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Breast augmentation with Dr. Rumsey led to symmastia requiring extensive surgery to correct

Dr. Ramsey did a breast augmentation for me back in 2004. He cut the muscle that held the skin down between my breasts causing a very unsightly condition called symmastia. I lived with this embarrassing condition for 10 years before finally locating a surgeon in Ft. Lauderdale that could correct... READ MORE

32 BF 3 Kids. 345cc Gummy Bears - Fort Myers, FL

So, I've wanted to get a breast aug for my entire adult life. And even more so after each child. It's amazing how much "damage" breast feeding does, although tottaly worth it , I am finally ready to have a breast aug. I went for a consult about 5 years ago, I picked one of the top rated plastic... READ MORE

18 Years Old, 5'10 137lb, Delayed Puberty/no Growth

Hi there!!! I am super excited to undergo surgery in July. I have always felt as if my boobs held me back.... I have a medical issue where I was not able to advance past a stage 2/3 on the puberty scale (up to 5) and have damaged breast tissue that truly never made much progress. Excited to... READ MORE

38 Yr Old, Breastfed for 2.5 Yrs. Getting Breast Augmentation to Fix Them

I've been waiting 18 years to have my breasts fixed from the damage caused by breastfeeding. I'm trying to keep my expectations rather low...and remind myself that any result is likely better than what I've been living with for almost 2 decades. Looking forward to being able to buy pretty bras... READ MORE

Think VERY, VERY Carefully Whether You Really Want to Do This

I am writing this review in hopes of dissuading you from getting breast implants. It's easy to get caught up in photos of smiling models on brochures, beautiful plastic surgery offices and glamorous Instagram posts. After what I've been through with mine, I believe it's not worth the risk. I... READ MORE

Breast augmentation- biggest mistake

Hello ladies! I got breast augmentation done 25 days ago . It was the worst decision of my life ! For no reason i spent so much money n damaged my beautiful natural body . B.A is a very very bad plz dont get it done. So many side effects with it. Like rupture, capsular contracture, infection etc... READ MORE

Ready to Not Be a Saggy Patty Anymore - Vacaville, CA

I've always hated my boobs. I've gained and lost so much weight in my life that my poor boobs were very damaged. I finally got the courage up to do them and my husband wouldn't allow it. We divorced and HELLO new boobs! I had a friend who got hers done from a local guy who worked at DGMC... READ MORE

13 years, 3 surgeries

I had my first breat aug in 2004 with Dr Gallagher... I've had to have 2 reconstructive surgeries since with another surgeon and planning my 3. My muscles were completely damaged from my original surgery not to mention they were completely uneven (about a good cup size different) one was so... READ MORE

Chosing Dr. Bucko As My Surgeon Was the Worst Mistake of My Life!

Dr Bucko performed a breast augmentation that resulted in a deformity called a double bubble. When I showed Dr. Bucko and his nurse the results of the surgery and they had no concern what so ever with results of my surgery. I ended up getting consultations with several high profile plastic... READ MORE

Run from Dr. Snyder!

We met MANY times to discuss my breast augmentation. I repeatedly stressed that I did NOT want large implants. I specifically said I did not want to look fake or like Tori Spelling. I said I am a conservative mom and simply want back to a natural look like before children/breastfeeding. I chose... READ MORE

48, Three Kids, Lost Weight... Needed Help! - Boise, ID

I had recentley lost 25 lbs which caused my already child damaged breasts to lose all plumpness. I had really wanted to have breast augmentation but after getting married in February I decided it was something that I wanted to get serious about. My husband agreed so I went online to research... READ MORE

damaged from breastfeeding

I had such a great experience with Dr. Wortham. He did such a wonderful job on my breast augmentation. I am very happy with the entire experience. He is professional and answered all my questions. Thank you READ MORE

Thank you!

Dr. Michaels is the man! My weight fluctuated up and down for years, topping out at 245 at only 5'3. I lost my weight through diet and but no amount of hard work was going to fix the damage I had done. I also couldn't grow my own boobies.That's where Dr. Michaels stepped in! I had multiple... READ MORE

Truth Should Be Revealed - Jericho, NY

Worst doctor. I write this post just to warn every potential customer to save your money and go to a better doctor. U are risking your life under his surgical knife. He did my breast surgery on jun 10th 2014 and during the surgery I can even feel the pain and saw him walk away during the... READ MORE

Beware and Do Research on This Doctor - San Francisco, CA

Still have scars and damages from surgery with Dr Roy Kim. I highly recommend doing your homework before committing to this doctor. And also was coverage you will receive if something went wrong on his behalf. Dr Roy Kim went in twice to fix the problem and made it worse the 2nd time around. And... READ MORE

Total Regret! I Picked the Wrong Dr.! - Edina, MN

I have been going through hell physically & emotionally since the beginning of 2014!! Yes, his price is appealing but do yourself a favor and go somewhere else.. What's a couple more thousand? If I could turn back time I would have never stepped foot in his office! He couldn't even "fix" the... READ MORE

Don't Use This Surgeon. He Completely Botched Up!!! I Needed Reconstructive Surgery As a Resu - Coral Gables, FL

I went to dr hunsaker years ago when he was at the premier center for cosmetic surgery in coral gables. He did a breast augmentation and liposuction on my lower abs and waist. He put the wrong size implants in ( too large in diameter) and my natural breast tissue looked like a melting ice cream... READ MORE

Horrible Breast Augmentation Experience with Permanent Consequences - Plano, TX

I went to get a breast augmentation at age 23 because my breasts had always been small and had not developed much by that time. I wanted some very moderate B cup breasts in a natural shape. The implants that I were given, however, gave me full C cup breasts with a very unnatural high-profile... READ MORE

New Beginnings after a 130 pound weight loss - New York, NY

This is the morning of my Breast Augmentation. I'm really excited and looking forward to starting this final leg of my journey after a 130 pound weight loss. Although I have completely transformed my life and body through healthier food choices and a more active lifestyle I am not able to undo... READ MORE

I Would Recommend Him to Those Thinking About Having This Procedure Done - Minneapolis, MN

I am a mother of three and have had a lot of damage to my breasts throughout the years due to breastfeeding. Having chosen to start my family at a young age I damaged by body. I would not change a thing about my choice to begin so young but I wanted to put my body back to its original state and... READ MORE

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