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35 Years Old, 2 Kids, Barely There Chest, Looking at 175-200cc Under Muscle

I'm posting this review as I've really been taking advantage of this site and have found it very helpful other than there aren't a lot of women going for 200cc's or less. I had my 2nd consult the other day and my worries were helped put to rest, for now. I booked my surgery and am only 3 weeks... READ MORE

35 Years Old. No kids. 5'3" 107 Lbs. 400 cc Mod+ - Boston, MA

After toying with the idea for a little while I'm biting the bullet! I'm 5'3" and weigh 107 lbs. I exercise daily and have definitely noticed that my breasts have gotten smaller over the past couple years as I have kicked up my fitness regimen. I wear a pretty padded bra on most occasions but... READ MORE

36 Year Old, 5'11 199lbs 2 Kids, Massive Weight Loss, Ready for Boobs

I have been stalking this site getting information and inspiration for what I want when I go for my surgery on April 13th. I go in for my sizing and pre op on April 7th. I am so anxious to get this done. I have never been well endowed even while nursing! I have lost around 100 lbs in the last... READ MORE

22 Years Old, 325cc Mod+, IN LOVE ALREADY! - Indianapolis, IN

I had large breasts during puberty, then when I got a bit older they shrank. When I exercised or lost any weight, they were always the first to go. My friend had a breast augmentation and I absolutely loved the natural results, so after long thought I decided to go for it. Pre-op I was a 34B,... READ MORE

28 yr old | 5'3" 127 pounds | 550cc Breast Augmentation

I had been considering breast augmentation for a few years. I have had two beautiful babies and nursed both of them. My enormous weight fluctuation of two pregnancies and two rounds of breastfeeding left my breasts very deflated. At 28, I just wasn't ready to be feeling this... BLAH about my... READ MORE

MWL Gave Me Freedom, but Stole my Breasts! Jacksonville, FL

I'm scheduled for brachioplasty and a breast augmentation on 2/3/16. I have steadily lost 130lbs through diet and exercise and am ready to begin the next phase of my transformation. I started by researching surgeons in my state because I was primarily interested in the arm lift procedure. ... READ MORE

31 Years Old, 5'10" 145lbs, 1 - 11 Year Old Child 32A Wanting to Be a Small D Surgery set for 1/11/17

Surgery Set for 1/9/16 My stats: 5'10" 145lbs currently a 32A and am pretty wide set with a BWD of 14, I have a son who is almost 11 years old. I work out with a Personal Trainer twice a week and love to run, exercise and hike. I am looking to increase bust size to gain cleavage and balance... READ MORE

Breast Aug with Dr. Yee

I am very pleased with my results of the breast aug and vaser liposelction of my inner/outer thighs, lower abdominal, inner knees, and hips. These procedures were very worth the time and investment. I work out all the time and eat healthy, but even after years of this- I did not see results.... READ MORE

46 and Flat - West Hollywood, CA

I am 46 years old and in the fitness business. I am small and very fit, with low body fat. As my body fat lowered, and after two kids, the breasts were just not there. As a fitness pro, I know how to change and improve my body, but there is not much to be done about breast size through diet and... READ MORE

33yrs. Breastfed 2 Children. Very Fit. Wondering What Size... - United Kingdom, GB

I am 5ft4, 9st, exercise regularly and breast fed two kids. I have wondered about BA for years. Felt silly that my boobs bothered me so much and felt I need to be a role model for my girls and not have it done. I had various doctor appointments to see if I was being silly about the left over... READ MORE

30 Years Old Mother of Two - Monroeville, PA

Loved everything from pre operative to post, awesome staff and dr Johns was so polite. Never did I feel uncomfortable and he never pushed me to 'go bigger' very happy. He was always patient never rushed me through any appointment. Very informative to me and also my family post operative. Showed... READ MORE

38 Years Old, Breast Augmentation - League City, TX

My motivation for this surgery was wanting to feel more womanly and have breast! After my mom passed away I decided to treat myself with a breast augmentation and Dr. Geppert helped me to do that! I was always part of the “itty bitty titty committee” but no more with a full C now! Dr. Gep... READ MORE

29y/o 5'6 118lbs, 2 Kids - Ontario, CA

Hello everyone! I've decided to get a breast augmentation 8yrs after having my children. I'm 29y/o 5'6 118lbs. currently a 32b (padded bra) I workout 5 days a week. I've decided to go with a silicone implant somewhere between 375cc and 400cc. I want a natural look. Hoping to be a full C cup or... READ MORE

34 Years, 1 Kid (3 Years), Going 325cc , I just want to fill a bra!! - Mexico

Im 34 Years Old, 1kid (3 Years Old). 5'3'' 110 Lbs Breast FedWant 325cc (have to decide soon on those or 350cc) Hi everyone! I´ve been reading a lot of posts and they have actually help me decide to get 325cc instead of 350cc, since I have a small frame, and don´t want to look massive with s... READ MORE

Best 30th Birthday Present! - Paramus, NJ

I have been wanting a breast augmentation for 4 to 5 years now. I used to be a C in bra size then the girls got smaller and smaller as I workout more and more. I became a 32B/34A. Sometimes, they don't even completely fill my bra. The reason why it took me so long to finally have it done is... READ MORE

21 Years Young, 275cc Sub Glandular Overs 50kg 5'1 Petite and Fit - Cardiff, UK

I have already met my personal coordinator and my potential surgeon :) I haven't been measured in years but I think I'm around a 30b cup. I had larger breasts when I was younger and even measured a DD-E at one stage! When I began weight lifting and exercising I lost some weight, not a lot,... READ MORE

35 Yr Old Mom of 3(All by C-section), 5ft 110 Lbs, Barely a B Cup, Getting 375cc BA & Abdominal Scar Revision. Albuquerque, NM

I have had three children via c-section (ages 10, 4, and 18 months) and after dieting and exercising for close to a year have lost all the weight from the last child and along with that weight went my boobies. They are deflated and I don't even fill out a B cup WonderBra. I went to another... READ MORE

33 Years Old, 2 Kids Later, a Passion for Crossfit & Running Has Ruined my Tatas - Atlanta, GA

My beautiful children are 4 and 2 and although I love them so much, I don't love what breastfeeding and going up and down In weight has done to my 'girls' (or lack there of!) I lost a total of 60lbs after gaining A LOT of weight with my first baby and it left me with sacks of skin and Nipples.... READ MORE

34, 5'3", 110lbs, breastfed 4 babies 32A, Hoping to Be a "?" Not an "!" Draper, UT

It's been a topic of conversation between me and my sweet husband for a decade....the first time taking place after I finished nursing my first baby and my beautiful C cup breasts disappeared. With 3 more babies and exercising becoming a hobby of mine, the results only exaggerated. Here we are,... READ MORE

Finally Taking the Plunge! 40yrs Old, 128lbs, Current 36B- Going with 350cc Natrelle Submuscular Placement - Tampa, FL

I'm a 40 year old mom of 1. I had my daughter when I was 19 and the boobies haven't been the same since. I had several consultations 10 years ago but at the time just couldn't swing it financially. I recently decided to revisit- I had 3 consultations before deciding on my PS. I liked them all... READ MORE

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