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divorced + Breast Augmentation

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5'8" 135lbs Mom of Two. Saggy 32D's (barely) Looking at 475 moderate +- Salt Lake City, UT

I am generally a pretty natural person. I also consider myself an environmentalist. I currently wear a VS 32D (demi-cup only). I can't believe I'm a D, because I don't have much going on. I do have some saggy breast tissue I'm dealing with. I would like to feel sexy again, plain and simple.... READ MORE

46 Years Old, 295cc unders, 5'1" 103 Lbs 3 Children Petite Frame Breast Augmentation. Finally Courageous Enough - Subiaco, AU

Well real self has helped me so I have decided to be brave enough to post in case my story helps others I have found seeing pictures of myself confronting as I don't like to look at myself or anyone else looking at me. This has really affected my confidence in my first new relationship since... READ MORE

36 Years Old, 5'4" 112lbs, 1 Child, Silicone Mod+ 375-400cc - Beverly Hills, CA

Hi Ladies! I've been stalking this site for research and reference for a few months now. This platform serves as a supportive and informative community and I am thankful for each and every one of you for contributing to help others like myself make a better informed decision. Thank you!! I've... READ MORE

I Did It for Me! Utah, UT

I am a 29 year old mother of 2. My body has been through a lot between two c-sections and nursing. I was active duty for 7 years, so I know how to keep my body in shape. What I didn't have the ability to do was grow the two things that made me feel good about myself: my breasts. I had been... READ MORE

6 Weeks Post Op! - Central, AB

My BA is in 6 days! I have been reading so many reviews on this site and found it so helpful in preparation for the big day! Thanks to all the ladies for sharing. I am 49 years old, divorced with 3 grown children, all 3 breastfed. I am 5'9" tall and weigh 135lbs. My bra size is 36A with... READ MORE

40 Yr Old Divorced Mother of 2 Committing to a Better Self -Manhattan, NY

For years I have been desiring bigger breasts. I have a boyish figure & no confidence. I grew up believing I wasn't attractive...long story. This past January, I met w Dr. Giese for a consultation. I felt very comfortable expressing the look I wanted. She was attentive to my desire, very... READ MORE

Consult Scheduled Wednesday - Crowley, LA

I'm 54 & will be going through a civil mutual separtion from my husband in the near future. I've been a 32A all my life and have always felt inadequate with my size & would like to be a 34C, I'm 5'1 and weigh approx. 105. I've read many posts, some scary, some with great results. I... READ MORE

Fabulous, Talented, Compassionate and Professional - Seattle, WA

Poor self image (post having a baby); getting older; flat-chested; post-divorce READ MORE

I Knew I Was in Good Hands - Wesley Chapel, FL

Well, I was divorced and always put my family FIRST for 16 years. Someone I have been dating after my divorce told me that it was time to do something good for ME and for my body and put myself FIRST for once in my life! I almost chickened out just out of pure FEAR! It turned out to be one of... READ MORE

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