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25 Years Old, No Kids, Current Size: 32A, Desired Size: 32C

I've included some pre-op pictures in this post. It's been really helpful to look at others' surgery journeys. Especially women whose bodies look like mine. Shoutout to bree71815. She did an awesome job documenting every part of her journey and inspired me to post about my own. Thanks and... READ MORE

24 Year Old with A Cup

So I'd been thinking about getting my boobs done since the age of about 18 (when I realized they weren't going to be growing anymore). I was an A cup all my life and I was tired of it. I finally decided that I was ready to go through with the procedure so it was time to start going on... READ MORE

29yr, 5'7, 120lb, Mom of 2, Extended Breastfed both. 325cc round smooth high profile. Orland Park, IL

I just went in for my 2nd consultation this weekend. Me and my BFF are both want BA, she is booked for March. I however am still weaning my son (almost 2yrs) so I have to wait a bit longer. He is down to nursing one side once a day. I am looking to get my BA later this summer. Looking at... READ MORE

My Awful Breast Journey (To Whom It May Concern) - Miami, FL

Long story-short, I began 2016 making just enough extra money to perfect my breasts and realizing I was now of legal age to do so, I rushed into a clinic a few acquaintances had refereed me to and was talked into an implant to perk up my boobies. From the beginning, something in my gut was... READ MORE

325cc HP Sub-glandular, and capsular contracture. Not Happy. Eyelid surgery too.

Hello all, I have contemplated writing a review for quite a while. Since my roller coaster is still on full throttle I figured it's as good a time as any. I had my BA 6 months ago at age 47. I was a small 34B. I wanted a natural look, not too big, would be happy with a large C. The first and... READ MORE

23 y/o wanting bigger breats (: Midvale, UT (procedure is May 5, 2016)

I went to a consult with Dr. Kirk Moore's office on December 3, 2015. I never met the doctor, but one of the ladies working there did my consult. I only tried on one size 400 CC HP gummy bear implants and that's what I plan on getting. Right now I am size 32B. THANKS to this site for letting me... READ MORE

25 Years Old, 135 Lb with No Kids. 34A -Aiming for full C- now at a 32DD. Winter Park, FL

I've been researching ways to enhance my bust for years and after trying all the 'natural' and supplemental options I was willing to put up with I'm finally ready to just go ahead with augmentation. I had my consultation with Dr. Hartog on Dec. 5th. The office is very clean and all the staff is... READ MORE

22, no kids, 5'1, 135lbs. Harrison, NY

Okay so I have officially booked a consultation with a doctor in New York and I am BEYOND excited. I've been not so patiently waiting for my boobs to come in for as long as I can remember. You would think that having a mom with DD's and sisters with full C's would mean boobs for me too right?!?... READ MORE

Confidence Augmentation. Oahu Island, HI

I was referred to dr Healy by a friend and I'm so glad I was. The employees are all the friendliest, make you feel very comfortable. Appointment before and after surgery are standard which guarantees attentive service. I never felt I wasn't in good hands. After this surgery I have the female... READ MORE

5'3" 140lbs 800cc R 830cc L

Had my second consultation today, felt really comfortable and happy so I scheduled and paid for surgery before I left! Since I did that, they discounted my surgery by $500 as well. I'm super nervous and super excited! Not sure what size I'll be getting yet, I will know more at my pre-op... READ MORE

Ditch Those Toe-stubbers! 34 Year-old Professional, 2 Bio Babies (Both Breastfed 'Til 15 Months) Minneapolis, MN

I want to ditch my toe-stubbing padded bras and enjoy having a full chest. I have always been interested in bigger breasts, but never thought I would go through with it! After my second child stopped breast feeding in December 2014, I knew I wanted to find out more. I'm looking forward to my... READ MORE

Finally Getting a BA After 15 Years of Contemplation. San Diego, CA

I am 39 years old, 5'3" and about 116 lbs. I am extremely petite, only about 29" around below my breasts, and wear a 32A. I have been dissatisfied with my lack of chest development since I was in high school, and have always been a little self-conscious about it. Everywhere else I have been... READ MORE

24 Years Old, Finally Doing It! Albany, NY

I have always wanted implants, to make my boobs bigger, and to also make my body more symmetric. Last fall I started to shop around for doctors, I went to 2 consults and I wasn't impressed at all with the recommendations because I was being told what to do and not given options! I also decided... READ MORE

26 Years Old, Breast Augmentation. Calgary, AB

Dr. Whidden did a great job. From the initial consultation to follow up appointments. He's super professional, I didn't feel uncomfortable at all. My family doctor worked with him and said that he's truly an artist. If money is your concern but not the time. call at different times, they might... READ MORE

DR Rottler is the Best - Amazing Work! - Saint Louis, MO

I was able to get on the schedule super quick and had my consultation with Dr Rottler. We planned everything out and the results are phenomenal! He is an excellent surgeon and his team are truly helpful. They give great discounts on other services once you are 1 month post-op, which I am... READ MORE

Fitness Enthusiast Enhanced My Small Boobies To Get Bigger Bewbies! :) Orlando, FL

I’ve been wanting to get a breast augmentation for many years but the reason for the delay it is because I was so deterred by some of the unnatural weird looking breast shapes that I’ve seen on women, particularly the ones in the fitness industry! My decision to finally consider getting it don... READ MORE

Chubby with a Breast Augmentation -- Dr. Frank L. Stile in Las Vegas, NV

Hey everybody! Let me tell you a bit about myself. I've always been chubby -- I was always top heavy without breasts. I carry most of my weight in my back, flanks, stomach, arms, face, chin, etc. But not my breasts! In addition my hips narrow down and my butt is completely flat... It's... READ MORE

Had a Very Small Breasts and Wanted to Have a Bigger, Beautiful Ones - Los Angeles, CA

I am very lucky having Dr. Keyes as my breast augmentation surgeon! He truly did an amazing job with my breasts! I’m very happy with the results. I am a perfectionist and was really nervous about this surgery. Dr.Keyes listened to all my requests very carefully and did an excellent job! I m... READ MORE

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