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29 Years Old. Black Female. 2 Kids. First Consultation for Breastfeeding Augmentation

I went for my first consultation today. I was very nervous considering that I never thought I would ever go for a breast augmentation surgery. Since high school I always struggled to accept my small breasts for what they were. I was always very self concious around other girls and realised very... READ MORE

Mom of two 32A Going to DD (480cc) - Ocala, FL

I have Ben wanting this as long as I can remember but I know I wanted to wait till after kids so I didn't have to worry about getting them redone.. I'm currently a small A and desire to have nice breast . So I'm going with a DD wich there really not that huge but might as well go big if I'm... READ MORE

32 Yrs Old Female 120 Lbs, Nursed Four Babies - Draper, UT

After nursing 4 babies I had deflated saggy breast and knew I wanted implants so I could feel comfortable with my body again. I did a lot of research and Dr Fryer's name kept popping up everywhere. I called and talked to the women in the office they were wonderful and very informative. Since I... READ MORE

21 Years Old and 360cc moderate plus implants - South Africa

I am a 21 year of female from South Africa who has never needed bigger boobs until after I had and then lost my son at 6 months old to cot death. I then suffered extreme bulimia causing me to drop from 65kgs to 40kgs in a matter of 4 months. Now That I am fully recovered I have been on a quest... READ MORE

Augmentation (And Revisions) After Childbirth and Weight Loss - Very Unrewarding Experience

I was very deflated after childbirth and weight loss I thought that this would help me fill a bra out agian. I got way more than i bargined for. I gave my PS 3 shots and in the end I am still left with the same issues he tried to fix the last 2 surgeries. His staff got real unprofessional... READ MORE

Finally Getting my BA!!! Excited, Yet Very Nervious!!! - San Fernando, CA

I'm 26 y/o, 5'4". 120 lbs. I have always been extremely self concious about the size of my breasts (I'm 34AA shooting for 34 C) and always dreamed of having bigger, fuller breasts and finally that opportunity has come to knock on my door. I get very nervious thinking about going... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation with Lift on One Side & Adjustable Implant on the Other - Matthews, NC

I had my surgery done about five years ago. I was severely assymetrical, with the left side being almost a C cup & the right side, closer to an A. After having four children, and being the age of 35, I thought they were pretty much done taking form, and I was ready to feel like a whole... READ MORE

Yah! I have boobs!! Madison, WI

I decided to write about my journey because it has been so helpful for me to read about everyone else and their journey. I am 5'7 and 140 pounds, no children. I have decided to get BA almost 2 years ago when I went to Vegas and it seemed like everyone had BA except me. I thought I wanted to... READ MORE

Had a Lift, and Now Time for Some Implants!

So, I have a review for my breast lift under that section. I am a 22 year old female. I decided to get a lift due to saggy breasts. I was spewing out of a DD bra at 171 pounds, and after losing 50 pounds my breasts went down to about a B/C and had some asymmetry. I had my lift December 22nd,... READ MORE

No Help, Left to Fend for Myself. - Florida

I had surgery to correct my left breast being smaller than the right. In short, two weeks later I had a problem with my left breast in that it "Bottomed out" My surgeon felt he did a good job and failed to see the issue. My research is how I found out the implant bottomed out and... READ MORE

Seemingly Normal for 2 Days Post Op? - Tarrytown, NY

I am only 2 days post op but so far everything has been great. I am more sore then I had imagined but I keep reminding myself it is only temporary. I am 29 yrs old, mother of 4, all of which I breastfed for over a year each. I have always been small chested and always knew breast... READ MORE

My New Breasts Complete Me - Orlando, FL

Dr. S preformed my Breast Augmentation surgery 12/21/09. I got a lift and implants of 400cc's. I went from a B to a D (in some bras I am now a DD). I will be honest. 2 weeks before I met Dr. S, I found a "good deal" coupon for a local surgeon. I quickly called the practice and... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Review - Miami, FL

I decided to have a breast augmentation because I couldn't find tops or dresses that would fit properly. Everything was big on me. READ MORE

Boob Job Helped my Self Esteem Go Through the Roof. I Love Them.

I had a boob job done. i could not be happier. I tell everyone about it. I went from an almost a to a d cup. I walk around with pride now. i did opt to have the on-q pain pump and loved it. cost me more but you can tell the difference without it. I got 600ccs in each side. I love the way... READ MORE

Breasts Sit Too Low After Augmentation

4 months after ba my breasts sit low and feel very heavy. i was told i didnt need an uplift when i asked if i needed one. the surgeon suggested 435 low profile implants. now my breasts look low and wide they hurt a lot and carnt push them up in a bra as they are to heavy. i wish i had had... READ MORE

Submuscular Silicone Implants W/ Inframammary Incision - Breast Augmentation Incision Leaking Clear Fluid

I love the size and shape of my new breasts, the doctor gave me exactly what I wanted and I would definitely recommend him. But I am concerned that when I indicated that I have a latex allergy the nurses neglected to ensure that my wounds were dressed with hypo-allergenic materials resulting in... READ MORE

Athlete Seeks Opinions on Healing Time for 2nd Corrective Procedure

I had an initial submuscular breast augmentation in May. Although I did everything I was supposed to do, the right breast formed a capsule within a month. At the beginning of October, once all the tissues healed/stopped growing, I had corrective surgery, during which the implant was also... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation and Lift for Tuberous Breast Deformity

I had tuberous breast deformity and decided to undergo a breast augmentation and lift. My surgery was conducted on the 14th September 2009. I had silicone (size 400) incision around the nipple. I had an infection develop around my incision on my right breast. My right breast became sore, red and... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Gave Me the Perfect Figure

The pros of implants gave me an improved figure, enhanced my self esteem, made clothes fit so much better, the cons of implants were that with anything there could be future problems and redo surgeries. I personally made the decision to get implants to finally have larger breasts and to fill... READ MORE

Recent Breast Aug Patient... Pleased So Far

Had my surgery yesterday and so far so good. Not much discomfort. I was anticipating a lot of pain but it's more like a very sore muscle. If I'm sitting still I'm totally comfortable. Using my arms to get in/out of chairs or bed is uncomfortable but not painful. I stopped taking pain... READ MORE

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