cramp + Breast Augmentation

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33 - Year Old Single Mother of Three - Finally Got an AB - Arlington, TX

I had been waiting to do a BA for years! 15 years to be exact! Two of my friends recommended Dr. Nakamura at Accent on You in Texas. Dr. Nakamura did an exceptional job. I couldn't be happier with my results; however, my recovery has been extremely painful. At 4 weeks post-op, I started... READ MORE

Had I Known How Painful It Was I Would Not Have Done It!

Where to start? Well first all my life I have been flat-chested A cup, I am 28 years old, happily married and have no kids. I gave it much thought to the idea of having a breast augmentation, I was not really convinced I wanted one, I kind of felt comfortable in my skin except when using... READ MORE

Boobies! - Huntington Beach, CA

I chose to have BA because I had an opportunity and I ran with it. I have always been self conscience about my boobs and I figured you only live once, so live it with boobs! My first concern is the whole surgery part because I have never had any surgery of any kind. My second concern is that... READ MORE

Very Pleased with the Results of My Surgery

In June 2016, I underwent breast augmentation, abdominoplasty and surgery to repair an umbilical hernia with Dr. Claytor. I would highly recommend Dr. Claytor to anyone who is thinking about having any of these procedures. Following the birth of my third child, my belly button protruded... READ MORE

25 Years Old, Breast Augmentation by Dr Oelbrandt - Belgium

(This review is rather long. If you just want to know my results, skip ahead to the end.) Introduction: In the 25 years I've been alive, I've spent probably the past 7 years considering a breast augmentation. I'm tall and slim, so I was never dead set on it, but in the end it all came down to... READ MORE

3rd Day in Boobie-land - Santa Barbara, CA

Hello All...I am happy to report day 2 with no more pain pills!!Whhhooooo! I still have mild soreness but it is very bareable. Bandages came off yesterday. Yesterday I was able to shower and never thought a shower could be so challenging. Lol.. I got to see the twins and BOY ARE THEY... READ MORE

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