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compression garment + Breast Augmentation

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28 yr old | 5'3" 127 pounds | 550cc Breast Augmentation

I had been considering breast augmentation for a few years. I have had two beautiful babies and nursed both of them. My enormous weight fluctuation of two pregnancies and two rounds of breastfeeding left my breasts very deflated. At 28, I just wasn't ready to be feeling this... BLAH about my... READ MORE

Breast Aug with Dr. Yee

I am very pleased with my results of the breast aug and vaser liposelction of my inner/outer thighs, lower abdominal, inner knees, and hips. These procedures were very worth the time and investment. I work out all the time and eat healthy, but even after years of this- I did not see results.... READ MORE

24y/o, BA, 415cc, Cohessive Gel, Full Projection, Smooth, (A to D Cup) Calgary, AB

I chose Doctor Paul GR. Whidden from Calgary, AB as my PS and so far I could not be happier. I went for my consultation the beginning of March 2016 and had my Brest augment done April 21, 2016. They are still VERY new, but my expirience so far has been great. I looked mainly online for many... READ MORE

My Breast Augmentation with Dr Guy Watts - Cottesloe, AU

I had an amazing experience with my Breast Augmentation, I highly recommend getting this procedure done especially if you lack the confidence like I did. Please see below details of my journey. Night before: I was contacted by Dr Watts Anaesthetist Chris to go through his part in the surgery... READ MORE

25 Year Old, Breast Augmentation 325cc moderate profile, No Kids - La Mesa, CA

I've always been a small chested girl, never really bothered me, I knew some girls had less than me and some more. Plus I had parts of my body where I felt really blessed about. about a year ago I started wearing push up bras, not the add 2 cups, but just nice push ups from Victoria's secret.... READ MORE

39YO BFd for 7 Years Much Needed Breast Augmentation with the Great Dr. Greg Ratliff 590cc UHP. Tulsa, OK

Almost 7 years straight I nursed my babies. I started BFing in February of 2006 became pregnant in 2007 and breastfed through the entire pregnancy. Then I was nursing both a 2 year old & a newborn. I wiened my first at age 3 and was pregnant again in 2009 (had not quit nursing my 2nd). Gave... READ MORE

New Breasts, Hopefully New Me! - Kansas

I'm a 28 Year old mother of 2. I've always been kind of plus sized, ranging from a size 12-18 my adult life. I was finally at a place (holding down a size 14) to where I wanted a breast augumentation. I had mild tuberous shaped breasts and even after 2 kids never got bigger than a B cup. Finally... READ MORE

Ready for Some New Taa Taahhhssss!

OMG. I just had my consultation with Dr. Nguyen and He is the sweetest! My surgery is in two weeks on February 3rd around 12pm!!!! I'm not too sure on the implant size just yet maybe 375cc or 400cc but I definitely want a small D! Does anyone have any words of advice before I go into surgery?... READ MORE

34AA to 300cc / No Kids / Early 30s

Ouch. That would be my one-word review to sum it all up. Here are my stats: 5feet nothing, 105lbs (on a good day), pre-op 34AA I barely fit into a double A bra. Well, I wouldn't know if I did because do they even make double A bras? I barely fit into the A cups. My friend told me I shouldn't... READ MORE

5'3, 115lb, 26y/o, 371cc Mod+

Sooo I have always loved the look of my own boobs in a heavily padded push up bra. I wanted to achieve that look without the bra though! I think breast implants look amazing... Honestly who wouldn't want theirs to look that amazing at all times?! I've Considered getting a BA for years now... READ MORE

31 Year Old Mother of 2 Big, Breastfed Boys! - Houston, TX

I was so skeptical going into my consultation with Dr. Ciaravino in Houston, TX. While I didn't doubt his abilities because he came very highly recommended in Houston, I worried about what others would think of me professionally, what would my family think, could I still manage my small... READ MORE

28 Yrs Old, Mom of 4 Kids. 450/460 Saline Mod. Profile Under Muscle. Neenah, WI

Today was surgery day. I'm having a hard time getting comfortable, but it only gets better from here right!? Lol I am 5'10" 155 and got 420 saline 450 and 460. Oh and I want to get ride of this compression strap already! Pain is worse with it. I will post some pics :) My plan was no... READ MORE

29 Year Old, 285 Cc Silicone HP Unders - Bristol, GB

I have always been really flat chested not even an A cup so i finally decided to go for it and had my surgery four days ago at Bristol Spire Hospital with Dr Robert Warr. I am 162 cm tall and weight 56 kg. We ended up going 285 cc round silicone textured implants under the muscle with crease... READ MORE

What Should I Be Prepared For?! Philadelphia, PA

I had my first consultation and I knew right away I wanted to go with Dr.Lo .. I loved the staff they were excellent .. I have always wanted to get a BA I just didn't think it was possible . When I realized that I would be able to do it I started researching doctors like crazy ! I had a ton of... READ MORE

700 Cc Sub Muscular Saline Implants - Miami, FL

I decided to travel to Miami for an augmentation by Dr. Jacob Freiman on August 14. I'm less than 2 weeks post op and it gets better everyday. I started a small 36B and I knew I wanted large implants. I feel like my body type would look so much better and I was so happy that my ps agreed. I went... READ MORE

30 Years Old, 5ft8, 121lb, 375cc Round Smooth silicone under muscle - Thailand, TH

All my life i always wanted some boobs. I was typically flat chested and was a topic of laughter growing up. So at 30, i decided to just do it because YOLO!! Did all my research online and decided to fly to bangkok for my breast augmentation as it was way too expensive to do it in Singapore.... READ MORE

Breast 400cc - Manhattan, NY

3 days post - not much going on right now...just extreme swelling mainly by my upper right breast and towards my under arm, Right breast seems a bit different from left, but will see as time goes by and the new breast settle in...I will post again in about a week or so!! Having the right... READ MORE

Adjustable Breast Augmentation W/ 4 Area Lipo - San Antonio, TX

Dr. Jeneby was the third Dr. i saw! I was going to do just lipo at one point but didnt like that Dr. Then i went to Dr. Ortegon as he was refereed by my OB/GYN. Great guy, loved the free consult. To expensive and he never followed up with my hematologist. The consultant was rude, as if we were... READ MORE

35 Year Old Tall, Thin Rapid Recovery Dual Plane Breast Augmentation - Midvale, UT

I am 35 years old, 5'10" and 135 lbs. I've always been a B cup but during both pregnancies, breast size increased to an F. Unfortunately this meant that subsequently the girls were more like old socks with the old breast tissue hanging at the bottom. I decided to take the plunge and undergo... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation

I'm finally going to get the body of my dreams. I'm scheduled to have breast augmentation on Dec 1st. My doc is taking me from a 32B to a 32DD. I'm very excited and will update after the procedure. I'll be off work for three full weeks to recover. My hope is that the recovery won't be too... READ MORE

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