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27 Years Old One Kid, and I Hated my Boobs

Listen, when I tell u they are awesome, THEY ARE AWESOME. Layla and her team helped me EVERY step of the way. Even when I had some complications on my end she and the team stepped up to make sure I made it for my surgery. I am only 2 hours post op and IM SO HAPPY with my results. I finally... READ MORE

34 yo, 5 kids/pregnancies, 3 c-sections; breast augmentation and tummy tuck

Hello!! I am a 34 year old mom of 5, who endured 3 c-sections and who is ready to get my pre-baby body back. I feel like on the surface (under my clothes), I look great...but I live in spanx and breast cutlets. I am ready to live my life without those things! I am NOT looking to look like a... READ MORE

30 Year Old 32AAA

I have my BA coming up on the 5th of December 2016, I had my initial consultation in September at Nuffield health in North staffordshire. My pre op assessment is coming up in 2 weeks and the nerves are kicking in, I hope it all goes well. I am a greatly addicted to herbal tea but after reading... READ MORE

26yr old travelling from Canada to the U.S., 745cc Inspira SRF

My BA is booked with Dr. Feldman for Nov.1st! I have been wanting this since I was a teenager and my boobs never came in. (Currently I'm a B34, 5'10, 155lbs). I will be going as big as my frame will accommodate. And by that I mean my cc's will be based on my BWD (breast width diameter)... READ MORE

"22 Years Old, Engaged, No Kids, National Guard Soldier" Tampa, FL

Hello ladies, age: 22 (turning 23 in Dec) weight: 148 height: 5'9 recommended: 375cc to 400cc under the muscle, transaxillary incision I need some advice and please be honest. some of my information is that I am 22 years old, currently in college going for my bachelor in Criminology as well as... READ MORE

MyStats and MyStory - 25yo, 5'9, 158lbs, aiming A to C cup with 335cc hp polyurethane implants - Sydney, AU

Hello all! This is my first review and includes my stats and my background story. Hopefully you can relate to and/or find it helpful in some way! :) I'm 25 years old, 5'9, 72kg (158lbs), 12A cup size (34A), no kids, from Sydney, Australia. Like many of you I suspect, I experienced all the... READ MORE

28 Year Old off to Thailand for the Double D Treatment! - Thailand, TH

Hi, Im 28 years old heading off to Thailand to get some bigger knocks! I currently am a size large 12b or small 12c hoping for Double D breasts. I have had a lot of body issues over the years to the point where I have been hospitalised for the havock I did to my body. But the last 3 years I have... READ MORE

31 Yr. Old. Making a Dream a Reality - Sioux Falls, SD

I had been thinking about a breast augmentation for about 10 years and had my first consult when I was in college. At the time, I couldn't really afford to do it and put absolutely zero time into researching docs, the procedure itself, etc. I'm so glad I waited and did it the right way. I could... READ MORE

breast augmentation 375cc - New Jersey

Hello ladies, I was referred to Dr. Figlia by a family member that has seen his work first hand. I first went for a consult in NYC & the surgeon said I needed a lift and I was totally turned off by him. On my way home from that consult I called up Figlia's office and his receptionist was so nice... READ MORE

Very Happy , Wish Had Done It Earlier - Athens, Greece

I spent hours and days looking at photos of breasts and reading about it before the surgery day. I think no matter what photo you show to your doctor, your result will not be the same like anybody's else. I guess, different doctor's teckniques, different breast shapes, I do not know. What I know... READ MORE

275 or 300 :S HELP! - Belgium, BE

I have my surgery booked on the 29 of november.. not too far away, im having alot of trouble deciding on what size to go... my doctor says 275 will be good but i dont want to make the mistake of going to small which im hearing happens all to often... he said i could go 300cc but not any bigger... READ MORE

Everything I Have Went Through and Have Had to Deal with on a Day to Day Basis Was So Not Worth It - San Antonio, TX

I got them done because after I had my child they had become really streached out.and had no fat left in them after. Dr.Jeneby seemed like a great doctor met all my requirements. I had a breast aug. last yr and within a couple weeks had problem, I got an infection from my incision not being... READ MORE

425cc Breast Augmentation at 30 Years Old - Powell, OH

A little over 2 years ago I had my daughter. When I got home my boobs swelled up from the milk and even though they hurt so bad and I couldn't touch them I loved the way they look. For the first time in my life I had boobs and clevage. I have a picture I look at every day and now I'll have more... READ MORE

Post-Scoliosis Transformation - Vancouver, BC

Hi my name is Clare When I was 14 years old I was diagnosed with severe scoliosis. I had a 48 degree curve which meant I needed spinal fusion surgery to correct and heal me. I became self-conscious about my body image. I was constantly fixated on how my ribs and shoulders looked in shirts when... READ MORE

21 Years Old- Getting Bigger Fuller Breasts - Layton, UT

So here are some photos of my current breasts. I am wanting 350-400 cc implants. I am very afraid of going too large because any kind of complication (bottoming out, double bubble, thin skin, capsular contracture) would just devastate me. I am hoping to gain assurance through this app. Sometimes... READ MORE

He Achieved the Impossible! - Wesley Chapel, FL

Dr. Ambay was able to do the impossible for me. I was referred by a prominent Chicago Plastic Surgeon to Dr. Ambay to address a problem with an existing breast implant. I had been told it was unlikely to be repairable and that at best I could expect a 2 night stay in a hospital and likely... READ MORE

29 Years Old with Breast Augmentation Surgery Following Weight Loss. - Montreal, QC

I had my breast augmentation surgery with Dr.Mcgill about 2 month ago, and I am extremely satisfied with the experience! It started with my first visit to her clinic, I was obviously scared from going under the knife and besides not sure what size to go for as I wanted something really natural .... READ MORE

Destination Beauty Bangkok - Thailand, TH

Although my implants themself are fine and the surgery went fine, I do have to warn anyone going with destination beauty to be aware that if you have any complications after they send you home from the hospital, that you are unable to see a nurse after 8pm and also on Sunday's which is... READ MORE

3 Kids Later the Girls Needed a Pick Me Up! - Norfolk, VA

Dr. Kaplan is an amazing surgeon as well as an artist. His attention to detail and focus on what results you are looking for made my surgery well worth it. I definitely needed a little help after having three children and breast feeding two. My girls were looking a little sad. I had a previous... READ MORE

23 Year-old Post-baby: Breastfeeding Had Left my (Already) Small Breasts Needing a Boost. - Nuffield, GB

I was always wary of undergoing breast augmentation due to the rare complications and odd 'bodged jobs' seen on TV, however, after the birth of my first child, I decided that enough was enough. I was fed up of feeling unfeminine and flat chested. Finding bras that fitted well was becoming... READ MORE

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