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19 Years Old, 5'3" and 95 Pounds, 30B/30C, 339cc style 15 Natrelle . Redbank, NJ

Since I was 12 I was wondering when my boobs would come in, and they still are the same little boobies I've had forever. I tried breast creams, pills, massages, you name it, to try to naturally grow my breasts with no success. After being on this website for a while and researching doctors, I... READ MORE

28 YO, 163CM(5’4), 51kg(113lbs), Cohesive Gel, 275cc, Teardrop Implant, Inframammary Incision – Grand Plastic Surgery - Korea KR

I am a Taiwanese girl studying abroad in Seattle. I am quite outgoing but regardless, I have been quite shy about my boobs and always wanted more volume but still natural look. I thought if I had more volume it would match my confident and outgoing personality. So I did a lot of research and... READ MORE

My Quality of Life Has Improved So Much! - Birmingham, GB

"It has been around 6 months since I underwent breast enlargement surgery with Mrs. Kat and haven't had a single regret. I had always been extremely self conscious but at 19, and after using all the "miracle" bust enlarging creams on the market, I finally realised my breasts weren't going to... READ MORE

33 Years Old No Kids - Colombia

After been thinking for more than 10 years, I decided to use real self page and search for the best doctor in Colombia. Then this doctor name came with a greater rates then something inside of me gave me a good feeling about him and I said to myself this the doctor. I did call premium care... READ MORE

I Hate my Result! - Linwood, NJ

My scars are terrible. I was told to use a scar cream but it has not helped any. They're thick and uneven and very noticeable. I thought I liked Dr. Sood at first but once I became an established patient after my surgery, he cared less and his demeaner was totally different. There is only one... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation - Pasadena, CA

I use to be a 34 B, Im a 34 BIG C/D. I got seline round bag above my muscles im 110 pounds 5'1 height. Dr. Robert Yoho did my procedure. I like his work , the way my boobs feel real and how natural they look. Guys think they are real and woman always ask me if they are real. One thing i didnt... READ MORE

42 Years Old 5'9 145lbs - Middleton, WI

Super excited. BA finally . I'm a 36 a cup want a large C/D. I am starting to prepare. My people is Nov. 13 to decide on exact procedure and talk more about size desires with Doc. I would like to get a few things for after surgery for home and healing. Any suggestions on scar cream, pillows,... READ MORE

39 Year Old with 2 Kids, This Was Something I Always Wanted! I'm So Happy Dr. Bruno Did the Work!! West Hollywood, CA

Dr. Bruno, & his staff are Amazing!! I was giving a lot of information, he answered all of my questions, & my partners questions, & concerns, was very informative. I felt very safe before, & after my surgery and the staff are extremely supportive! Best of all Super Excited to say that my... READ MORE

Scar Revision After Breast Augmentation - Pasadena, CA

I feel I'm so lucky to find Dr. Taylor that I have to write a review to share my experience. I had breast implant surgery done by another so called famous plastic surgeon, I was not happy with the result, my scars formed ugly, dark and wide, I've tried bleach cream, tape and even laser, nothing... READ MORE

Well Deserved Breast Aug After Breastfeeding 2 Babies - New Orleans, LA

They were small before breastfeeding, they were just sad after. Had my breast aug with no worries at all with such a confident doctor. Results are nothing short of perfection! Post op tip: The nerve pain after surgery the first couple of days was excruciating. One recommendation that I did not... READ MORE

Mom in Need of New Boobies!!! - Scottsdale, AZ

I absolutely love this doctor he is amazing!!! I'm not even a month in to my recovery and my breasts already look amazing! They're so soft and bouncy and are the perfect size and shape!! I would do this again and will do it again if I have to to keep this look. I had NO PAIN whatsoever a little... READ MORE

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