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Fit 34 Yr Old, No Kids, Starting W 32A/B, Mentor silicone 275cc, submuscular, 63" Height, 130lbs

I have never been happy with my breast size. In my Best fitness level I was a 32 A/B at 120lbs. On my average fitness level I was 34A/B maybe at 125-130. Depending on my fitness level my breast decrease to almost nothing... which always made me very self conscious, and forget about trying to... READ MORE

36 Year Old, 5'11 199lbs 2 Kids, Massive Weight Loss, Ready for Boobs

I have been stalking this site getting information and inspiration for what I want when I go for my surgery on April 13th. I go in for my sizing and pre op on April 7th. I am so anxious to get this done. I have never been well endowed even while nursing! I have lost around 100 lbs in the last... READ MORE

MWL Gave Me Freedom, but Stole my Breasts! Jacksonville, FL

I'm scheduled for brachioplasty and a breast augmentation on 2/3/16. I have steadily lost 130lbs through diet and exercise and am ready to begin the next phase of my transformation. I started by researching surgeons in my state because I was primarily interested in the arm lift procedure. ... READ MORE

Breast Aug with Dr. Yee

I am very pleased with my results of the breast aug and vaser liposelction of my inner/outer thighs, lower abdominal, inner knees, and hips. These procedures were very worth the time and investment. I work out all the time and eat healthy, but even after years of this- I did not see results.... READ MORE

46 and Flat - West Hollywood, CA

I am 46 years old and in the fitness business. I am small and very fit, with low body fat. As my body fat lowered, and after two kids, the breasts were just not there. As a fitness pro, I know how to change and improve my body, but there is not much to be done about breast size through diet and... READ MORE

30 Yr Old Mother of 2... Fitness Competitior.. - Mandeville, LA

Hi Ladies, OMG, I have been reading on here for a few weeks now and everyone is so helpful and kind. I am a mess of emotions with my BA just a few weeks away. I am currently a 36b-just skin mostly :( As I have continued continued training and dieting and competing over the last 3 years I have... READ MORE

35 Yr Old Mom of 3(All by C-section), 5ft 110 Lbs, Barely a B Cup, Getting 375cc BA & Abdominal Scar Revision. Albuquerque, NM

I have had three children via c-section (ages 10, 4, and 18 months) and after dieting and exercising for close to a year have lost all the weight from the last child and along with that weight went my boobies. They are deflated and I don't even fill out a B cup WonderBra. I went to another... READ MORE

600cc HP silicone gel Baltimore, MD

After battling weight loss I am at 165lbs. Keeping my weight off since I was 24. I am currently still dieting looking to get to 150lbs. But I wanted to get a breast augmentation as it felt like a good time in my life. And so started my journey. I was a 36A and was looking to go for a 36 full D ... READ MORE

46 yr Mommy of 2 - Goals: MORE Booty. MORE Boobs.

Hi Dolls, I'd like to begin by letting you know that I had wanted to detail my journey from the Beginning but fortunately for me, it all happened so fast! After countless months of saving money, and researching procedures and Doctors, I finally made the Decision to have BA (Breast Augmentation)... READ MORE

I See the Real Me - Dominican Republic, DO

There's always been one thing about my body I could not fix with time, eating right or working out. And that was my breasts. I could tone up my tummy, clear up my face, lift my butt by dieting and exercising. It did the opposite of what I wanted to my chest though. So I decided I wanted a... READ MORE

Already Fit and Lean, but Just Wanted to Enhance Myself

Dr. Rednam is very professional, thorough, genuinely caring, brilliant (obviously), and the entire experience from start to finish AND the results--seriously AMAZING!!! The had lipo (cool sculpting) and a breast augmentation procedures done. I am already very fit and lean; however, had trouble... READ MORE

Breast Augumenation, Liposuction - New York, NY

Prior to my surgery I had never undergone anesthesia before so that was nervewracking within itself. Then I met Doctor Taranow and that all changed immediately I was extremely comfortable, he is knowledgable, patient, soft spoken and extremely understanding. Not to mention his office manager... READ MORE

Nursed 3 Babies. Now It's Time for Me. Freehold, NJ

I am the mother of 3 amazing kids. I squeeze time for exercise and eat healthy, as it is important to me to stay fit. This strategy has helped me to maintain a healthy weight and relatively fit body. But after 3 pregnancies and the demands of nursing 3 babies my breasts were left in poor... READ MORE

Dr.vitenas and His Staff Are Amazing - Houston, TX

I truly appreciate dr.vitenas. He truly is an artist and a perfectionist. He takes the time to explain everything thoroughly and answers all of your questions. He is also very honest about his recommendations with size. He helps you with a clean diet before your augmentation which helped me lose... READ MORE

I Love Boobies! -

I never imagined how much I could love my own breasts! After having two daughters both under 3 and actively playing soccer you can imagine the incredible damage that took on my body and breasts. I all started out when my second daughter was 4 months old and i put myself on a strict diet and... READ MORE

So Far Good... - Culver City, CA

After being in yoyo diets my breast didn't look the way I like. READ MORE

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