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32 Years Old 5'8" 110 Pounds,2 kids, Want BA - Beverly Hills, CA

I want to start my journey for BA. I researched online about most surgeons in LA county. I relied on real self and yelp reviews the most. So I found Dr Eugene Kim. I scheduled my consultation and waited for few weeks. Few days ago I went to his office. I think front desk I am not sure if her... READ MORE

33 Year Old, No Kids: Textured Round 330cc for 5'1, 49 Kg Athletic Body - Seoul, KR

Hello! This site has been helpful for planning my surgery, so I thought I would contribute as well! Thanks for all your input ladies. I am so grateful! After my introduction, this post asks whether you all think 330cc would be good for my frame or 350. I am feeling greedy with 350, but I don't... READ MORE

33 Years Old, 2 Kids- Anatomical 445cc Dual Plane - London, GB

I've wanted a breast augmentation for years but just never had enough confidence to actually do it. However after having my kids I was really unhappy with them, It was time for me to reclaim my body back without fear of judgement or unwanted opinions. I'm absolutely in love with them! They are... READ MORE

21 Y/o No Kids Silicone Breast Implants - Chicago, IL

Okay, I've been wanting breast implants for a while and I finally mustered up the courage to go through with the procedure. My goal was to do the consultation/ pre op all in one day and ask for soonest opening to have the surgery performed. Well, I had my consultation/Pre-op yesterday and it... READ MORE

39yrs Old, 5'1", 126lbs, 3 Boys -Burbank, CA

I was always a 32 small B. Barely filling it in. I always wanted breast augmentation but feared going under the knife. Then after have my kids I waited until I felt they were old enough. Now they are 12, 9, & 6. I felt it was time to do something for me. It's a gift to me for my upcoming 40th... READ MORE

34 Yo 2 Kids 34A Hoping for Full C. Dallas, TX

I have been small chest for my entire life and about 10 years ago after my sister had her BA done i went for a consult. I put a $500 deposit down that was good for a year and I DIDNT DO IT! Now after 2 kids (ages 3 and 6 mos) im ready as we are done having kids. My hubby ia s totally... READ MORE

Iam a 47 Year Old Mother of 4 All Were Breast Feed with my Little Bittys. Lake Oswego, OR

Had my pre opp with Dr Elisa Burgess in Lake Oswego I have a few concerns I live 4 driving hours from her. But ive seen her art work and I think she is for me. She is one of the most expensive doctor's in Oregon, and they say they work with people out of area all the time. My fear is the pain... READ MORE

5 Ft 8 165 Pounds Breast Augmentation Surgery. Troy, MI

Hey there!!!! So I have surgery scheduled for Sept 8, 2015 and am so excited! I have wanted the surgery ever since I went through puberty (no I'm not kidding). I come from a family of all girls and I'm the only one who didn't get blessed in the breast area. After talking to a friend of mine,... READ MORE

575 cc's :))

I'm getting so nervous and started building everything up in my head about the surgery as the day is getting closer I'm starting to freak out ! Hopefully someone out there can relate. Bring put under is my biggest fear and then I'm afraid im gonna choose too big or too small, it's so hard to... READ MORE

36 Yo - 36 A/small B - 457 unders -Breastfed 2 Children - Minneapolis, MN

After years of having small breasts I started seriously looking into having a BA a little over a year ago when a few people I knew had the procedure done. My biggest fear is anesthesia. I went in for a consultation with Dr. Tholen in October and scheduled my appt for November 25, 2014. Then I... READ MORE

Consult for Breast Augmentation

I am looking forward to breast augmentation! I have been going to several plastic surgeons to find the right surgeon and size. Finding the right person who I trust to do my surgery is extremely important to me. I also take into consideration their staff and presentation of their office. You will... READ MORE

First Surgery Ever - 28 YO, Breast Augmention High Profile Silicone Implants - Leawood, KS

I was extremely insecure about my image before surgery. I never wanted to take my shirt off in front of anyone, (even my long term boyfriend). As a medical professional who works in the operating room, I was more than nervous to undergo my first surgery. He calmed those nerves and provided... READ MORE

31, No Kids, 5'9", 32A Cup Wanting Nice B - Jupiter, FL

Since I was a teenager and I realized my breasts weren't going to get any bigger, I've wanted bigger boobs. I've always been tall and skinny and even though I always joked about having small breasts I never truly considered doing anything about it. I was definitely a "be natural" kind of girl. I... READ MORE


I have wanted a BA for awhile now but fear of surgery and fear of fake looking breast has kept me away. I want a small D and probably silcone gel implants. I live in the Chattanooga area willing to have surgery in Nashville. If anyone has any advise about the surgery or type of implants or... READ MORE

33 Yrs Old, 2 Kids, Much Needed Lift and Augmentation - Paramus, NJ

I had always wanted breast augmentation but was held back for years because of fears of anesthesia. I did alot of research and found that Dr. Gartner did awake augmentation. I met with him and knew immediately that i wanted to go forward with the procedure. I have 2 children so i needed a lift... READ MORE

Best Doctor - Pittsburgh, PA

I had a BA about two weeks ago now. I was recommended to him by several others. After talking with him, within 5 minutes any fears or concerns I had about the surgery were gone. He knows what he's doing and will make sure to do what's right for the patient. Also, he mentioned he worked with burn... READ MORE

28 --32A Hoping for Full C or Small D. Hobart, IN

Ok so my pre- opt appointment is scheduled for Feb 29th and my surgery is scheduled for Mar 11th! I have so many emotions! Excitement, confusion, a little fear & anxiety!!! I've ALWAYS wanted bigger breast and having them while breast feeding and watching them deflate is terrible. I'm confused... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation - Munster, IN

With a recommendation from a few credible sources I decided to finally schedule a consult with Dr. Robinson for a breast augmentation. The second I met him, I knew exactly why he came highly recommended. He sat down in a very conversational manner and made you feel comfortable in a normally... READ MORE

Tired of Not Feeling Like a Woman - Wichita, KS

I have not even had my consultation yet. It is scheduled for later this month... August 26th 2013. I am so nervous for very stupid reasons I am sure... I haven't even made up my mind if i want to do it yet. When I first turned 18 (7 years ago) I was told by a doctor that I had 250 cc difference... READ MORE

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