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Very Itty Bitty 32AA Cup, Not Overly Thin (Size 8-10 Uk Size) with Hips and a Big Bum So Needing Some Proportion! London, GB

So far I have had 2 consultations in London and have 2 more booked in with other clinics. Felt really overwhelmed with how to pick a clinic/ surgeon so thought I'd see a few. So far: Hospital group: average consultation, very rushed by the surgeon. Offered me £500 off if I paid then and there ... READ MORE

Wish for Ideal Look with Ideal Implants. Virginia Beach, VA

Hi everyone, I am having surgery in one week, I am not sure about ideal implants or regular saline implants, does any one have a review about the ideal implants, I looking for a natural look and the ideal implants looks like a good option but I would like to have an opinion from some one that... READ MORE

Curvy, 40-year-old with Fabulous OVERS

I am in the beginning phases of thinking about getting implants. I actually have been extremely lucky boob-wise. I have always liked my curvy shape, and I had really great, perky 36C breasts until recently. While I still wear a 36C, it seems to take a lot more architecture to give my breasts... READ MORE

25,mother of 2. Queens, NY

Hello, real self ladies and gentlemen. I'm a mother of two beautiful children.i weigh 145, I am 5'2. I currently wear a bra size 32B.i will be having surgery real soon and I have a ton of anxiety. Lol I originally wanted 500cc but my surgeon will only put in 410cc silicon , kinda bummed out... READ MORE

29 year old mother of 3 breastfed children doing something for myself :) Mobile, AL

I am scheduled for surgery on November 18th... That is 12 days from now!!! 12 days... I am on a roller coaster of emotions and have been having dreams about this augmentation since I went for my consultation a few weeks ago. I'll give some background. I waited FOREVER for my breast to grow past... READ MORE

Slim. Soon to Be Barbie. Beverly Hills, CA

Hi everyone. I'm 22 years old, 5'5, at about 115 lbs. My breast size is 32B and I'm looking to get a breast augmentation or breast implants, whatever lol, of a Full juicy C cup (; I've basically just been ghosting around through people's profiles looking at all types of reviews and so far I'm... READ MORE

Breast Lift or Breast Reduction Plus Breast Lift with Implants. London, OH

Hello. I am 33 years old and my breast size is 36C Recently I have visited 2 different doctors and they have recommended me differents methods and differents results. The first one thinks I need just a breast lift, keeping the same size I have. The second one, recomended me breast lift but using... READ MORE

**Updated** 24 yo, no kids, 475cc - 34B PreOp

I had a natural full C when I was younger and can remember enjoying having a little 'uh huh' to push up. After growing up a bit, I lost about 20 pounds, which was great, but my girls lost a little volume. Now I'm in 34B but I don't have too much volume up top. I have wanted a breast... READ MORE

32, 125lbs, 5ft 4in. Breast Fed 2 Kids and Left with No Boobs. Manchester, NH

It's been three months since I stopped breast feeding my last child. I lost the last 15lbs and I have been left with nothing for boobs. I can't find a bra or bikini top that fits and doesn't look silly. I got measured at 32A. I wasn't big before but was happy with the handfuls I had. I have had... READ MORE

22 Year Old Mom, Tired of Being Self Conscious!

Hi ladies! So, CRAP. We're off to a rocky start. I just spent my little one's entire naptime writing an intro, only for my internet to crap out on me and delete it all! Lets see...I'll summarize the novel I had written before... I've been considering a BA for a few weeks now (not counting... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation After 2 Breast Fed Children

Two breast fed beautiful children later; I needed some help! Dr. Blanchet was recommended to me by co-workers. Office consultation was remarkable! Receptionist greeted me with a smile. Nurses were very informative. Dr. Blanchet talked with me about the difference between saline vs. silicone... READ MORE

Size? 400cc or 450cc - I Need Your Advise Ladies. Melbourne, AU

Hey lovlies! I have booked in for my operation next month! Me and the surgeon agreed on 400 cc as I am a c cup already, but now I have done loads of research I'm thinking I want 450cc, as my surgeon said I would get away with it with my build etc! I weight train so am warey of them being to big... READ MORE

28 Year Old with Two Kids 34b Looking to Go 34d/dd. Shelby Township, MI

Well first I went to three different Drs for quotes and answers about my sx and not one really answer my question but at allure medical spa omg !!!' The best the stuff not so great but the dr and her helper are awesome they take their time to answer my questions and didn't make me get silicone... READ MORE

Please Help Me with my Decesion. . I'm Thinking of Getting my Breast Augmentation

Hello doctors I'm thinking about getting my breast augmentation anytime December..I'm wondering if I should between saline and or salicone I'm not sure.. right now my hight is 5,8 and my body weight bout 158..I'm thinking about going with 550cc but I'm not sure which implants.I want something to... READ MORE

Start of my Journey - United Kingdom

So, firstly hello everyone. I make the decision to have a BA after years of being completely unhappy with what i currently have, and believe me there isn't much. Like so my of you ladies, i hide is extra padded bras, in a size that i don't really fit.I have an appointment this Wednesday coming... READ MORE

Plano Consult Yesterday

So I am new to the forum, I went to see my ps yesterday in Plano and he is amazing!!! He did not dismiss the fact that I am sick w Lyme disease and in fact he would like a letter from my doc saying that it is okay to have my breast augmentation as well as my lipo! However, he does understand... READ MORE

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