disproportionate + Breast Augmentation

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34yo, One Child, 5'1" 127lbs, 415cc over the Muscle - Tampa, FL

I've been on RS for awhile but never posted anything. I figured, you ladies have helped me a great deal as I looked through all the pics/stories so my turn to share. I've always wanted bigger breasts, my body is imo disproportionate since I'm so bottom heavy and the older I get, the bigger my... READ MORE

34A 350cc Silicone Transaxillary 135lbs 5'3 Athlete BA

As a competitive bikini athlete I lost nearly all of my natural breast tissue (which was not ample to begin with). I felt that I've worked so hard on my body and take so much pride in it but I was just so self conscious about being so disproportionate. I went on several consultations and was so... READ MORE

21, No Kids, Wanted Bigger Boobs - Melbourne, AU

I've always had a small, out of proportion looking bust and after years of consideration decided to do something about it. My doctor and I decided to go with 375cc under the muscle anatomical implants as they would achieve the natural look I was going for. So far I'm happy with the result, can't... READ MORE

29 Years Old, 34AA, 115 Lbs, 5'4", 340cc Extra High Profile

After thinking about it for 10 years... I have decided to have a breast augmentation (BA) finally. Ever since high school, I noticed that I didn't develop like other girls (I'm about a 34AA or 34A now). I thought I would grow in college, but never did. So I always wore bras that had extra... READ MORE

23 with Flat Chest and Wider Hips, 5'8 125 - Boston, MA

I had always waited for my boobs to come in after puberty, but they just never did so I was stuck with bigger hips and a tiny upper frame that made me feel very boy-ish and disproportional. I decided to go with gummy bear implants, sub muscular, size 440cc. My surgeon advised me this would be... READ MORE

44 Yrs Old, 9 Years Later and Extremely Happy! - New York, NY

It has been nine years since my surgery with Dr. Engler and I am still amazed and continue to be ecstatic when looking at pre and post-op pictures. He did such a beautiful job when it came to correcting the asymmetry and enlarging my breasts. It's given me the confidence I lacked for years and I... READ MORE

23 Yr Old No Children - San Diego, CA

I have always been unhappy with the size of my breasts. I have broad shoulders with small breasts and i felt disproportioned. I went to the consult and it was great. I meet Dr. Sarosy and was immediately excited to book the surgery. The surgery went great. However, i had trouble with the... READ MORE

Excited For The New Me! - San Diego, CA

I'm a 35 year old mother of a beautiful seven year old son and have been considering breast augmentation for a long time. Not only did the girls take a hit from breast feeding my son for 6 months but they have never really been proportionate with my body which has always fluctuated between a... READ MORE

34, 2 Kids, SO Happy with Results!! - Cincinnati, OH

I have wanted larger breasts for as long as I can remember. I was blessed with a AA (if that) chest and have always been self conscious about my size. At 5'5" and 140 lbs, my body has been very disproportionate. Decided to go with 300cc moderate high profile silicone implants and couldn't be... READ MORE

23 Years Old, No Kids, 5'5'', 127 Lbs. - Louisville, KY

I'm very nervous/excited about my upcoming procedure! Still not sure how big to go...I don't want to look bulky. I'm currently 34A-ish. My arms and big booty have never "matched" how small my breasts are. I feel very disproportionate but also don't want to look fake. Tomorrow is my first... READ MORE

I Got my "Big Girl" Boobs! 32A to 32 DD 400cc - Rancho Mirage, CA

I have been wanting to get my boobs done since high school when my ass showed up but my boobs decided to stay hidden. I felt/feel disproportionate and not very womanly. I told him I wanted to purchase some breastesses now that I'm away from home (parents disapprove..they'll sure be surprised... READ MORE

375cc HP Saline Implants! - Chicago, IL

Hey girls :) I'm only a few days away from getting the implants I've wanted for so long! Other blogs have helped me SO much I decided to make one to track recovery and thoughts/feelings along the way. I am currently a small 34B and am hoping to be a D or DD. I've been unhappy with my boobs since... READ MORE

Finally a woman! - Parramatta, AU

I have booked in my BA for the 22nd of Janurary, something I have been looking forward to since I was 12 - when every other girl had bigger breasts than me. I always hoped they'd come in through puberty, but now I'm 18 and an A at best (I was a D when I put on weight in 2011, but lost my boobs... READ MORE

Excited for my surgery next week - Birmingham, AL

So I meant to start this earlier to go through the steps but better late than never! I got her on Wednesday night from DC and I had my consultation on Thursday at 12:30. My nurse was Pennie who was great and funny. She suggested I start with 450cc so that I could see how I like that and kind of... READ MORE

I actually look forward to shopping for a new swimsuit this year - Fort Wayne, IN

I am a 55 year old professional and I have always been unhappy with what I felt was my un-proportional body type. After reaching mid-life and at the encouragement of a friend who lives in France, I decided to investigate breast augmentation. I did a lot of research for the Fort Wayne area and... READ MORE

29 Year Old, No Kids, Athletic Build

I had been interested in breast augmentation for many years but had never found the courage to even go to a consultation. I liked my breasts before but felt they were a little disproportional compared to my larger bottom. I especially always felt really small in bikini tops even the push up kind... READ MORE


Very satisfied with my breast augmentation. Dr. Sozer corrected where I was unproportioned and made my breast look natural adding a fullness to them. Friendly and professional staff. I highly recommend Dr. Sozer as he walks you step by step answers every question that you ask. He Makes you feel... READ MORE

Fantastic experience

I have been wanting to get a breast augmentation for as long as I can remember because I was very small, I couldn't fit into any bra's and I looked unproportioned. I finally "bit the bullet" and at 43 years old and two Children later, it was time. I went for many consultations with various P... READ MORE

21 Years Old, Breast Augmentation

My motivation for an augmentation was to improve the overall contour shape and size of my breasts. I had constricted breasts which were small and not in proportion with the rest of my body, this affected my confidence from puberty. The con of the procedure was the pain, which was much worse than... READ MORE

Happy with Breast Augmentation choice

Last March I was ready to get my breast augmentation surgery after years of thinking about it, but before I could, I was required to have a mammogram done. After my mammogram was complete, they had found that I had calcifications in my right breast, that I had to have surgically removed. My... READ MORE

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