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29, No Kids, 120lbs, Want Kids, 34C-34 D/DD?

Soooo let's see where to start. A lot of my friends think I'm crazy buuuuut , maybe I am. lol I'm currently a 34 B/C. Normally even sometimes closer to a D when my cycle is near. However, right after my cycle, I'm peddling right back to a 34/B/C. And I even notice quite a bit of density is lost... READ MORE

25 Y/o, 5'6, 110#, 2 Kids-breastfed

I have always wanted larger breast. After my first child, I had accepted them. They were small but looked okay. Now after my second who I breastfed much longer. They are small, stretched, flat and just sad! I have my first consult scheduled for this month. I am beyond excited. I am going to have... READ MORE


I'm 5'11" and 125 lbs. breastfed 2 children, I'm a flat and deflated size A cup but grew to a DD when breastfeeding. I'm hoping to gain a voluptuous chest to match my hips. I LOVED my body and finally felt like a real woman and mother when I saw my breasts grow with my pregnancies. Everyone's... READ MORE

33 4 Kids Flat Deflted C

Wanted them after my first child. She left me from a d/ c to nearly nothing. After my other kids i gotva little back aftee bf. But i had betty boops then those and my own said bye to me lol. I checked into it years a go and felt too young that i wpuld let things playbout before i get them done... READ MORE

Tired of Feeling Inadequate...

I always envied my friends, especially my sister who is a double D without a bra. Even after having my 3 kids, I was really excited about the little volume I did gain in my breast but still they lie flat on my chest and it makes me look awkward. I will be 45 years old in February and I'm ready... READ MORE

35 Year Old PANCAKE Breasts!! Needing a BA. Mississauga, ON

I was always happy with my breast even though they were on the smaller side - they were 34B/C, firm and perky. I loved how they looked. Two kids later who were breastfed....they are now pancakes. I can fill a 34B Victoria Secret bra, but wear the Bombshell!! Tired of looking at my breasts... READ MORE

30 Years Old. 3 Kids. Small A Cup. 365CC Inspira Unders.

Let me start with my basic info. 30 years old 125 lbs. 5'4" 3 kids, all breast fed (for 3 months, 9 months, and 11 months) starting out A cup (if that's what you want to call it) BWD: 12-12.5 Op Date: 10-13-16 = 365cc Natrelle Inspira SRF I had my procedure done 4 days ago. I spent several... READ MORE

Tall, Athletic, but Flat Looking to Balance Upper Body..

A little about me: I'm tall, about 5'8, and 120lbs. I am extremely flat chested, hardly filling an A cup. I also work out a lot in the gym, so my figure is borderline "boyish" at the moment, and I hope to correct that with Dr. Berans help! I am aiming for a full B or small C, basically the... READ MORE

26 Yr Old , 5'8 147lbs No Kids & Prepping for a Wedding!! - Fayetteville, NC

Ok so where to start. I want bigger breast. My fiancé is deployed and upon his return, we want to get married but I have always pictured myself a certain way in my wedding pictures. I want straighter teeth and a fuller busts. Guess I'll start looking into surgeons. Im positive on the ... READ MORE

46 and Flat - West Hollywood, CA

I am 46 years old and in the fitness business. I am small and very fit, with low body fat. As my body fat lowered, and after two kids, the breasts were just not there. As a fitness pro, I know how to change and improve my body, but there is not much to be done about breast size through diet and... READ MORE

29 Years 4 Kids - Las Vegas, NV

In Love with my Breast Augmentation procedure. It has been two weeks since my surgery and it just keeps getting better. I went with silicone 695cc pretty big implants since my body frame is wide and i was flat as a board. I highly recommend Dr Richards. I am Definitely coming back for my... READ MORE

I'm So Pity I Had Put It off for a Long Time - Istanbul, TR

Dr. Ercan is a fantastic surgeon with a super job and great results! I had an eyelid surgery with him in 2015 (age 38), which was a success and then returned to him this winter, to get a tummy tuck ( along with liposuction on the hips) and breast augmentation. I'm so pity I had put it off for a... READ MORE

Need Help in Picking Size. 500-600cc. Oxon Hill, MD

Need help and advice.. I'm 5'7 currently 155 surgery is in 5 weeks. Working on getting to my normal weight which is 140 by then. . I'm currently a 36 FLAT C cup. My surgeon measured me and ranged me between 500 to 600cc. My fear is I'll go to big or too small. I don't want the fake look. ... READ MORE

36 Years Old, 2 Kids, Thin and Flat. Wesley Chapel, FL

I am from Puerto Rico, and live in Florida. I am 5'4 with 100 pounds, 32 A. I have breast Asymmetry Disorder, my right breast is smaller than the left size. I have breast cancer history, but I always wanted to have more breast and cleavage. I never in life had use a sport bra, because they... READ MORE

35yr old mom on a mission for full breasts.Phoenix, AZ

Hi everyone. I am 34 turning 35 Feb 2nd and I always told myself when I turned 35 I would get my breasts done. I don't think I have small breasts but I am unhappy at how the top of my breasts are flat. They look great in a push up bra but as soon as I take it off the fall flat. I just want my... READ MORE

25 Year Old Mommy Ready for Boobs:) - Manhattan, NY

I have been waiting for this moment since i was 16. I decided that after my son it was the right time- i need to love myself before i love others. So i went to see DR. desai - great doctor, his office is very clean and organize , the staff is very friendly but professional- the best thing is... READ MORE

25 Years Old 5'9" 125 Lbs 457 cc's Silicone NYC/NJ

Like many of you, I never fully developed and always felt insecure about my flat chest. Over the years I've come to accept and sometimes even appreciate the look of a smaller chest, except when filling out clothing and bathing suits. Recently when explaining my frustration to my sister she... READ MORE

Forty and FLAT! My boobs look amazing!- Duluth, GA

Dr. Song performed my tummy tuck revision surgery, he did such a great job with me that I am coming back to him to perform my breast augmentation. After having 2 kids and 75 pounds of weight loss, my breast are flat with no volume. I trust Dr. Song to work his magic on me again. I will keep you... READ MORE

5'2, 114 Lbs, Small A but Planning Beast Augmentation for a B Cup. Should I Go Through with It? Pros/Cons! - Miami, FL

So I have considered breast augmentation for a year now (but have thought about it before that). I recently went for my consultation and decided to schedule surgery for next month. Now that it is scheduled, I'm freaking out. I'm 5'2, 114 lbs and 24 years old. I am very small ontop (barely a full... READ MORE

19 Years Old Breast Augmentation C to E - High Wycombe, GB

I had considered surgery for a number of years. I was a very flat C and wanted a fuller and more defined breast. I had a consulation with Mr Richards, it was hard for me too book in a time as I work long hours and get little time off! The Aurora team were more than accomodating. I had some... READ MORE

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