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Originally 34A/34B 325cc Submuscular Naturelle TSF Implants - Brentford, GB

I have 9 days till I'm due to have my breast op. There is a part of me that is really happy and excited that I can finally go ahead with it after having my first cons with a surgeon 5yrs ago. I spontaneously decided to have the procedure last month as I now have two children and they are just... READ MORE

23 Year Old, Scotland, Breast Augmentation - Aberdeen, UK

Today I had a consultation with Dr Amir Tadros, at the BMI Albyn hospital Aberdeen, Scotland for a breast augmentation. A bit about me: I'm 23 years old, 5'10", slightly heavier than I should be/used to be, no children, 34A bra size. I have wanted a breast enlargement for years and with my... READ MORE

40 Something Mother of Two - Manchester, GB

I am a forty something mother of two with two sons who tower above me now. During pregnancy my breasts swelled from a b cup to double d. Over time I lost a considerable amount of weight. I exercised regularly and my torso toned up but no matter what I did I could not prevent or cure my breasts... READ MORE

Breast Lift W/implants and Arm Lift - Newport Beach, CA

After substantial weight loss (approx 200 lbs), my breasts were deflated looking and my arms had the "batwing" look with all the excess skin. My fiancé and I decided to do the procedures a few months before wedding dress shopping and WHAT A DIFFERENCE!! I had the most amazing experience trying ... READ MORE

32 Years Old, After Having a Child I Wasnt Happy with How Small by Boobs Had Gone.

After having my son my breasts had gone really small, leaving excess skin. I looked into having breast augmentation and went for a consultation, I was made to feel very comfortable, there was no pressure and everything was explained. The care I received while having my treatment was great. I... READ MORE

Best Breast Augmentation by the Best DR! 5/12/2000 - Orange, CA

I was 19 when I had my daughter, and I nursed her for 8 months. I couldn't wear tank tops or sun dresses without rolling up my boobs, and stuffing the "Skin" into my bra. I was a 36DD in JR High and High school, so you can imagine how much SKIN I had after nursing! I saw a young lady that had... READ MORE

Extreme Weight Loss W Excess Skin and Uneven Breasts - Dallas, TX

I had D cups naturally from being overweight. After losing 60 lbs about 4 years ago, my left boob was an A cup and placed in a perfect position, but my right boob was a small C cup and hung severely lower. I had an implant and lift on the right and just an implant on the left, and now have 2... READ MORE

3 Procedures and Super Satisfied - Saint Louis, MO

Just over three years ago I had a gastric bypass and have since lost a little over 100 pounds. When I lost all my weight, I lost my breasts as well. Dr. Lund was able to restore my breasts and remove some of the excess skin and I couldn't be happier with the results. If I need anything more done... READ MORE

Breast Lift & Augmentation Silicone Implants - La Mesa, CA

I had gastric bypass in 2010 and I have lost about 150lbs. Since I lost some much weight, It resulted in excess skin. I completely lost everything. I no longer have breast. Im as flat as a 13 year old boy. Ive decided to make over my body beginning with a breast augmentation with a lift. My... READ MORE

Happy Birthday to me - Commerce, MI

My experience began when I had my first child. Before I was pregnant I was 5'9 120lbs had nice perky boobs while I was pregnant I was up to 205 and my boobs got so big it was crazy. After having her I lost all the weight including all my boobs. It was awful. I was embarrassed by the way they... READ MORE

Would Never Chose Another Doctor - Ann Arbor, MI

I chose to do this because I had weight loss of over 100 lbs about 3 years ago. I needed skin rmoved off my thighs and I needed my breasts to be filled back up. Doctor performed a tummy tuck in June of 2011 that has turned out wonderful. I was so pleased with the results of that surgery that... READ MORE

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