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Age 26, size 36AA to 36D with 390cc HP unders

I have always had small boobs even when I was pregnant. I can't wear certain clothes and I struggle to find bras that are 36AA. I have finally decided to have a consultation and hopefully book my breast enlargement for February 2017. So excited! My consultation is on 22nd November. I'm unsure... READ MORE

total joke

Had a breast enlargement I was over the moon. Then my stitches came undone... I was in hospital in and out for 3 months.. no work, lost everything and alls hospital revitalise turkey was saying was give up smoking... but saying it as I was a 2 yr old .. after 3 months when everything hit rock... READ MORE

20 Years Old 5ft6 Breast Enlargement 400cc High Profile Before and After

So happy with my results! If you already have some breast tissue want to enhance the size and shape 400cc over the muscle is a great choice my new breasts are no rounder and I can comfortably now wear backless tops without needing support of a push up bra Pre op - breast size 34b Post op -... READ MORE

33yrs Old, 34A to 34DD - London, GB

I had wanted breast enlargement since I was 14- yes, a bit young but my natural boobs were non-existent and by the time I was 21 they hadn't grown anymore!! So I bit the bullet in June, and can say it's the best decision I have ever made. My only regret is that I didn't do it years ago! Go get them! READ MORE

19 Years Old, Breast Enlargement, Mr Frati - London, GB

I was 19 when I had my breast enlargement procedure, I went from nearly completely flat chested to a DD. I was surprised at how soft and real they feel with the implants in. I've had absolutely no problems/complications since my operation they feel and look exactly how I desired them. I am very... READ MORE

44 Yrs Old, 9 Years Later and Extremely Happy! - New York, NY

It has been nine years since my surgery with Dr. Engler and I am still amazed and continue to be ecstatic when looking at pre and post-op pictures. He did such a beautiful job when it came to correcting the asymmetry and enlarging my breasts. It's given me the confidence I lacked for years and I... READ MORE

Breast Enlargement from 32 AA to 32 D/DD

100% recommend Mr Murphy and the Spire Hospital in Manchester for breast enlargement surgery. I had a free initial consultation with Mr Murphy and I went in with some doubts and lots of questions which Mr Murphy happily answered every one and reassured me of lots of rumors and myths I'd read... READ MORE

39 Years Old. Hypoplasia Breast. - Edinburgh, GB

My motivation is to feel more like a woman with my breast enlargement, previously my breast wasn't very big, 32A, and this resulted in me having a lack of confidence. Now with my size 36D breasts I feel much more confident and can wear dresses with pride. Anybody who is thinking of this... READ MORE

Breast Enlargement with Dr. Mesa BEST DECISION MADE! - Livingston, NJ

Had a breast augmentation with Dr. Mesa back in April of this year. I am extremely happy with my results. After having many consultations with several different doctors I finally chose Dr. Mesa. The reason I chose him was because from the time I called to schedule the consultation, I was... READ MORE

48 Years Old and Wanting by Beautiful Breasts Back! - Nashua, NH

I used to have the best breasts. I was a 32C. After two children, breast feeding and normal aging, my breasts shrunk and became saggy. Dr Chatson assured me that he could enlarge them without needing a lift. He did an amazing job! They look fantastic. I trusted him on the size and he nailed it!... READ MORE

Breast Enlargement 30, 1 Child and No Volume! - Manchester, GB

I had wanted to have a breast enlargement since I was 18, I've always been out of proportion and felt self conscious, having a child only made me want it more. Mr ross was amazing, from first consultation to the aftercare I haven't got anything but gratitude. I had no idea if I needed a lift or... READ MORE

22years Old, Very Happy with the Result! - London, GB

I have always been very insecure about my breasts and always wanted a breast enlargement since I was about 17, I finally got enough confidence to do something about it and went to an appointment with MYA. Once I made my decision, everything went quite quickly and I was already having the... READ MORE

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