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double bubble + Breast Augmentation

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305cc Sientra textured, unders, 2 kids breastfed, 5ft 95lbs

I've been stalking this site for about a year now. I've always wanted a BA, but I wanted to be sure I was done having children. Well, both kids have been breastfed, and are thriving! So it's time to upgrade the girls! I've chosen to have my BA done by Dr. Alfred Sofer located in Fairfield, CT.... READ MORE

38 Yrs Old, 5'3", 125lb, One Child, Tuberous Breast Correction in Albany NY

Everyone with tuberous breasts knows the embarrassment and confusion that comes along with it. Chances are, if you're over 30, you had no idea why your breasts weren't developing during puberty the way everybody else's were, seeing as the internet was still young and not many people have heard... READ MORE

375cc Siltex Round high profile Gel Implants Cohesive II with Lowered Inframammary Fold. Will They Drop?

My surgeon used 375cc HP Silicone implants, he lowered both inframammory folds 1cm on the right, 2cm on the left, I am aware that this 'might' need revising (double bubble deformity) however will look at that in 6 months or so. My concern is that they look just the same but bigger, I always felt... READ MORE

Three Weeks Until Surgery! - Kirkland, WA

I'm officially three weeks out! I'm still very excited and nervous.. I've wanted a BA ever since I was fresh out of puberty and realized 'they' weren't going to grow anymore! So.. after having my third and final baby (breast feeding too) my husband and I finally decided that it was time! Yipee!... READ MORE

BA with Dr. Said Samara WORST DECISION of my Life - Holmdel, NJ

At 22 I decided it was time to have breast augmentation. I had been disappointed by my breasts since my early teens. I was a 32b, but even at my young age they were never perky. At the time of my BA I was 5'5 and 108 pounds. (5 years, and 2 unsuccessful pregnancies later I have gained... READ MORE

750cc Silicone - Mexico

I'm happy but I think i went really big. I was 360 34D before and i wanted to be DD but now I am 36DDD They look great but I have a double bobble.. will this go away? how can I make my scaring go away faster? I'm sacare if I go smaller later my skin will be stretch. How long does it takes to... READ MORE

Finally Fixing Tuberous Breasts Would Recommend - Tampa, FL

I never developed regular breasts, and have what's known as a tuberous deformity, that makes my breasts narrow with practically no fat underneath. of all the flaws in my physical form, this is the one that never goes away and has made me feel less of a woman my whole life. I finally saved up the... READ MORE

My right breast is bigger than the other - Breast Augmentation - Coral Gables, FL

I had a breast augmentation with Dr. Robinson in June of 2012. Since then it's been a horror story. My right breast is bigger than the other, so much that I have a C cup boob and a D cup boob, and one sags and one doesn't. They said they would help but they have been so rude, and said I was a... READ MORE

Worst Surgeon Ever - Fort Belvoir, VA

I paid market price to have my breasts done after 5 kids and significant weight loss. After just a few weeks they began to bottom out and dbl bubble. His nurse told me to get better bras. I asked about a revision but was told that it would be painful with a tough recovery and that he didnt... READ MORE

Still Undecided - California

Ok so my story goes like this... I am 31, 5'5, 135lbs started out as a 32B was really hoping to be a 32D. I have been on at least 5 consultations over the years and finally had the money and the time to go ahead and get my boobs done. After breast feeding my boobs seemed to have lost their... READ MORE

Considering Breast Augmentation Revision, Very Disappointed with Ptosis and Double Bubble

Pros: larger breast, 1-2 cup size larger. Lowered crease, nipple is more balanced between upper pole and chest. Fill out bras better. Look great in low cut tops. Really easy recovery. Very little pain. Healing is fast. Results pretty much immediate. Cons: Don't feel I recieved the right... READ MORE

Chosing Dr. Bucko As My Surgeon Was the Worst Mistake of My Life!

Dr Bucko performed a breast augmentation that resulted in a deformity called a double bubble. When I showed Dr. Bucko and his nurse the results of the surgery and they had no concern what so ever with results of my surgery. I ended up getting consultations with several high profile plastic... READ MORE

22 year old-5'9-Athletic-160lb-Going from a small B to a D-DD

So I have been wanting a breast augmentation since I was 18. Thought I would eventually grow boobs since every other woman in my family had them, but unfortunately that gene skipped me. I went to see a plastic surgeon when I was 18 and was going to try and do it then but I wasn't overall happy... READ MORE

21 Years Old- Getting Bigger Fuller Breasts - Layton, UT

So here are some photos of my current breasts. I am wanting 350-400 cc implants. I am very afraid of going too large because any kind of complication (bottoming out, double bubble, thin skin, capsular contracture) would just devastate me. I am hoping to gain assurance through this app. Sometimes... READ MORE

33 Years Old, 180 Sm, 66 Kg, 2 Kids ( Breastfeeding 1 Year Each )

1 month past op. Silicon "polytech" 460 ml each (First implantation,periareolary,submuscular) I didn't have any tuberous breast! My breasts were beautiful even without an operation. The nipples were up and the form was nice. The were just a bit empty, because I lost weight after breastfeeding.... READ MORE

2 Kids Both Breastfed Loss of Volume. - Virginia Beach, VA

I just wanted full normal looking breasts. I had two children breastfed both. I was looking for semi natural looking breast with a fuller top. Something went wrong and the first time i got it done one didn't drop and the 2nd i had a double bubble. He revised it and only charged the fee to be put... READ MORE

19. Mexico, MX

I'm so disappointed with the outcome I wish I would have never got my boobs done I have a double bubble on both boobs I really regret it. And the bad thing is that they won't fix their mistakes so don't even waist your time going there in the first place save your time and money. I'm surprised... READ MORE

23 Years Old, 5'7", 120 Pounds and No Kids Wanting my Dream Tatas! Grand Rapids, MI

I have wanted a breast augmentation for as long as I can remember. When I graduated college and landed my first job, I thought this was the perfect opportunity. I found Dr. Leppink through RealSelf and he was the best surgeon I could ever ask for. From the consultations, explanations and bedside... READ MORE

34 Yrs Old Mom of 3. - Baton Rouge, LA

In my consult dr cox said he would do a lift without charging me. Day of surgery cox said he could fix my constricted breast without a lift. Dr Cox lowered my mammory fold and the outcome ended with a double bubble. I took his advice on implant size of 265cc which I am regretting. Revision... READ MORE

28 Year Old Woman, Trapped in a 12 Yr Old Girls Body Lol. Birmingham, AL

I am 28 yrs old and had wanted breast implants for at least 14 yrs that i can remember!! I am 5.6, 120 lbs and a former A cup. I had my surgery back in May and I am now 5 months post op. The size is great!! I did form a bit of double bubble in the left breast. It also slants in the inner... READ MORE

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