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Roller Coaster of Emotions - Louisville, KY

Dr. Salzman did a get job of addressing my concerns and handled my roller coaster of emotions very well. I have congenital symmastia and was concerned about the surgery exacerbating this and Dr. Salzman saw me the day before my surgery to put my concerns at ease. I had my surgery the day before... READ MORE


About 8 years ago, a top, well known plastic surgeon in my hometown turned me down for surgery because he really didn't know how to fix my condition-congenital symmastia. So, I went to Beverly Hills to have another doctor help me. He performed a surgery on my breasts, but the result was not... READ MORE

20 Year Old with Tuberous Breasts, Long Island, NY

My breasts have looked the same since I was 13 years old. I always convinced myself that I was just a late bloomer, and that one day I would basically wake up and move beyond the "buds" I had, but at the age of 18 I googled "weird breasts" and saw so many pictures that looked exactly like me. I... READ MORE

Correction of Tuberous Breast? then This is Your Doctor!!! -Beverly Hills, CA

I just had breast augmentation by Dr Daniel Yamini. I could not thank him enough!!! I had Tuberous breasts which are a result of a congenital abnormality. I have always been insecure about my breast as far back as i could remember. To be honest i was embarrassed to take my shirt off in intimate... READ MORE

Congenital Symmastia - New York

I was born with congenital symmastia. At around age 14, my mom started taking me to doctors all around the country. Each doctor turned me away because no one had heard of it before and no doctor wanted to operate on something so unknown. I was devastated. My middle school, high school, and... READ MORE

22yr old w/ Congenital Symmastia

I have never had breast implants and I was born with congenital Symmastia. I am looking into getting the Internal Bra procedure to correct my symmastia and want to increase my natural 32B cup size to a larger size. Has anyone had success with the Internal Bra procedure for congenital symmastia... READ MORE

Exceptional Experience with Dr. Schlesinger!! - Honolulu, HI

I am currently two weeks post-op from a breast augmentation with Dr. Schlesinger. This is a surgery that I had contemplated for more than five years. I have a congenital breast deformity know as tuberous breasts and my negative feelings about the looks of my breasts have plagued me... READ MORE

The Most Thorough and Amazing Plastic Surgeon - Houston, TX

Due to a congenital deformity, my breasts were extremely asymmetrical, and sagging (due to having 3 children and breastfeeding). Now I can wear so many clothes and bathing suits that I have never been able to wear. READ MORE

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