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37 Yr Old Mother of Two

After having 2 kids and losing weight from those pregnancies my breast deflated a full cup size. Im looking for fullness and a little larger size then before. I do not need a lift and have a slight asymmetrical breast. I have decided on silicon, moderate plus under the muscle. I've been told I... READ MORE

5’5, 210 Lbs., 50, BA, 565cc HP Sientra - Pittsburgh, PA

In order to make it easier for those like me, I have tried to put all the key words in my title to make searching for a story on a plus-size, older woman’s experience easier to find. Before I start, I just want to say thank you to all the lovely and brave ladies that have shared your stories. I... READ MORE

No Cup to D Cup - San Diego, CA

Dr. Pousti did an amazing job on my breast augmentation.At first I was a little worried that it might feel fake but I'm 6weeks post op and it feels n looks amazing. Everyone at his office are very kind and helpful.Im so happy I came to him I feel so beautiful and confident now . Thank you Dr.Pousti. READ MORE

26 Years Old, 5'9", 155 Pounds, 1 Breast Fed Child. - Fayetteville, AR

Hello Real Self world! I am 26, and have a beautiful 4 year old little boy! I have always been relatively flat chested aside from pregnancy and breast feeding. Unfortunately, what was best for my child was not best for my cup size! Excited to get rid of these 36 A's! I went in for my... READ MORE

26 Years Old and I'm Finally Getting my BA - Pre-op 32AAA - New York, NY

I am officially 6 days pre-op from my BA procedure that's going down on May 22, 2014!! I'm a basket case of emotions - nervous, excited - I almost don't believe it's happening - finally! I was (technically still am) like many of the ladies on here - Impatiently waiting for my chest to grow..... READ MORE

43 Years Old and No Longer Deflated!

I'm 43 years old and I felt like I just needed a little "pick me up" . After my consult with Dr Burns and his staff, I had made my mind up that I was going to move on with my breast augmentation. Dr Burns and his staff were amazing! I drove 400 miles to get to them but I knew that I was in... READ MORE

30 Years Old, 6 Kids, Needed Fixing

I have always been small chested...B cup, but after having 6 kids, I needed to do something. My breasts just completely deflated. I was very confused after other consultations as to why I was capped on the amount of CC's I could get, and the doctors I had seen didn't explain why. But then I... READ MORE

34a/ 425cc silicone

I have gone to my consultation, picked my size and got my quote. starting out at a 32a getting 425cc silicone under the muscle and inframamary incision. what cup size did you end up with when u got 425cc? READ MORE

Exactly What I Wanted.... Me, Only Better

Being someone who has a smaller cup size than most all of my friends, I thought about getting breast implants for years. But it wasn't truly ever a real consideration, because I couldn't get past the idea of having foreign objects in my body every day. Also, I just wanted to be self-accepting.... READ MORE

29yr. 180cc Breast Augmentation. Very Pleased. - London, GB

I wanted to increase my cup size by one. I went for 180cc implants and I could not be happier with the result. I never expected them to look so great. Weymouth street hospital was great and the staff there were very attentive. It took me a week until I felt strong enough to get back to work... READ MORE

34 Year Old Had Been Waiting to Have Large Fuller Breasts. - Mishawaka, IN

For as long as I can remember I had wanted larger breasts. For years my cup size fluctuated with losing and gaining weight as I was battling cancer. After a bone marrow transplant and 5 years later, it was finally my time! I couldn't have been more happy with the centre PC and their staff from... READ MORE

25yrs, Female, 108lbs, Chinese, Breast Augmentation, Student - Beverly Hills, CA

When choosing a plastic surgeon, Dr. Rahban had crucial attributes I required in a surgeon: viewed me as an individual case with specific knowledge on how surgery affects Asians, high knowledge of current surgical techniques which made me feel safe that he was up to date in his field, and his... READ MORE

Augmentation and Lift to Fix Unevenness of Breasts - Winnipeg, MB

I had always had a major size difference of my breasts. This unevenness caused the shape to be different, the nipples to point in different directions, so I finally decided to get something done about it. The surgeon informed me there was about a cup size or more size difference, and a lift... READ MORE

12 Year Old Breast Augmentation Still Looks Amazing! - Rochester, NY

Asymmetrical and unhappy with cup size.^^The above was what I typed when the review asked me why I did is not my actual review! READ MORE

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