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33 Years Old, No Kids, Breast Augmentation, Cosmeditour PPSI, Phuket - Thailand

Why I want a Breast Augmentation: At 21 I realized my breast will never grow bigger than that, so since that moment I have been wishing to do a Breast augmentation someday. My sister has always have big natural breasts, so it didn't made me feel any better :( Choosing a doctor: I choose to... READ MORE

34 A/B, 33 Y/o, No Kids, 5'8", 135 Lbs.

So I am writing this at 4:30am. I woke up from a weird dream, and now I am back on here reading reviews. I've been wanting to write my own, but putting it off (so why not now). I am 33 years old with no kids. I am 5'8" and 135 lbs. Right now I am a 34 small B in my L breast, and an A in my R... READ MORE

Beautiful Breast W/pictures. Miami, FL

I'm so happy with my results, they look so natural. I got 325cc moderate plus under the muscle throught the nipple. A month after my procedure I felt 95% back to normal. My incisions are barely noticeable already. I'm so glad I met Dr. Soler-Baillo, he is amazing at what he does and loves his... READ MORE

39 Year Old, 1 Child, Runner - Wanted to Feel More Feminine - Berkeley Heights, NJ

Post breast feeding and years of running, being thin and an athlete my entire life, I had always lacked breast fat and tissue. I had also undergone several procedures and surgeries due to very cystic breasts. All this had left me with no more than skin and muscle. I had thought about the... READ MORE

26 YO, 32A, 5'4", 105 Lbs, 300cc Mod Plus Breast Augmentation - Baltimore, MD

I've been thinking about breast augmentation on and off since I was 18 and finally decided to go through with it. I had a consult with Dr. Chang in January. Dr. Chang recommended under the muscle silicone moderate plus, and between 250cc and 350cc based on my body size. I decided on 300cc but... READ MORE

28 Years Old, Breast Augmentation, Day Before Surgery. South Africa, ZA

OMW!!!! This is finally happening. Tomorrow is the day I bid my tiny breasts goodbye forever. Why am I getting a BA? In case you are wondering why I have decided to this, my reason is simply. I've lost more than 35kg over the past 5 years and went from a D-cup to what I suspect is an A-cup... READ MORE

Drooping Breast After Augmentation - Birmingham, AL

I am 20 and had a breast augmentation about a year ago and have recently noticed my right breast is drooping and looks nothing like the left one. I have a cyst in my left breast but the dr said it was nothing to worry about and there was no need to remove it. The areola is larger on my left... READ MORE

32 Yo with Cystic Breasts Who Definitely Needed a Ton of Work. Dunedin, FL

Prevention of further cysts by weight of implants The appearance of my breasts also needed a ton of work. Dr Laufer is an angel and an amazing Doctor! Thank you so much for changing my life I truly don't regret it at all and the process was not bad at all. He is an amazing doctor and the staff... READ MORE

47 Feeling Like 33 After 600cc - San Antonio, TX

Hello, I am a 47 year old female, I am about 5'6" and 150 pounds I had been gifted with many good traits, but there is one I had always wished Mother Nature would of been a little bit more generous. My left size breast was an A but since our bodies by nature are not identical my right one was... READ MORE

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