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350 cc breast augmentation and liposuction of arms, abs, upper and lower back

After going through multiple consultations and talking to many people; I've finally scheduled my breast augmentation, liposuction of the back, bra roll and arms and revision of liposuction of my flanks. I've been uncomfortable with the shape of my breasts since I was in my teens and have... READ MORE

Miguel Mota and Oasis Recovery House! - Santo Domingo, DO

First I want to see my doctor, Miguel mota , was literally the best . As soon I started communication with him about my needs and wants of this surgery I knew he was the one ! He was very quick with response and very informative! Every question I had he answers, and quickly at that. I was a bit... READ MORE

30, 2 Kids, 5'5 147lbs 400 or 450cc Moderate Plus Under the Muscle

I'm ready for a new, more sexy look! I've always wanted new boobs because I was never blessed in that area. I'm so excited, happy, scared, nervous, and anxious but very ready! I'm also getting lipo to the upper and lower abdomen, upper and lower back, and flanks. I'll post pre and post pics..... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover After Having Twins. Bal Harbour, FL

I wanted to get my boobs fixed from the moment I stopped breast feeding and watched them deflate as my milk dried out. I breastfed my twins for 18 months and I don't regret it but it took a toll on my breasts. I found Dr. Miami on Instagram and started following and fell in love with his work... READ MORE

Almost 40, 2 Kids, - Foster City, CA

Went to the gym today and felt invisible... I guess it's been like that for awhile now- part of that is my shape has changed and of course not being so young anymore. Next month I'm getting Lipo to my flanks and abs, and also a BA. I know it's not going to change how people look at me- but I... READ MORE

43 Year Old, 5'10" with 2 Kids ~ Saline high profile under 425 overfilled to 460cc W/ liposuction on abs & flanks

Hello, I'm 43 and 5'10" with 2 kids (13&18) and 145lbs. Married to a wonderful man! I've been wanting boobs since I was 13. Although that never happened except for when I was pregnant and nursing... I've looked into this many times but my husband was not on board in the beginning. Of course we... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation and Liposuction - New Haven, CT

I am pretty athletic but I have some stubborn fat on my inner thighs and flanks u cannot seem to get rid of. I decided to look into this a month or so ago and when I met Dr. Fuscher, I knew he was the one who was going to do my surgery. He is very thorough, detailed and set realistic... READ MORE

27, No Kids, Finally Get my BOOBS and Pudge Handled - Miami, FL

So I decided to go with Dr Ary Krau with CG cosmetics because of his review and results. I plan to get a breast augmentation and Lipo in my abs. My starting weight is 145, i'm 5'1 and my current size is a larger A cup or smaller B(not sure). I would like to be at least 36c-34D. Also, im getting... READ MORE

46 Years Old 2 Kids Breast Fed Ready for Trans-umbilical Breast Augmentation and Lipo of Abdomen and Flanks. Staten Island, NY

I'm exactly 12 days pre-op and very excited! I've waited years for boobs and been working very hard in the gym but want a little lipo to help with the last bit of stubborn stomach and back fat that wants to stay. I'm very confident in my surgeon Dr. Vitolo. He has over 20 years of experience.... READ MORE

30 Year Old, Wife Mother of Three. Breast Augmentation and Liposuction. Gilbert, AZ

After having three kids and nursing I went for a 34B to a 34A...I decided to look around and meet with a couple different surgeons. Dr Olson was the first one I met. Later that day I met with Dr #2 and right off the bat I knew that I would use Dr Olson! He was so great and really took his time... READ MORE

31 yr old, 2 kids, Natrelle Style 20 (high profile) 375cc Right, 350cc Left and Smart Lipo

I've wanted a breast augmentation for as long as I can remember, I had a consult several years ago with a plastic surgeon that I didn't feel particularly comfortable with and dropped the idea for a while. Now, after breastfeeding my 2nd son for nearly 2 1/2 yrs, I'm revisiting the idea based on... READ MORE

26 Yr Old 185lb Female Breast Augmentation and Lipo. Dominican Republic, DO

Today is the first real day of this journey for me. I am so excited to finally be moving towards the body I have always wanted. My desired size is a full D cup and I am also getting Lipo of my tummy, flanks, lower back, and thighs. I plan on losing about 10-15 lbs before getting my surgery so... READ MORE

37 Yo Mom Who Breastfed 3 Babies and Lost my Boobs. I Am 5'6", 155lbs, Athletic. Carmel, IN

After nursing 3 babies, my formerly awesome natural breasts (34 C/D), completely lost their shape and one breast was a full cup size larger than the other. This made me self-conscious and no matter what I do in the gym, it would never help. I went in for my consultation with Dr. VanNatta (I... READ MORE

Busy 37 Year Old Working Mom of 2 Needing a Mommy Makeover - Cacun, Mexico

I had a breast augmentation, full body liposuction, Botox, restalyne and a fat transfer to the fine lines around my upper lip. I have read some reviews from some very unhappy patients of Perfection Cosmetic surgery in Cancun and felt I needed to let everyone know what my experience was like -... READ MORE

32 Years Old, No Kids. Breast Augmentation and Liposuction. San Diego, CA

I hope to get rid of stubborn fat rolls on my stomach and give my small different sized breasts a boost. I will be getting breast augmentation to a full C from a small B, and liposuction of my stomach,flanks, and back. I want to be able to wear all of my same shirts, just not with the padded... READ MORE

28 Yr Old 5'5", 140lbs. 3 Kids. Lipo Flanks/ Abdomen and Breast Augmentation. Dallas, TX

28 years old 3 kids 140lbs 34B Surgery is scheduled for June 12. Decided to go through with Lipo on the flanks and the abdomen. Flanks are my #1 concern in appearance. Nothing fits me well and I always have a muffin top! Also going through with a Breast Augmentation. We decided on 465cc... READ MORE

35 Years Old , Mother of a Busy Toddler, Planning to get breast implants, So Nervous

I am a mom of a very energetic toddler! I spend all day running around after him and have lost so much weight, unfortunately I also have lost so much breast volume! I met with Dr David Ross last month and decided he would be my surgeon for breast augmentation. He was very informative and honest,... READ MORE

Lipo and Breast Augmentation to Fix Asymmetry

It's finally happening - I am going to get lipo and breast augmentation. I am getting lipo on flanks, lower and upper abdomen, pubis mons, and just a teensy bit on the inner thighs. Why? Because the flanks and ab fat will NEVER go away (I've been skinny and working out a ton, zero change - I... READ MORE

Currently 34b/c Getting 385cc Hp Silicone And. Vaser Lipo - Pittsburgh, PA

Monday is the big day! I was originally planning a mid April surgery, but now I'm scheduled for THIS coming Monday! I will be also getting vaser lipo on flanks, abdomin, and inner thigh. Vaser costs is not included in what I posted because my PS gave me a great deal since I know at least 4 girls... READ MORE

Going to Dr Yily or Dr. Cabral for BA & Lipo - Dominican Republic, DO

Im so ready to go & have this surgery done i am very nervous but I have wanted this surgery for a very long time . All my friends have been to Dr.Cabral but doubg my research on him i decided that Dr. yily is the way to go. I'm 5'4 150 pounds . I'm doing my breast in a D cup & lipo of my... READ MORE

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