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embarrassment + Breast Augmentation

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Petite Mother of 2 needs/wants luscious lady lumps - Oceanside, CA

I am 37 years old, breastfed 2 babies and I am a devoted runner, training for 3 half marathons this year. It's nearly impossible to retain any fatty tissue in my breasts so I am super insecure. So much that I am embarrassed in front of my own husband and cringe when he touches them. :( Ready 4... READ MORE

Are There Other 50 Somethings Who Can Share?

I am 52, 32/34A(too embarrassed to ever get measured), ,5'6"130lbs and am nervous about being this age and finally getting a BA. Have wanted it all my life like many of you, but had to wait for money, babies, etc. I BF 3 kids but never got any size. My kids are grown, but I still don't really... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation for Mild Tubular Breast Condition

Breast augmentation is something that I have thought about since my teens, when I first started to notice that my breasts were not developing in the way that I expected them to. It was never just about the size, but also the shape. I felt that they were under-developed and for a long time I... READ MORE

40yo Mom of Twins; 32AAA and Just Want to Be an A! Campbell, CA

I never would've thought I'd be someone to post pics of my boobs online, but here I am! After searching futilely for photos and stories online of women going for small implants (less than 200cc) and finding very very little, I thought it might benefit others like me (if there are any!) for me to... READ MORE

Tuberous Breasts - 2kids - 29years - Short Petite Frame - High Wycombe, GB

Ok so I have been waiting for my breasts to develop properly forever, they never did and I'll be honest I had no idea there was a name for my freak breasts. I had no idea anybody else had the same and I always felt ashamed and embarrassed about them. My ill fitting bra is almost a permanent... READ MORE

So Far So Great! - Jupiter, FL

I chose Dr. Lombardo after going on a few other consultations and almost booking with another doctor. A nurse coworker/friend of mine who works with a few plastic surgeons in the area recommended I consider Lombardo since she has met with and worked with him once or twice and she had never heard... READ MORE

32 Yo with Tuberous Breasts and Saggy After Weight Loss - London, UK

My breasts have always been embarrassing to me, limiting my sex life and my confidence. I finally got the gumption to throw off the "love your body as it is" yoke, recognize that this truly bothers me and that I can do something about it. After shopping around in Chicago and then London, I found... READ MORE

18, 2 Kids, Rare Deformity - Chicago, IL

Hi ladies, so I've been looking to have a BA for about 2 years now. And finally scheduled my surgery!! I'm so nervous for the anesthesia part put so excites to have boobs!!!! anyone else have the same issue as me? How did your breast turn out after surgery. I'm so embarrassed of them I want it... READ MORE

5'4, 110 Lbs - 350cc Saline. Pennsylvania, PA

Hi there everyone, I've been lurking this website for a long time and I am finally brave enough to post! :) I've wanted breast implants so badly ever since I was a young teenager. As I know many of you can relate, I've been embarrassed of my small size.. In clothing, bathing suits, changing... READ MORE

28 Years Old, No Children. Portland, OR

I have had asymmetrical breasts ever since they were developing. I have been embarrassed and ashamed of them for my entire life. I finally mustered up the courage to have them looked at and fixed. The larger one will be lifted and the smaller augmented. Any words of wisdom for my post-op would... READ MORE

36 Year Old, 2 Kids - Post Gastric Bypasss 5'10 and 139 Lbs - Not So Proud Member of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee. Wayzata, MN

After a couple of consults I have finally picked a surgeon. My surgery date is Feb. 17th. I'm so nervous, excited, and yes... still apprehensive. I had gastric bypass 4 years ago and lost more than my today's total weight. And of course the boobs were first to go. I want to feel sexy and... READ MORE

23, Used to Have Embarrassing Boobs. Oxnard, CA

I’ve done my breast augmentation surgery almost 4 months ago. I used to be somewhat flat-chested and was always embarrassed about it. In August I did the surgery and it went super easy, I didn’t even expect it to be this way. I selected the right implant a few days before the surgery. The pro... READ MORE

Underdeveloped to BEAUTIFUL Breasts! Pure Natural Artistry - Newport Beach, CA

What I wanted: I was somewhat "underdeveloped" not just by size but also shape. I like to consider myself "sporty", I'd love to use the word athletic, but somehow feel that’s been taken over by the mudrunners of the world, I have not done a mud run.. yet. I didn't want anything fake looking at a... READ MORE

I Am 38 Years Old and Have 3 Children. They Are 15, 13 & 11 - Huntington, WV

After nursing my 3 children there wasn't much left. I felt very self conscious and embarrassed in a bathing suit. I am very much into fitness. I enjoy weight lifting, running, biking, swimming, etc. The more I began to lift weights I felt like I was loosing my feminine side because I didn't... READ MORE

Confidence Boost

From a very young age, I wasn’t happy with the size of my breasts, this was a result of my own idea of how I should look plus some silly comments from people at an impressionable age. I was a 32 AA but always wore a 32 A bra as I was too embarrassed to buy the correct size, plus you would only r... READ MORE

avoid this doctor in arizona

Dr Hiatt performed a breast augmentation on me and now I might as well head straight to the show "Botched." They are HORRIBLE. I am deformed, embarrassed, can't wear a bikini or even a camisole. The ripples are so deep and my breasts are so dreaded. My friends who have had augmentation can... READ MORE

54 Years Old, 4 Children and a Much Needed Breast Augmentation - Greenwich, AU

I am 55 years of age and have 4 grown up children. I have been wanting to have a breast augmentation since I finished breast feeding my second child, 27 years ago. However I went on to have another two children and after breast feeding four babies, my breasts were not in very good shape. I... READ MORE

Best Decision of my Life So Far!!! 21 Almost 22! - Folsom, CA

I have wanted boobs since I was 16 years old, well still at 20, they were still so small. After 2 years of really thinking about it, I had my consultation with Dr. Mabourakh in July 2016. I went to the Stockton office because it is more convenient and I felt immediately comfortable from the... READ MORE

38, 2 Kids, Breast Augmentation Long Overdue - Reno, NV

Dr Dahan in Reno, Nv is simply AMAZING! him and his staff made me feel very comfortable and confident with my surgery. Im am OVERLY pleased with my results and wouldn't change a thing. I was shy and embarrassed about my body but his staff made me feel comfortable, confident, and caring the... READ MORE

27 Years Old, 2 Children. Portsmouth, VA

I was 27 years old, had 2 children and after breastfeeding had lots of extra wrinkly skin around breast area which I was very self conscious of, I couldn't wear low tops and felt embarrassed Infront of my partner, I'm now 4 weeks post op and I love How more confident I feel and the things I can wear READ MORE

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