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41yrs Old Mummy of 2. Height 5ft Weight 92 pound. yoga/jogger/dance Teacher. sizing 325cc

Excited but scared. As I am like child size in stature I am really worried I am going to end up with boobs that are massive. As I do yoga and I run and also teach dancing I don't want them getting in the way. I am not filling out an A cup and my three sizes are 325 350 and 375 very high profile.... READ MORE

27 year old dancer ready for a breast augmentation

Finally getting my boobs done !!!! Ive wanted to get my boobs done for such a long time but it was never the right time and now finally I'm a month and couple days away from MY surgery ... I'm actually using the same doctor that did my lipo and my nose he is one amazing doctor READ MORE

Active 29 year old 240cc/295cc Moderate Round Under

Hi RS! It's the night before my surgery and I'm so excited but a little bit nervous! I just found this site a few days ago after google searches in moments of panic and I'm so grateful! I've wanted this since my teens. Now seemed like a better time than any - I'm completely settled, decided I... READ MORE

27yo. 2yr Old Son, Breastfed. Pre-op 36c Deflated.

A few Stats: 27yo, 150lbs, 5'3" athletic. Ive been wanting a BA since i was 18yo, ive danced my entire life (until i got pregnant at 25) so i never really pursued a BA, i imagined a bigger chest would just get in the way of my dancing. After pregnancy and breastfeeding it really started to... READ MORE

33 Years Old, 1 Kid. Breast Augmentation, BBL & Liposuction. Mexico, MX

Two weeks ago I was complaining about working for nothing and being exhausted and unhappy to my husband. I work two jobs, not out of necessity, thank God, but out of ambition. I have worked from home for 10 years and IT SHOWS. I gained 60 pounds in that period, out of sitting on my ass for 16... READ MORE

26yrs 5'4 130lbs Starting at 32B Wanting to Look Balanced! Mexico, MX

Hi everyone! So I thought I had made a review already and posted pics but apparently I failed at that or something so here I go hopefully it sticks! I am a dancer and I mainly work with artists and doing salsa competitions. I have always been on the smaller framed side I wouldn't say petite but... READ MORE

31yr Old, Mommy of 1(breastfed) Leawood, KS

Hey guys! I'm 31, 5'1, 145lbs. I'm currently a 36C and my surgeon & I decided to go with 550cc high profile silicone. He did all the measurements and I've seen his work and trust his judgment. Before my daughter I had perfect breast, people often asked if they were fake. I'm an exotic dancer... READ MORE

Super Happy with the Results - Miami, FL

I had my app one day before my surgery day and the doctor understood exactly what I wanted right away. He did not pushed me to get bigger or smaller. I told him that I am dancer, fit and active person that want a natural looking breast and that was it! Next day "boom" I woke from a dream that... READ MORE

28 Year Old Petite 5'2" 110lbs - Silicone Unders 250 to 300 Cc Moderate Plus. Houston, TX

Well, I had just spent almost an hour typing up my story when my stupid browser closed and I lost everything so I will make it short this this time. Hi everyone :) I am 28 years old and hoping to have my surgery next week, January 28, 2015. I never thought I would put myself through this... READ MORE

21, Dancer No Kids, 550 Cc - Las Vegas, NV

I expect to have awesome boobs , I have what you call a "boy body" I'm so flat chested but I have a really nice butt, I just need some boobs to make my body even. I've never done this before and I'm really nervous but I trust my doctor. I know that this surgery is a plus for me cause I'm a... READ MORE

24 Year Old Dancer / 1,70 and 60 Kg / no kids /300-320cc - France, FR

Hello girls , I never thought i would write a review my self but this website has really helped me so far so i will share my experience with you in every detail. So here is my story ... I am a 24 year old dancer from Europe , 1,70 meters and 60kg , my body frame is athletic and im a very active... READ MORE

I am happy I finally made this decision for myself

I have been dissatisfied with my boobs for most of the time I've had them. From when I developed early, before the other girls in my class, which was awkward because I was one of the tiniest ... to when I was a amateur dance / fitness nut and had a banging body, except unfairly small boobs ...... READ MORE

32-34A to 34C day one post-op breast agumentation

Measurements, sizing, and more Age- 20 years Height- 5'7" Weight- 115Lb Breast width- 12cm Original breast size- 32-34A Post op- 34C (as of now) Implant size- 350 right, 325 left Implant shape- round Implant type- silicon Implant profile- moderate plus How I feel Post-op I woke up from the... READ MORE

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