deflation + Breast Augmentation

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24 Years Old 170 Lb 5'6 Height 700cc HP silicon Above the muscle

I have deflated breast due to breast feeding. I have a bigger body structure with wide hips and thick thighs but my breast don't match so I am going for bigger and fuller. I want to be able to buy shirts that I can wear with no bra. Also want to go big to prevent another surgery. I have a few... READ MORE

5'9" getting 300cc Mentor Implants, Plus Alloderm Dermal Graft

Have done tons of research and finally starting a review of my own :) will be having my breast aug in October 2017. Firstly, here are my stats (this is what I’d always look for in a review first)… ** STATS ** Height: 175cm / 5’9” Weight: 59kg / 130 pounds BRA: 10A Aus / 32A US... READ MORE

Amazing breast augmentation by Dr Ellis Choy

I am age 33 and have had 4 children whom I collectively breastfed for 5.5 years. Prior to having children I had breasts of a size 10B/C. After having my children my breasts were left very empty and deflated. I could no longer wear a bra as a 10A was uncomfortable and I felt it did not look... READ MORE

41 Yrs Old, No Kids, 5'2, 117lbs, Currently 32 Deflated D, Getting 300cc Silicone Moderate Profile Over Muscle

I'm looking to add some roundness back to my deflated breasts without having to get a lift. I lift weights along with yoga and work a physical job I wanted to go over the muscle and thankfully my doctor agreed. I know my breasts have some droop but I want an overall natural result. I'm a petite... READ MORE

32yr, 5'5'', 137lb, Breastfed 2 babies, My Boobs Got Jipped After Kids!

Anxiously awaiting my BA next month to fill up these boobs! What I had was lost and nowhere to be found again. I'm very excited to feel like a curvy woman again. I feel almost like I was robbed of my chest after having babies. They got extremely large, then shrunk way down once I lost weight.... READ MORE

5'3 150pds 26 Year Old Boob Job

So far my experience has been great! Dr. Taneja was referred by a friend, who he performed a tummy tuck on. From the second I entered his office I was created with a smile and everyone I came in contact was kind and very helpful. Dr. Taneja is very cool and laid back and does not bullshit anyone... READ MORE

34 Years Old, 5'10, 145 Pounds, Breastfed Three Kids

Hello! I am so excited about putting my breasts back how they were before kids! I am currently still wearing a 34C bra from Victorias Secret, but they are so deflated and have no upper fullness. Pre- kids I was a full perky 34D and just want to get back to that. I would like to feel more... READ MORE

30 y/o, 5'2", 124lbs, 485CC's, Natrelle Inspira, under muscle, no kids

Hello everyone! This will be lengthy FYI, my first BA experience. I have been wanting boobs since I was 15. Seemingly young, I knew early on that I wouldn't be blessed with the D/DD's that have embraced all the other women in my family. At age 18 I went from 102lbs to 130lbs in a matter of... READ MORE

Great Experience

Scheduled surgery for Sept 6. More concerned about the recovery than the results because I know they'll look great! I have plenty of tissue to work with and just have deflated breast from breastfeeding. Mostly nervous about the recovery. Big believer in mind over matter so Would love to hear... READ MORE

28 Year Old Mom, 590cc Ultra High Profile

After breastfeeding 3 children, my breast were deflated balloons with nothing but skin and nipples. I have wanted the procedure for so many years and I was finally able to get it done yesterday. Doctor Morea was very attentive and listened to what I wanted. 1 day post op and I am very sore and... READ MORE

36 Years Old, Momma of Two Breast Fed for over a Year Each, Totally Deflated Small A's - SC

Like so many others, I have talked about this for so long. Even before kids I was the smallest chested out of all of my friends. This didn't bother me so much because they were cute and perky and didn't limit what I could wear. Depending on where I purchased my bra I was between a 32B and 32C... READ MORE

35 Yr Old, 4 Kids, 5'3, 125lbs, 550 Cc Saline Implants - Miami, FL

I've always been a rather small chested chick, but I was never "flat", so my semi-full 34B rack wasn't anything I was necessarily ashamed of or self-conscious about.....until I had my 4th child and finished breast feeding. Talk about deflated fun bags! Those girls were never the same. They still... READ MORE

31 Years Old, 3 Breastfed Kids for over a Year Each, Deflated 32B - Ish Size

After my third and last baby, I knew I wanted to get implants for sure. It has always been in the back of my mind but after 3 breastfed children my boobs needed help!! I'm from Cleveland and had a few doctors in mind. Dr. Jason Leedy's face is plastered all over this website and I had high... READ MORE

25 yr old (2kids, only 1 breastfed) 5'3 and 120 lbs athletic build getting Sientra Gummy Bear 440 cc breast implants.

I have always had small breast and had a pretty athletic body. After my first child I developed a nice size bubble butt and wide hips but nothing to even me out up top. In sports bras and bikinis I couldn't help but to feel like a little girl or even a boy with my flat chest especially when... READ MORE

25 y.o and a Mother of One, 97 lbs, 290cc, high profile teardrop

Pre-pregnancy I was 32A and when I got pregnant, I was a full A or small B. I thought my boobs will stay like that but nope! It got deflated like a flat tire!! I'm scheduled with Dr. David Stephens on Monday, I'm going under the muscle and hopefully will be a full 32C, small D or a full D. PS... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation after breastfeeding two children, 500cc, round, smooth silicone

I have wanted a breast augmentation since I was a teenager... I never had any breasts growing up.. When I had my first daughter, my boobs got huge with milk, but after breastfeeding they deflated and I was basically left with saggy skin, then after my next daughter the same thing happened... READ MORE

22 Years Old 115 Lbs Fit Mother of 3 with Deflated Breats

After breastfeeding for a total of almost 5 years my breast are in need of a fix me up. I went and had my consultation with Dr Fryer a few weeks ago. Him and his staff are amazing! I was told I could go without having a lift which I'm super excited about (no extra scars!!) He recommend 320 cc in... READ MORE

BA booked for June 2018!!!

I have breastfed two babies and unfortunately the girls are severely deflated. I've booked in for BA to get my breastfeeding boobies back! I have had my initial consult with Dr Kevin Ho at Randwick. During the consult I felt confident that he was the right surgeon for me. Every question I had... READ MORE

25 Yrs Old Two Kiddies, Deflated from 3+ Yrs of Breastfeeding

I've jokingly been saying I want a boob job for years, in the last year or so it turned to a more serious I'm gonna get a boob job someday. In march after lots of research and looking at their work I narrowed it to two surgeons. I went to my first consult with dr Goldman, he was not the right... READ MORE

44 Years Old, 3 Children, Recently Lost Weight and Boobs Disappeared

Recently lostb significant weight, breasts went from solid 36 C/D cup, to barely there, deflated B cup. Dr. Gallaher did an excellent job, thought in wanted smaller 450cc, because of my broad shoulders he suggested I at least think about going larger. Tried sizers on up to 750cc, ended up going... READ MORE

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