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38 Yrs Old, 5'3", 125lb, One Child, Tuberous Breast Correction in Albany NY

Everyone with tuberous breasts knows the embarrassment and confusion that comes along with it. Chances are, if you're over 30, you had no idea why your breasts weren't developing during puberty the way everybody else's were, seeing as the internet was still young and not many people have heard... READ MORE

29 Yo 5ft 6 150lbs Pre Op 34c/d Going for 600cc HP Silicone Implants

I am a 29 year old looking to get volume back in my breasts after weight loss. I've always wanted a breast augmentation, but never really made it a priority until about a year ago. Last January I reevaluated some of my life goals and realized I really wanted to get myself some new boobs for my... READ MORE

Nervous - Dublin

Going for op on Tuesday, so nervous , doubts entering my head , my most fear is am I going to be in terrible pain after. Im having 375 in just to take the droop out as I have had 4 children, I was told that I have enough muscle to put the implant over the muscle as this would be enough , I want... READ MORE

Tuberous/Tubular Breast Correction with Dr Mandris - Rancho Cucamonga, CA

I know Dr Mandris isn't very well known on this website, nor does he have many reviews, so some people may be hesitant to pursue a procedure with him. I personally love his work; I've heard that scoring the inframmary fold (making your underboob lower) is something that can go terribly wrong, so... READ MORE

30A to 30E, 390cc High Profile silicone unders, 23 - 5ft8 - 125lbs, Aurora Clinics

I had my initial consultation and sizing earlier this month, and I'm very excited for my new boobs! The initial consultation was very short- Mr Richards and Aggie basically just took some measurements, asked me about my goals, and made sure I was a good candidate for the augmentation. They were... READ MORE

23 Years Old No Children in Need of Breast Augmentation and Inverted Nipple Correction - Hunt Valley, MD

I have always wanted to get my boobs done because my body was no proportioned well. I also had inverted nipples which made me extremely self conscious. The surgery was totally worth it! My doctor was amazing! I felt so comfortable through the entire process and I believe she is also the reason I... READ MORE

Gap Problem - Illinois City, IL

I have a major gap, I knew I would have some due to my anatomy but not anywhere near this bad! My breasts are not big enough or as full as I'd initially like. I have spoken with surgeons and they said a bigger and wider implant will correct this, not completely but to have about a inch/ finger... READ MORE

33 Year Mom of 3

I was so nervous day if I almost backed out! I'm so glad i went through it. I had one breast that was slightly smaller and DR Zannis paid great attention to detail and gave me two different implant sizes to try to correct. I'm so happy with the results and how quickly I was able to recover. ... READ MORE

* breast augmentation *

Hey dolls! I am 28 years young, 5'2" , 100lbs. Im getting a BA, lift along with tuberous breast correction. I've wanted this procedure for years so this is bittersweet. However, i suffer from extreme aniexty & panic disorder. As much as I want to get it done i am a nervous wreck. Im so... READ MORE

Don't go to Thailand for surgery

This was the biggest mistake of my life to have Breast augmentation in Bangkok Thailand at Yanhee hospital. I will be having my 3rd correction here in Australia to fix the mess they left me with. The whole trip doesn't work out cheaper than having them done here in Australia and it definitely... READ MORE

Tuberous Breast Correction, Worth EVERY Penny!

I disliked my breasts my entire life, but it wasn’t until recently that I could afford to do something about it. I am roughly 3 months after tuberous correction and I am already so happy with my results. The shape is looking rounder and more natural, and the implants feel much softer. I had a... READ MORE

26 YO, No Children, Tubular Breasts + Severe Asymmetry. Only My Partner Knew… - London, GB

Well, I am now 10 months post tubular breast correction. I had been contemplating this surgery for 6, 7 years. The only person I had confided in was my then, long-term BF, Now Fiancé. I hadn’t even told my mum about my breasts and how they looked! I’d become an expert in disguising them. My part... READ MORE

25years Old. Tuberous Breast Correction - Beverly Hills, CA

I've known since my teen years that my breasts were weird looking, but it wasn't until I was browsing the web one night and I came across my surgeon, starting browsing through his gallery and clicked on "Tuberous Breast Correction" that's when I realized that my issue had a diagnosis although it... READ MORE

I Feel Like a New Person - 1 Year After Tubular Correction - London, GB

I used to have asymmetrical and misshapen breasts, I consulted my GP and she she referred me to Dr Rezai. Dr Rezai confirmed I had type 3 tubular breasts. He was very thorough with explaining my options, including pros and cons and what to expect. I felt confident enough to undergo surgery 6... READ MORE

20 Years Old, Breast Augmentation and Corrective Surgery - Castle Hill, Australia

I was very interested in getting breast augmentation surgery as since my early teens I was always extremely self conscious with my breasts and finally felt it was time to do something about it. I booked in a consultation with dr jake lim as I had heard wonderful things from a friend of mine who... READ MORE

Stage 4 Capsular Contraction Miracle Worker - Austin, TX

I had stage 4 capsular contraction on my right breast. It was ugly, sat high, and painful. Dr. Reid made me feel comfortable and I knew he would correct my augmentation. Boy, did he! With his recommended Stratus, I now have beautiful, natural-looking breasts with NO capsular contraction. Dr... READ MORE

48 Year Old Finally Get S Breasts - Salt Lake City, UT

Dr. Haupt is awful! I had to go back a year later because my breasts were just below clavicle. Given the chance of a corrective surgery he failed again...breasts were too far apart and 1/2 inch different on each side. He had me go into the office to lower one of them....awful and traumatic..... READ MORE

Boobs - Ontario, Canada

I had breast augmentation done, at first they looked great, but now not so much they sag and totally 2 different sizes, he was suppost to correct size, lift and implants and he guaranteed a good job. Well was a fail!!!, now I want it fixed he is not available at that bluewater clinic in Sarnia,... READ MORE

26 Year Old, Breast Augmentation and Consequent Repositioning - Draper, UT

Despite always being flat-chested, having a BA had never been something I ever really considered doing and wasn't something I was sure I would even really go through with when I did start looking; but Dr. Fryer changed all that. I stumbled upon him as I was doing research of PS in my area and... READ MORE

Asymmetry Correction - London, GB

My reason for undergoing breast augmentation surgery was to correct asymmetry which had caused me a great deal of anxiety for many years. I was very uncomfortable with my breasts and was extremely conscious of the fact they were different which affected my everyday life and made me very unhappy... READ MORE

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