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FF cup + Breast Augmentation

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46 Yo. Reduction 22 Yrs Ago, Now Getting Implants!! - Ogden, UT

I had a Breast reduction 22 years ago. I was always a nice C cup until after I got pregnant. My breasts just kept growing.. I finally went in to discuss a breast reduction 22 years ago. I had 790cc(was a 36FF) removed which STILL left me with a C cup. I was very happy with my results. I have... READ MORE

27 Years Old Breast Augmentation; B Cup to FF Cup. 550CC Silicone Breast Implants - San Diego, CA

I have never felt like my breasts were beautiful until after my breast augmentation. Now I feel so sexy, no matter what I'm wearing. I'm also a webcam model and the larger breasts were GREAT for business! I recieve so many compliments from my friends and customers. I feel great! I have returned... READ MORE

Mum of 3, Hoping to Have Surgery Very Soon. Could Do with a Little Advice Please

Hi all, Iv been browsing on here for a few weeks, its been great reading your experiences. Il quickly tell you a little bit about myself im 33 years old, a mum to 3 children im 5ft 7, before kids I was a 32FF bra size with every child my boobs got smaller and smaller and I am now a 32 C. iv... READ MORE

25 Year Old - 3 Months Post Breast Augmentation - Liverpool, GB

Always wanted an enlargement and was recommended Mr Foo. Definitely money well spent! I went from a 30C to a 30FF and have a natural tear drop look. The outcome is better than I could have imagined and the recovery wasn't as bad as I'd heard - few days before I was moving about. Spire Elland... READ MORE

27 Years Old, Finally Made the Decision To Have a B.A with Implants - My Story So Far...Manchester, GB

Well Hello Everyone, Let me first say how relieved I was to find this site and knowing that i'm not alone! I'm hoping to get some much needed support (getting nervous already!) along with some invaluable advice and tips from some of the great people on here. Where to start? well I'm 27,... READ MORE

Go Elsewhere! - Bakersfield, CA

I had a breast augmentation with Dr. Mitts, and it was a DISASTER! I went from a 36C to a 36FF; huge, saggy, football-shaped breasts! Had him re-do it (another $5000 on top of the $5K I initially paid him), only to end up with nipples that went in 2 different directions, and scars that went up... READ MORE

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