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24 yr old breast augmentation after one child

Recovery is going wonderful . Slight pain when wakin up in the morning but not bad . I received 650 cc silicone implants under muscle . I'm 5 days out and couldn't be happier . Dr Becker has made the whole process painless and extremely easy ! READ MORE

My Breast Augmentation with Dr. Sozer

My experience at El Paso Cosmetic Surgery was welcoming since my consultation, the staff is so gentle and kind, meeting with Dr. Sozer for the first time was a pleasure, he walked in with a smile. I asked him what was the biggest size i can get and he recommended 485cc, big, but still... READ MORE

58 yrs old wanting more volume

I had no idea the recovery would be this easy. I had minimal pain and never needed any pain meds at all! I am very happy with my results and only wish I had done it sooner. I was hesitant to go with 400 cc which made me a 34 DD because I thought it would be too large but I trusted Dr. Ambe and... READ MORE

***Best Plastic Surgeon and Office Staff in the Bay Area*** - Greenbrae, CA

Not sure where to start my life has changed so much in so little time. Dr Kimberly Henry has been an amazing and attentive surgeon to me. I'm extremely happy with my procedure and it can only get better. It has only been one week of my breast augmentation surgery, but the procedure was so fast... READ MORE

32 Yr Old 1 Son - Denver, CO

This was something I have wanted to do for so many yrs. I feel so good about myself. I didn't do it for anyone but myself! I went with 350cc silicon mod profile. I was 32b and ended up 32d. The recovery was actually pretty easy. They have a graph to help you choose your size and you can "try... READ MORE

32 Yr Old Mom of Two with Cone Like Shaped Breasts. Tampa, FL

In my teens the perky cone shaped size B Breasts I was born with were cute and fit my petite 5'2 frame. However with age and motherhood they became not so cute. I was a 32b and now measure 32ddd and had 450cc silicone implants inserted. The ddd size is a bit misleading in my opinion because they... READ MORE

28 Years Old, 1 Child, 34A to 34C. Catonsville, MD

After having a child, I was lacking fullness, I lost complete shape, and wanted breast implants. After consultation, we decided to go with 300cc high profile silicone implants. Even though I'm only a couple weeks post-op, I am already completely happy with my results. The implants look very... READ MORE

23, Used to Have Embarrassing Boobs. Oxnard, CA

I’ve done my breast augmentation surgery almost 4 months ago. I used to be somewhat flat-chested and was always embarrassed about it. In August I did the surgery and it went super easy, I didn’t even expect it to be this way. I selected the right implant a few days before the surgery. The pro... READ MORE

41 Year Old, 5'9, 125lbs, Athletic, 4 Kids, Started at 32 A.

I wanted a small implant for my smaller frame, and to be able to not have it interfere with my lifestyle. Dr. Fryer was the best decision I've ever made..right after my husband. He recommended the perfect size, and the procedure was actually easy for me. I was up that night and lightly... READ MORE

Great Experience with Dr. Gelfant

I have had an amazing experience with Dr. Gelfant from start to finish. He offered and extremely comprehensive consultation where he ran through all the different options and risks of the procedure and implant type. He left the decision on size completely up to me which I appreciated as I did... READ MORE

26 year old breast augmentation

I'm ready to have a breast augmentation. I have my consultation appointment on April 4 2017 and yes of course it's with the best Dr Hazani . The scheduling for the consultation was fast and easy. I'm not sure in weather silicone or fat transfer to breast. I like the natural look but I also... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Lipo Tummy

Amazing experience from beginning to end. The best money ever spent. I feel like a better version of me! I'll be 44 years old in a couple of months, having had two kids which I nursed, my body was just not representing how I wanted to look or feel. I came to Body By Ravi through a friend... READ MORE

Happy with my new boobs

I am doing great after just a week. Still having a little discomfort and some swelling. I have wanted this for a long time. Dr. Hodge did my tummy tuck last year and I was happy with the whole process. It was an easy decision to choose him to do my second plastic surgery. I can't wait to see the... READ MORE

Silicone implants

I am very pleased with my results. I feel great. We decided on the appropriate size for me and how it may affect me in the future. I love the way I look and feel. The healing process has been quite easy and I was back to (teaching) group fitness within a couple of weeks of surgery. READ MORE

Great Experience!!!!

My breast look great and I love it. No more heaviness, aching shoulders. I was even surprise that my recovery was as easy as it was. I was really nervous about the surgery and like any woman I asked around to see what other woman had experienced. I was told by many that they had severe pain,... READ MORE

Post Baby Breast Augmentation

After having a baby and post breast feeding my breasts went down to smaller than my original size. And because I am very thin, I felt as if my rib cage stuck out further than my breasts. I did some research and spoke to friends and was referred to Dr. Glenn Davis. Dr. Davis and his staff were... READ MORE

31 Year Old, No Kids

I had (not anymore!!!) breast asymmetry due to scoliosis. After the procedure, which was very easy and pain-free, I am beginning to, for the first time, look great in my clothes! The only complaint that I have, and it's extremely minor, is that I have very ugly bruising on my arm from the IV.... READ MORE

23 Years Old, Breast Augmentation, Mild Tuberous Breast Deformity

I met with Dr Paul Quinn for a consultation regarding Getting a breast augmentation and he was a absolute star, he explained the whole procedure to me and all the pros and cons. I also found out that I had a mild tuberous breast deformity which having a breast augmentation could potentially fix!... READ MORE

Full Boobies : )

Everything about it was easy and un-stressful. I wanted fuller boobies again, after having 2 children, and that is exactly what i got! Feel a lot more confident now! Very happy with the size and shape of them. Had round and under the muscle, quite natural looking. Scars are under and look very good! READ MORE

30 Yrs Old. No Kids. 400 Ccs. Saline Implants.

Dr. Lemmon is an AMAZING Dr. He listens to his patients. Super nice guy. You feel like you have known him forever. He is also very honesty. He doesn't sugar coat anything. Which I love! I'm glad he recommended the size he did for my body type. I was very indecisive in my consultation, and he... READ MORE

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