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F cup + Breast Augmentation

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Tomorrow's the Big Day!

Hi everyone! As you can see, tomorrow is the much-anticipated day for my breast augmentation *cue confetti* I will be using this as sort of a journal to track my recovery journey as well as share my updates with the community. First for some of my stats: Height: 5'3 Weight: 110lbs Age: 22 Pre... READ MORE

24 Yro. B to F 650cc - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Wish I went smaller and chose different doctor. Revis was ok but I developed cc, probably because of the size I went with. Dr. Revis likes to go super big so if you're looking for an unnatural look he's your guy. I went to 3 different doctors. The first two told me not to do more than 550cc but... READ MORE

5'9" 125lbs, 14BWD, 500cc high profile, silicone Breast augmentation

My weight has fluctuated about 10 -15 pounds since I was a teenager. Since I'm so tall, people never really noticed, but after dropping to 115lbs in 2013 my breast had lost volume, and appeared to be asymmetric. When I gained the weight back my breast were just so sad looking, and I wanted to... READ MORE

Breast Lift and Implant - Birmingham, GB

I had hated my boobs ever sine I can remember! My left was much larger than my right, my nipples weren't level and they made me feel unattractive. I was embarrassed to take my bra off in front of my boyfriend and if he happened to come in the bathroom whilst I was showering I would panic and try... READ MORE

25 Years Old, Breast Augmentation

Overall I am so pleased with the outcome of my procedure, I am so much happier now and the results are amazing, I have gone from a 34B to a 34F cup size and i had 500CC round implants put in on top of the muscle. After the operation the recovery was fine, there was very little discomfort. Dr... READ MORE

20 Year Old Perfectionist Gaining Several Cup Sizes! Lorn, AU

So looking to go to at least an F cup. Not sure what size I am now because I fit in anything from a B-DD cup. Have opted for the Furry Brazilian (polyurethane) round high-profile? implants under the muscle. My breasts are uneven and I'm looking to even them out if possible. Always felt like... READ MORE

28, No Kids …just Wanted a BA to Increase Cup Size from D Cup to E/F - Phuket, Thailand

I had a smooth surgery and recovery, i had my breasts done at PIAC phuket thailand. Ihad no pain after surgery and the nurses and staff were fantastic, really great service. Aftercare was rally good and i had plant follow up when i got back home, via emails and phone. i got textured, silicone,... READ MORE

28B Pre-op, 28F Post-op - La Jolla, CA

....Let's back pedal before I go into the "whys and whats".... I was happy with my body before I decided to jump into this huge life changing event. Some people place such little value on getting a surgery...whether it be to play into a self conscious body image issue or to impress their... READ MORE

Implant - After Breastfeeding - United Kingdom

Hi, I always had a decent size bust, 30F which sounds ample but I never realised how ample it was until it deflated! After the birth of my first son I breast fed for 5.5 months and despite expanding to a 32H (arghhhhhh) the ladies seemed to recover fairly well, however after feeding my 2nd child... READ MORE

Amazing! Love Saline. Get Good Surgeon! - Utah

I had somewhat droopy breasts after having my baby. They went from a small B to an F through pregnancy. I am skinny so my surgeon suggested silicone to prevent wrinkling. I got saline and mine feel great! Thanks to seeing a 2nd surgeon during the healing process they look amazing! Be sure to... READ MORE

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