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34 y/o, 5'3", 130 lbs, Tuberous Breast Deformity, Ready for Breast Augmentation - New York, NY

I have wanted nice breasts since I was a very young, little girl. When I finally hit puberty I was so disappointed that all my girlfriends had round, beautiful breasts and I still just had two nipples. I kept expecting my nipples to pop out a boob from underneath but I waited forever and that... READ MORE

I Am a 23 Year Old Mother of 3 Fixings to Get Breast Implants 480cc Under the Muscle Silicone - College Station, TX

Hi I am a 23 year old mother of 3 and I am 4"11 fixings to get breast Implants 480cc under the muscle silicone Implants I am super excited these 3weeks can't go buy fast enough. I did my reserch and chose the dr I thought could do the best job, yes it was expensive but hopefully will be well... READ MORE

22, 5'0, 110lbs. 355cc moderate plus - Boston, MA

First off I'd like to say thank you to all the amazing ladies on here, especially the ones who wrote very detailed reviews. It may have been a lot to read but I enjoyed it and it's nice getting an idea on what to expect. So I'm 22, 5'0, fluctuate between 108/113lbs. I'm a mom to an amazing 4... READ MORE

22 Year Old, 5'3" 120lbs, No Children, Always Been Flat Chested, Getting Mentor HP 400-425 cc implants!

Currently reviewing surgeons and setting up consultations. I'm hoping to set a surgery date for June 1st or 2nd. I'm very nervous but looking at different stories and reviews here has helped me know this is what I want to do. I just hate that it's so expensive, but it will get me a lifetime of... READ MORE

27yo, 67kg (148lbs), No Kids, Athletic Built

After thinking about doing a breast augmentation for so many years I decided it is finally time! I'm Swedish but currently live in Australia. I had a consultation with a very good Swedish plastic surgeon about 3 years ago, but since I was at the moment living and working in Norway there was... READ MORE

YAY New Boobs - Sydney, AU

I have booked in to have breast augmentation in Australia as it is to expensive to have it done in New Zealand where I live. Only ten days to wait. The Cosmetic Institute is where I am getting in done, by Dr Lee. I am having the consultation the day before my op due to the travel distance,... READ MORE

34 Year Old Mom of 3 - Salt Lake City, UT

I was never happy with my breast, and of course breastfeeding only added to it. I was always uncomfortable because my right breast was slightly larger than my left. I decided to finally go ahead with augmentation when my youngest was just about 4. I have been researching surgeons for years. ... READ MORE

Sensational Care - Istanbul, TR

The joy and excitement I felt after I saw myself for the first time after my procedure was priceless. I was extremely satisfied because of the quality of care and knowledge. Dr. Guray and his staff make you feel good and confident in the choices you make for new yourself Dr. Guray has been... READ MORE

Could Not Be Happier!An Amazing Experience.gratefu - Laurel, VA

My motivation was feeling better about my body. I am not materialistic at all but I have always wanted bigger breasts. I wanted to feel more womanly and this was my only option! I am 100 percent pleased with my procedure and experience. I never thought this would happen and I could not be... READ MORE

Married, 2 Kids, 23 Yrs Old! After Kids my Breast Turned for Worse. - Tampa, FL

Amazing surgeon! Pam & Joseph looked out for me & checked up on me. So sweet! Well worth! I feel rejuvenated! & can finally fit back in my bras. I look like the old me before kids.! No scars!!!! The staff was very kind and pleasant. They always greeted me and asked me how i was doing as well as... READ MORE

Thailand BA Gone Wrong :( - Bangkok

I have been thinking of having a BA for a few years now, I decided to go ahead with it this year and after some extensive research I decided for the cost and the particular surgeon that I wanted, I would head to Thailand through a company in Australia, Restored Beauty Getaways. Biggest mistake!... READ MORE

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