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5'11 – 27 Years Old - FLAT Going for C Cup

It's been YEARS since I'm thinking about having a breast augmentation. I never got the money before. I worked hard and now, I can offer this to myself. Finally! I went to another doctor a couple of months earlier and he was the worst. Not listening at all to my questions, he doesn't let his... READ MORE

24 Years Old. No Kids. 5'0 Ft, 115lbs.

So I've wanted a breast augmentation from as long as I can remember. Although I'm not completely flat, I always wished that I could have been naturally blessed with LARGER and fuller breasts lol. I've decided to compile a collection of what I'd eventually like the end result to be. I'm pretty... READ MORE

29 Y.o. 5'1 120 Pounds Small Flat 32B Petite

I'm booked! so exciting. I can't believe after 15 years I will finally be getting the breasts I feel i was meant to have. Overwhelming! I'm so unsure about size & profile. ahhhhh think i want a high profile but I also want to bring my cleavage closer and have a little sideboob. I find... READ MORE

Went for the Implants the Second Time Around!

I had a tummy tuck and breast lift with Dr. Corbin in 2011. At that time, I decided not to have implants, just the lift. My boobs were so flat and empty from breastfeeding that I was so surprised with the outcome. Dr. Corbin, did a great job getting them back where they belonged. Although they... READ MORE

29, No Kids, 120lbs, Want Kids, 34C-34 D/DD?

Soooo let's see where to start. A lot of my friends think I'm crazy buuuuut , maybe I am. lol I'm currently a 34 B/C. Normally even sometimes closer to a D when my cycle is near. However, right after my cycle, I'm peddling right back to a 34/B/C. And I even notice quite a bit of density is lost... READ MORE

25 Y/o, 5'6, 110#, 2 Kids-breastfed

I have always wanted larger breast. After my first child, I had accepted them. They were small but looked okay. Now after my second who I breastfed much longer. They are small, stretched, flat and just sad! I have my first consult scheduled for this month. I am beyond excited. I am going to have... READ MORE


I'm 5'11" and 125 lbs. breastfed 2 children, I'm a flat and deflated size A cup but grew to a DD when breastfeeding. I'm hoping to gain a voluptuous chest to match my hips. I LOVED my body and finally felt like a real woman and mother when I saw my breasts grow with my pregnancies. Everyone's... READ MORE

33 4 Kids Flat Deflted C

Wanted them after my first child. She left me from a d/ c to nearly nothing. After my other kids i gotva little back aftee bf. But i had betty boops then those and my own said bye to me lol. I checked into it years a go and felt too young that i wpuld let things playbout before i get them done... READ MORE

Tired of Feeling Inadequate...

I always envied my friends, especially my sister who is a double D without a bra. Even after having my 3 kids, I was really excited about the little volume I did gain in my breast but still they lie flat on my chest and it makes me look awkward. I will be 45 years old in February and I'm ready... READ MORE

35 Year Old PANCAKE Breasts!! Needing a BA. Mississauga, ON

I was always happy with my breast even though they were on the smaller side - they were 34B/C, firm and perky. I loved how they looked. Two kids later who were breastfed....they are now pancakes. I can fill a 34B Victoria Secret bra, but wear the Bombshell!! Tired of looking at my breasts... READ MORE

30 Years Old. 3 Kids. Small A Cup. 365CC Inspira Unders.

Let me start with my basic info. 30 years old 125 lbs. 5'4" 3 kids, all breast fed (for 3 months, 9 months, and 11 months) starting out A cup (if that's what you want to call it) BWD: 12-12.5 Op Date: 10-13-16 = 365cc Natrelle Inspira SRF I had my procedure done 4 days ago. I spent several... READ MORE

Tall, Athletic, but Flat Looking to Balance Upper Body..

A little about me: I'm tall, about 5'8, and 120lbs. I am extremely flat chested, hardly filling an A cup. I also work out a lot in the gym, so my figure is borderline "boyish" at the moment, and I hope to correct that with Dr. Berans help! I am aiming for a full B or small C, basically the... READ MORE

26 Yr Old , 5'8 147lbs No Kids & Prepping for a Wedding!! - Fayetteville, NC

Ok so where to start. I want bigger breast. My fiancé is deployed and upon his return, we want to get married but I have always pictured myself a certain way in my wedding pictures. I want straighter teeth and a fuller busts. Guess I'll start looking into surgeons. Im positive on the ... READ MORE

46 and Flat - West Hollywood, CA

I am 46 years old and in the fitness business. I am small and very fit, with low body fat. As my body fat lowered, and after two kids, the breasts were just not there. As a fitness pro, I know how to change and improve my body, but there is not much to be done about breast size through diet and... READ MORE

29 Years 4 Kids - Las Vegas, NV

In Love with my Breast Augmentation procedure. It has been two weeks since my surgery and it just keeps getting better. I went with silicone 695cc pretty big implants since my body frame is wide and i was flat as a board. I highly recommend Dr Richards. I am Definitely coming back for my... READ MORE

I'm So Pity I Had Put It off for a Long Time - Istanbul, TR

Dr. Ercan is a fantastic surgeon with a super job and great results! I had an eyelid surgery with him in 2015 (age 38), which was a success and then returned to him this winter, to get a tummy tuck ( along with liposuction on the hips) and breast augmentation. I'm so pity I had put it off for a... READ MORE

Need Help in Picking Size. 500-600cc. Oxon Hill, MD

Need help and advice.. I'm 5'7 currently 155 surgery is in 5 weeks. Working on getting to my normal weight which is 140 by then. . I'm currently a 36 FLAT C cup. My surgeon measured me and ranged me between 500 to 600cc. My fear is I'll go to big or too small. I don't want the fake look. ... READ MORE

36 Years Old, 2 Kids, Thin and Flat. Wesley Chapel, FL

I am from Puerto Rico, and live in Florida. I am 5'4 with 100 pounds, 32 A. I have breast Asymmetry Disorder, my right breast is smaller than the left size. I have breast cancer history, but I always wanted to have more breast and cleavage. I never in life had use a sport bra, because they... READ MORE

35yr old mom on a mission for full breasts.Phoenix, AZ

Hi everyone. I am 34 turning 35 Feb 2nd and I always told myself when I turned 35 I would get my breasts done. I don't think I have small breasts but I am unhappy at how the top of my breasts are flat. They look great in a push up bra but as soon as I take it off the fall flat. I just want my... READ MORE

25 Year Old Mommy Ready for Boobs:) - Manhattan, NY

I have been waiting for this moment since i was 16. I decided that after my son it was the right time- i need to love myself before i love others. So i went to see DR. desai - great doctor, his office is very clean and organize , the staff is very friendly but professional- the best thing is... READ MORE

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