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350 cc breast augmentation and liposuction of arms, abs, upper and lower back

After going through multiple consultations and talking to many people; I've finally scheduled my breast augmentation, liposuction of the back, bra roll and arms and revision of liposuction of my flanks. I've been uncomfortable with the shape of my breasts since I was in my teens and have... READ MORE

23 Years Old . 5"7 . 118 Pounds . No Kids .

Hi everyone ! I need opinions !! So I'm getting my breast done , extremely excited but very nervous. I'm so picky and indecisive so that doesn't help much. I'm a 32a right now hoping be a big c small d so my doctor has 400cc high profile planned for me but I may want 420cc. Only reason I'm... READ MORE

Want to Keep my Beautiful Boobs in Place! - Tucson, AZ

I love my boobs! Wish I would've done it sooner. My only concern now is shifting, I've heard horror stories of implants moving as time goes on! Especially since I've started to think about having kids in the next year. I wear a bra always, even to bed! My friend recommended a Brilliant Contours... READ MORE

My Breasts Are Perfect at Last - Calgary, AB

I first had a breast augmentation in back in Sept. 2002 by a highly recommended PS in Calgary. My first surgery was not successful and I had to go back for a revision to move down one breast. That surgery left me with a double contour and my nipples pointing in two different directions. A... READ MORE

The best choice anywhere!

First thing you must know is that if you are looking for a surgeon, Dr. Roudner's hands are blessed!! He has a special eye for shape and contouring like great artists own, his results are natural and with elegant taste. This is your doctor for sure!! Add to that his readiness and super amicable,... READ MORE

48 Year Old undergoing BA (have decided against the lipo for now)

I have wanted bigger breast and some contouring of my bottom heavy shape for a long long time. Am in a position where I can currently afford it and finally have my SO on board. I chose my surgeon based on his reputation. He has a high profile in my area and whilst there are lots of reviews... READ MORE

More than happy with my looks- Best Doctor

Dr. Sesto is a PHENOMENAL doctor. I had so much trust in him, I flew from NYC to do my breasts, and body contour. I recommend him 100%... I couldn't have found a better doctor. Not only has he made me look beautiful but also built my confidence. I feel and look flawless... thank you Dr.Sesto,... READ MORE

Breast aug and liposuction in Atlanta

I had my breast augmentation and liposuction procedure done with Dr.A over two years ago and I'm still loving my results. I can't even see any scarring on my breasts or abdomen!! I was worried initially that getting an augmentation would make me look fat. Dr. A picked a size that was... READ MORE

Unacceptable Results

Dr. S. did my breast augmentation 10 years ago. They healed horribly. I had tubular/tuberous breast deformity, and whatever the doctor did left me with a different deformity. The scars were so awful that they totally screwed up the side contour and silhouette of my breasts. They are not round... READ MORE

21 Years Old, Breast Augmentation

My motivation for an augmentation was to improve the overall contour shape and size of my breasts. I had constricted breasts which were small and not in proportion with the rest of my body, this affected my confidence from puberty. The con of the procedure was the pain, which was much worse than... READ MORE

Breast Augumenation, Liposuction - New York, NY

Prior to my surgery I had never undergone anesthesia before so that was nervewracking within itself. Then I met Doctor Taranow and that all changed immediately I was extremely comfortable, he is knowledgable, patient, soft spoken and extremely understanding. Not to mention his office manager... READ MORE

34 Year Old Mom of One - Oklahoma City, OK

I am 5 ft and petite build but have a wide chest. I was a small "C" but not a lot of volume or breast tissue. I am now a "DDD". Seems like a huge jump but because of my chest contour it really isn't. I was born with a birth defect causing me not to develop as I should during puberty and to have... READ MORE

51yrs Old 2 Childrens and Wanted Breast Enhancement Plus Sight Hip and Tummy Contouring - Andover, MA

I'm so excited and pleased with the overall decision to have my breast done! With minor body contouring on hips and tummy. My Doctor is the most amazing and caring Doctor I've ever met. I was referred to him by a friend who said that Dr. Chatson was the best in the business. So finally I... READ MORE

Flat Chested 25 Year Old, Wanting to Look Like an Adult Woman! Haha - Beachwood, OH

My breast augmentation was text book. Flat chested and just wanting some contour. Dr. Goldman chose the perfect size I went from a 32A to a 32C. My menstrual cycle causes me more pain than the entire breast augmentation process!!!!!!! No problems other than some routine stiffness, other than... READ MORE

Best Most Amazing Surgeon Ever!!!! - Louisville, KY

First, I would like to say it's known in Louisville that he's the "it" doctor to go to so I had no concerns about his ability whatsoever. If anything it was my honor to be able to have him perform my implants and rhinoplasty. I just never had surgery of any kind before nor been put under. If... READ MORE

Mom of 3 with Tuberous Breast Deformity. Memphis, TN

I'd spent virtually my entire adult life feeling very self concious about my tuberous breasts. After having three children and breastfeeding each for more than 2 years; I also had deflation and ptosis (sag) - which made feeling comfortable in my own body even more difficult. When I finally... READ MORE

Best Plastic Surgeon in South Florida - Palm Beach, FL

Before the surgery, my body had taken a huge beating due to three pregnancies (I gained 55+ lbs each time) and breastfeeding for an extended period of time. At the time of the surgery, I was at my target weight, but had excess stubborn fat in certain areas like my thighs and abdomen. My breasts... READ MORE

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