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Wish Pics - New Jersey, NJ

Hey RS users! I'm still trying to ge the hang of this app lol. But I've been wanting to get a Breat Augmentation for years and being that I'm soon to be 25 (sept 10) I feel like I'm the right age to start looking into what doctors and ideal shape I want to be. Top three: Dr. Yily, Dr. Duran,... READ MORE

"20 Years Old 1 Son, Much Needed Breast Augmentation and Lift! - Dominican Republic

Hi my name is Jae and I'm about to go to DR to go my breast augmentation sooo excited a little nervous for traveling it's raining pretty hard where I'm at.. I have 1 son and I breast feed for 11 months my boobs are gone :( right now I'm a 32 B hoping to go one size bigger but don't know how much... READ MORE

Lipo Revised / Saline Breast Implants W/ Lift

I love the results Dr. Fisher gave me with my BBL ...I think he did his best to give me what I asked for but I think I want more and I feel that I can get what I want in the DR. I might possibly get another fat transfer as well as a breast augmentation. I have not done a whole lot of research... READ MORE

I Want my Titties to Sit Up and Perky - Dominican Republic, DO

I'm so confused on what should I do. I need a breast lift and implants. But someone told me to just get implants so they can get filled in. I want to go to the DR but trying to find a good doctor. I'm so ready to get this done. I have been researching and researching. I want to find a good... READ MORE

Older Than I Feel, 52 Yr Old in Need of Much Improvement - Dominican Republic

After waiting and waiting I finally receive my quote! I have lived my entire life with asymmetric breast. Didn't notice it so much when I was a younger college athlete and physically conditioned. When things go south you notice and I'm more self conscious now. I'm so excited for this opportunity... READ MORE

53 y/o Women Breast Augmentation and Removal of Keloids - Dominican Republic

Dr Robles performed my breast augmentation also removed keloids from previous breast lift by another doctor in USA. The breast lift performed by USA Doctor mt breast worst than before I had the lift. Researching the procedure in the USA would have cost me twice the price I paid for d in the D.R.... READ MORE

Bbl, Lipo, Breasts - Dominican Republic

My trip was an emotional experience! Then I finally got back to Ny and the hell didn't end. I caught an infection in my breast from some of the stitches popping. Manon and his assistant wanted me to go see a follow up with some lady who works out of her house!! I went to North Shore ER instead !... READ MORE

BA and BBl - Dominican Republic, DO

So its finally my turn. In my head, starting this review is the difference between me daydreaming and surgery becoming a real thing. So ive always wanted my boobs done. Im 5'4 about 165 pounds with nooooo boobs. Theyve never been flat, but after my first baby they definitely lost their... READ MORE

Mami Con Deceo De Subir Mí Autoestima 37 Años - Dominican Republic

I do not recommend to anyone this doctor is a very liar , he like the money more than look good whit patients, he ruined my life ,trip rd uninvestigated this dr, too late I realized that many women speak badly of her work in breast augmentation, I had a horrible infection and I recall, he... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation on Dominican Republic

Best experience of my life! His staff was so accommodating and all my questions were answered immediatley! I am so please with my result and the entire process. I am a registered nurse in the NYC area and going over seas to go under the knife was beyond scary! I asked a million questions, even... READ MORE

27 Yr Old, Breast Implants, Best Decision Ever - Dominican Republic

I had issues with my small breasts since puberty. When I turned 20 I decided I would save up for some boobs. Over the next 7 years, boyfriends and friends always said I didn't need them, I was fine without them. But I never felt good about them. So when I realized I could actually afford to get... READ MORE

35 Years Old Mother and Personal Trainer.

When a decided to change my body, get implants i visited a lot of doctors, a lot!! And neither one convinced me or gave me confidence.But wen i met Dr Gustavo he gave me the confident and security that i needed it ,he understood me and gave me an special treatment.Also the clinic and stay were... READ MORE

Hi Girls Im Back and This Time I Want BOOBS - Dominican Republic

Ok so im back i guess people are right when they say this sh** is addicting lol im looking for a good BA doctor .. I previously went to Dr to dr yily for a bbl ill post a updated picture of myself now i still look great idk why i didnt think to get boobs then but now i WANT THEM SO BAD but i... READ MORE

29 Years Old Proud Mother of 2 Handsome Boys!!! Dominican Republic, DO

Ok so I wanted to get a BA since high school. But I was too scared. Then I wanted to wait untill I was done having kids. Now I'm done having kids & I'm not as scared anymore. I'm scheduled for Frebruary 22 & I will be traveling to my native DR for my procedure. I can't wait. I am more than... READ MORE

33yrs Old,4 Kids, Touch Up Body Work After Bariatric Weight Loss - Dominican Republic

I had a very good experienced with my DR. EMMANUEL MALLOL from the Dominican republic! Very experienced and knowledgeable surgeon.I went to the DR to have surgery'm officially with Dr.walkiris robles...that turned out to be a nightmare that Dr.Mallol had to fix! I had breast lift... READ MORE

Out of Country Breast Surgery, 32 Years Old No Kids, 230cc over the Muscle. - Dominican Republic, DO

A review, a story and some advice for people thinking of doing elective surgery in or out of your country. I've always had a very flat and bony cheast it's never held me back and I've learned to laugh at all the jokes over the years, (some that are quite funny) Although in my twenties my... READ MORE

My Journey to Boobies - NY to Coral Gables, FL

After 15 years of wanting a breast aug, I've made up my mind & I'm going for it! For the last week, it's all I can think of. I was originally going to go to DR, but changed my mind due to the risks. Looked into NY but the price was too high, so I ended up finding CG cosmetics in FL. I feel is... READ MORE

so excited! - Dominican Republic

Love this website! It allows me to follow other ppl experiences so that I able to know what to expect. Thanks for posting!!! The choose me doctor based of her response level and after seeing reviews and her credentials I WAS SOLD! I am so happy I am finally getting this surgery done. now I... READ MORE

23 y/o nursed 2 children from london need a fresh start - Dominican Republic, DO

I got married very young and have already started my family. I was always very skinny. I have never weighed more than 105. I was very active, in shape and healthy. After my first born I gained 30 lbs & due to preclamps. I was in bed rest 80% of my pregnancy. Being inactive for so long (even... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation So Happy!!! - Dominican Republic, DO

I'm so happy a finally did it! I wasn't sure about writing a review but now that I'm so happy with my doctor and my results I'll give it a try. I'm not sure how this goes so bare with me. It's been about 3 months now and I'm loving it. I had a very, very small A cup... barely noticeable. I... READ MORE

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