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30 Yr Old, 2 Children, 32a but Now Have 500cc over Moderate Plus Profile

So i have always had small breasts and have wanted breast implants since the age of 18. However I wanted to have my children first. Since breastfeeding my second child my breasts became almost non existent, empty sacks with my nipples drooping back into the excess skin. I finally took the... READ MORE

33 year old 5 kids, breastfeed 3 450cc 400cc may need more surgery for haematoma

Day 11, had surgery with Dr frati in London Fitzroy lovely staff and Dr frat was great, anisetic team were lovely too very kind and friendly. Woke up with my drains in spaced out my left boob was bleeding over the 250 mil line so Dr Frati came back to check on me was put on a drip to stop the... READ MORE

560cc mum off two

Wanted to share my experience after breast enlargement and having homotoma and having a emergency operation. After been super super excited counting down the days my operation date finally came, i was a 34b and 5ft2, my surgeon was going for between 550 - 600cc under muscle as my skin on the top... READ MORE

Miguel Mota and Oasis Recovery House! - Santo Domingo, DO

First I want to see my doctor, Miguel mota , was literally the best . As soon I started communication with him about my needs and wants of this surgery I knew he was the one ! He was very quick with response and very informative! Every question I had he answers, and quickly at that. I was a bit... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation- 25 Years Old- Natural Results. Lake Oswego, OR

I had a silicone "gummy bear" breast augmentation with Dr. Burgess 2 weeks ago and could not be happier with my results and the experience as a whole. Initial Consultation: I met with the nurse and Dr. Burgess. They went over the entire procedure and answered all of my questions. They went over... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation in Bangkok- I Love Them! Thailand, TH

Hi all, I am a petite girl previously measuring 32A, 5ft 1 and roughly 40-42kgs, roughly 90 lbs. I’m now 2 weeks post surgery and I had my BA done at Bangpakok9 International Hospital in Bangkok, my surgeon was Dr Chatpong. I had 225cc in both breasts and so far can wear a 32C bra / 34B. I am s... READ MORE

30 Years Old, 1kid (7 Years Old). Went for 335cc Silicone Implants Motiva, Ergonomix Silk. Auckland, NZ

Post op day 1 - pain is not as bad as I expected, though I'm on painkillers. My bandage is tight and in place. Going for my follow up appointment tomorrow morning. I went for 335cc (R) 315cc (L) motiva implants, Ergonomix. I have drain tubes attached and can't wait for it to be removed. My... READ MORE

Athletic 34 Yr Old Mom...Gel Cohesive Teardrop Implants Under the Muscle - Toronto, ON

I have always wanted a breast augmentation!! I'm a small woman 5ft3" about 120lbs and have never had large breasts. It's been 6 yrs since my last child and I decided to go for it. I choose the best doctor in my area....Dr Frank Lista!! From the first consult to surgery day Dr Lista and his... READ MORE

26 Years Old, 5'9" 135lbs, Round Textured Silicone Unders 350cc.

Well, I'm new to all this so go easy on me! I have found this site and the stories all of you have shared to be immensely helpful in my breast augmentation journey. I want to say thank you for that, first and foremost. Now, I suppose I can share my story. .. I've wanted bigger boobs for... READ MORE

Seroma - Massachusetts, MA

I'm right now at 5 months pros op but I've been concern and my surgeon has been telling me to just wait because I'm not in pain. My right breast has been developing seroma and has been for some quiet time and after it drains it keeps coming back. I just want to know what should I do or what... READ MORE

Finally Took the Plunge and Had Surgery - London, GB

Day of surgery.. My partner left me at the clinic and took our little girl swimming at the hotel we were staying in, I was shown to my room, met the nurse. And see my surgeon again. They took my blood pressure went through the details and marked me up. By this time I was extremely nervous and... READ MORE

29 Years Old, 140#, 5'4", No Kids, Getting 300cc. Bellevue, WA

March 15th, 2015 I have always wanted bigger breasts but never thought it was an option. Plastic surgery never entered into my mind until few years ago when my Mother surprised me with her decision to get a BA. I have finally decided to pull the trigger and get my own BA. So far none of it is... READ MORE

Mum of 3...never Ever Had Boobs! London, GB

As young as I can remember I didn't develop like other girls. I hated swimming and looking like a boy in my costume. 3 children later my breasts didn't change much not even in pregnancy. I always wanted a natural look, I love fitted clothes and just wanted to feel like a woman, boobies for... READ MORE

25, No Kids, Looking for a Subtle Result - Santiago, Chile

I got liposuction in my abdomen and a BA at the same time. I didn't originally mean to enlarge my breasts, but some people commented on it when I told them about lipo, and it made sense. I have never liked big boobs, but I thought I'd like to have a decent cleavage without the help of push-up... READ MORE

Natural Looking Breast Augmentation - Deakin, AU

Initially, I was concerned about having a breast augmentation as I was worried my breasts would look fake and people would be able to tell. In the initial consultation you spend 60 minutes with Dr Milovic and he takes the time to ask you exactly what you want and also provides a professional... READ MORE

25 Yr Old, One Child I Breastfed Till One Yr Old. Drained my Once Perfect Breasts ! :( - Whitefish, MT

Finally got myself out of a horribly abusive marriage where I was constantly told my body not being to standard was why he cheated. Still trying to boost my self confidence, I finally decided to get breast augmentation. I chose silicone natrel implants under 300 cc. They looked the closest to... READ MORE

22 Yo, Weight Loss Adventure to BA- Thailand

At the start if last year I weighed 105 kilos, with hard work and strict dieting I got my weight down to 69kgs but unfortunately lost everything from my chest and they also sagged quite a lot so I made the decision to get a BA. I went abroad to Thailand for Aus to get this done so my first... READ MORE

Done It!!! -United Kingdom, GB

I'm 3 days post op now and the best decision I've ever made!! The op itself was a bit scary just because I'm squeamish with needles and that sort of stuff!! Urgh!!! But it was so much better than I thought it would be!! Wasn't a fan of the drains and having them removed but worth it in the end!!... READ MORE

Feeling amazing United Kingdom, GB

Ive wanted this since i was 17yrs old. 13 yrs later ive done it :) Drain tubes were painfull, they av been taken out now and im home..no pain just tightness but wound wehere drain was has been pouring out with blood. Chsnged dressing now n tucked up in bed. Looked at them they seem pretty... READ MORE

Much Needed After Pregnancies!!

I was 90 pounds and a 32A before I got pregnant. I went all the way up to a 32D. Then slowly went to a 32B. When I got pregnant the second time I got up to a 32DD. Then went down to a 32C in a good bra. My weight fluctuates alot and I was tired of losing my breasts! I've always wanted this... READ MORE

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