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DDD cup + Breast Augmentation

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Despised on 700cc, Silicon, High Profile, Under the Muscle, Transaxillary

... And so I begin to journal my experience here! A little over a week away until my BA. Excited. Nervous. Scared. All of the above. But so looking forward to an enhanced "Me"! Decided on the above implants after my pre-OP visit last week. However, maybe 600s??? I'm a little worried about the... READ MORE

Dr. Pousti is Amazing. 100lbs, 5' 1" Went from an A to a DD - La Mesa, CA

So, it's taken me over 4 months to finally write a review. I wanted to wait until I was healed and happy. Although I still have some healing to do I am finally happy with my results. I had 385cc smooth round high profile implants placed under the muscle. I had little breast tissue to start with... READ MORE

33 Y/o Breastfed 2 Kids 397cc Natrelle Style15 Under the Muscle Incission Under Breast - Cherry Hill, NJ

I waned implants after my first child then after breastfeeding my second 12 years later and only barley an A cup to begin with I was left with droopy small breasts and in desperate need Of some enhancment. I had three consultations before the procedure and some advice is to bring a variety of... READ MORE

From "itty bitty titty committee" to "BOOBLICIOUS"! Leawood, KS

At my consult visit, he talked to me about the procedure and what size I wanted to be. He showed me pics and I already knew I wanted Dr. Swanson to perform my augmentation. (I have a friend who had this done and recommended him). I told him I wanted to do the surgery ASAP. He took "before" pics... READ MORE

Implants After my Weight Loss - Nashville, TN

I had a great doctor, if you're in the Nashville or TN area I recommend Dr. Marvel! I saw another surgeon before him who told me I needed to have a breast lift at 22 THEN get implants. He also only recommend I get 425cc put in when I have 750cc in now. When I went to Dr. Marvel he said he'd do... READ MORE

Saline Implants 480cc in Left, 500cc in Right - Fayetteville, AR

I had lost 40 lbs and as as result my breasts were not what I wanted and I felt so self conscious. I decided to reward myself with breast implants. The surgeon I chose was Dr. Vanderpool in Fayetteville, Arkansas and I chose saline implants as I wasn't sure about silicone just yet as I still... READ MORE

"The Best Thing I Have Ever Done" - San Diego, CA

My husband and I spent months researching the top breast augmentation surgeons. We were prepared to travel anywhere if we had to. After researching plastic surgeons, we decided to meet with Dr. Pousti. We travelled to San Diego from Las Vegas for a consult. Dr. Pousti spent a great deal of time... READ MORE

I think I want them removed! - Illinois

I just wanted them lifted and filled out. They were deflated C/D breasts, because I lost weight. Very low and droopy, so I felt like I was an old granny. I didn't want huge porno boobs! I didn't want anything noticeable that would draw attention from gawking men. I can't go anywhere without men... READ MORE

Couldn't Be Happier - Orange, CA

Dr Reichner and his team were great! I had a hard time deciding on a surgeon and I definitely think I made the right choice. I am just at 2 months and I LOVE my results. My swelling went down quick and my breast move and look much more natural than many of my friends (who got their breaths done... READ MORE

Extremely Satisfied - Aiea, HI

Dr. Healy did a great job with my breast augmentation. My breasts are 34 DDD. It's perfect for me & he recently did my eye lid. My right eyelid was kind of droopy. He did a great job. My eyes are 110% better than what it was. I'm extremely satisfied. I feel I may not need to wear make up... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation - Virginia Beach, VA

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Rosenblum. He and his staff were attentive and professional throughout my setup and procedure. I fully recommend his practice for anyone who is seeking a breast augmentation. I have had 3 children which had left me with deflated and sagging breasts, (a... READ MORE

36 Yrs Old, 5'7, 145#, 4 Kids, 397 M+. Greer, SC

This is something I have been wanting to do for most of my life. After having 4 kids and nursing two of them I was left with very deflated breasts that were barely an A cup. I decided to do something for myself for a change. I am beyond happy with my results. I am now measuring at a 32DDD and... READ MORE

Was 34 Years Old, One Child, Size 34A Breasts and Much Needed Breast Augmentation - Minneapolis, MN

After I had my son, my breasts were at a pre-pregnancy size of 34A. I wanted fuller and bigger breast so I could feel more confident, feminine, sexy and beautiful. The only con about surgery was not being able to lift my son during recovery. I'm now at a size 32DDD and absolutely love how I feel! READ MORE

Breast Augmentation. Sugar Land, TX

After having a child I wanted to get the fuller breast i had before the child and I wanted them larger as well. I got 600cc which puts me at a 34DDD. I absolutely love the job Dr. Chang did!! I would recommend him for any type of cosmetic surgery! It has boosted my confidence and i always... READ MORE

50 Years Old, Needed a Lift! - Houston, TX

My breasts were very saggy, I have DDD's, so it was time for a lift. I'm very happy with the outcome, now I don't have to constantly adjust myself in my bras to get them to stay in place. They look very natural which was exactly what I was wanting. They look my mine natural breasts back when I... READ MORE

29 Year Old That Wanted Larger Breast - Overland Park, KS

Absolutely love Dr. Hall hand down so glad a choose him.. I was a 34A on a good day and now a fabulous 34DDD and couldn't be happier. I was a little scared after setting up my surgery because I have a perfect problem and was worried if I picked the right doctor cause I was afraid after paying... READ MORE

Dr. Rex is Incredible - Fall River, MA

Dr. Rex is awesome! He did a wonderful job on my breast augmentation. People have told me they are the best boob job they have ever seen. I went from 32A to 32 ddd and they are perfect. I go regularly for Dysport injections and he does a wonderful job. He will fix anything that you are not happy... READ MORE

29 Years Old, Mother of 3, High Profile Silicone Gel - Chesterfield, MO

Great surgeon and great staff!! Very pleased with my results! I never felt rushed through any appointment. Dr.Prada addressed all my questions or concerns I had. The staff was very friendly! The wait time, well, there wasn't really ever much of a wait time. I would sign in and in just a few... READ MORE

Excellent Surgeon and Great Staff - Houston, TX

I first met Dr. Schusterman a few years ago when I went to see him for a breast augmentation consultation. I knew pretty quickly that he was the surgeon for me. I planned to get 3 consultations and review all of my notes on each one before making a decision on a surgeon. Dr. Schusterman was my... READ MORE

Best Thing I Ever Did for Myself - Jacksonville, FL

Everyone at Coastal Cosmetic center is helpful, caring, and they make you feel at ease. I told Dr. Fee I wanted my boobs to be as big as they looked in my mega padded Victoria secret bra. He did a great job I went from a 32c to 32 DDD. They look fantastic and fit my frame perfectly, and they... READ MORE

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