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BA Good Job by Wilberto

Dr. Cortes & his staff exceeded my expectations. Very clean, friendly, and professional environment. When I met the doctor he introduced himself, a bit of his professional experience, and right after listened to my concerns of having a breast augmentation. I was very pleased from my... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation...long Distance. - Nebraska

Hey everyone! I am a married, mother of two. 29 years old. Breast fed both my kids who are now almost 7 and almost 2. I'm 5'4" 104lbs, 32AA. I had about a 32B before I got pregnant and during pregnancy got up to a D cup...after I was done breast feeding I couldn't believe how flat chested I... READ MORE

Undecided, then Decided, Now HAPPY! - Indianapolis, IN

I am a mother of two, and my youngest just turned one. I breastfed with both children, and my breasts really went through it during the breastfeeding process. They swelled to a small D cup, and then shrunk back down to "A/B" size with both children. They became saggy and lost a great... READ MORE

Brilliant job thank you.

My experience with Dr Alex Chambers and her staff was great. I was thinking about breast augmentation for a long time but just my husband kept me away from doing it because he is against all these vanity procedures. Last year in November, I had lipo vaser on my knees and fat transfered into my... READ MORE

My Experience exceeded my expectations

At First I was Extremely nervous . Dr. Treated me as family . I'm only 2 days post opp so excited to see the Results . Overall Dr is a Great guy . He tells you how it is . TRUTHFULLY! Not what you want to hear . He's in it for the art and beauty of sculpting bodies not just to make money . He... READ MORE

Amazing doctor, staff and experience!

I came to Dr. Raja looking for help with my very sad breasts. I had lost weight and along with the weight went my breasts as well. She was exactly what I needed. Not only did my procedure come out amazing but I couldn't have felt more support from her and her staff. They make me feel like... READ MORE

Trading Tubes for Boobs - Indianapolis, IN

I am 22 years old, 5'10", 160 lbs, and have a very muscular pear-shaped build. I seriously love my body for being strong and beautiful, but I have always wished I had normal boobs. Mine stopped growing in 7th grade at not-even-an-A cup, which is super-unusual for both my solid build and for my... READ MORE

Me and my sister's Back to Back Breast Augmentations - Seattle, WA

I'm just about 30 years old and have four children. To say the least, I have small breasts. I always wanted to have just a little more up top, but a natural look.So I wanted to start at the beginning of my journey. A little background. I have wanted to have a breast augmentation for a long... READ MORE

My Sister and I's Back to Back Breast Augmentation - Seattle, WA

I am going on thirty in a couple of years and have very small breast. To say that there's evven a handful would be kind. I know have two children and was hoping that one of the perks that came along with them and breast feeding would be breast! Unfortunately, that isn't how things are... READ MORE

To feel more comfortable in my own body - Great Experience - Stony Brook, NY

To feel more comfortable in my own body. My sister an I both recieved Breast Augmentations from Dr.Epstein 2 weeks ago an hour apart and from the moment we got out of surgery we were lifting our arms right over our head. we both felt very little pain just felt sore as if we worked out and... READ MORE

No Other Plastic Surgeon Can Compare! - Franfurt, Germany

After having three children and always being insecure about my smaller breast I decided it was time to take the leap and get the breast augmentation I have longed for for so many years and I am glad I did! The entire procedure was explained thouroughly to my husband and I and every single... READ MORE

I Couldnt Be Happier! - Minneapolis, MN

I am a 52 year old women. All my life I wanted breasts. My girls have them, my mother has them, grandmothers had them, all my aunts on both sides. What happened to me? I was always told you're just like your father. I never liked that answer. I have never had a waist. Always boxy looking.... READ MORE

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