485cc 125 Pounds 5'1ft. Miami, FL

Hello My name is Amber, i live in San Jose , CA. I am 19, no kids, weigh 125 pounds, 5'1 ft I decided to go to Miami, Florida to have a breast augmentation by Dr. Freiman. I have heard and read nothing but great reviews on this Dr. for BA's. I have been doing research on him for a couple months,... READ MORE

400cc silicone implants Omaha, NE

Had my surgery the 15th of this month and now I got to be able to wear a sports bra instead of my ace wrap feels so much better I love the place I went to and they are very kind and care a lot about you during and after surgery They got very hard yesterday and last night but today they have... READ MORE

I Wanted BIG... - San Diego, CA

I remembering looking at my breasts for years and I just couldn't grasp at the thought of them becoming bigger. I had my surgery almost two and a half weeks ago and even though my breasts haven't dropped and fluffed yet, I'm in LOVE. Though this won't be the last step of my journey going BIG I... READ MORE

My breasts have dropped and fluffed to perfection. - Breast Augmentation - Coral Gables, FL

All the staff were very friendly and informative. I was very comfortable in the waiting room and I was told the procedure will be up to an hour. I showed him a picture of how I wanted to look and Dr. Frieman assured me I was in good hands although I felt at ease. I was in a great amount of pain... READ MORE

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