cohesive gel + Breast Augmentation

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Embarrassed - 37yrs, 51kg, 163cm, want small natural look, 250cc?

Looking to have this procedure sometime this year or next once I change jobs. I really don't want anyone to know what I'm having done. I'm pretty active at the gym and doing sports/ outdoor activities so I don't want anything that gets in the way, looks fake or is not in proportion with my... READ MORE

23 Y/O 700cc HP Silicone

I've been wanting a BA since I was 18.. have had many friends suggest Dr. Peterson, went for my consultation in January, we went over sizes I was stuck between 650-700, I ended up choosing 700cc cohesive gel implants, I currently wear a 36 D there was no need for a lift as my breast are still... READ MORE

"48 Yo, 182 Lbs., 5'7", 4 Children, Nursed Everyone, Wanting to Look Proportional to the Rest of Me"

Well, this is where my adventure begins. I have a mother and 2 sisters that are endowed more that me and my whole life I wondered what happened to me. Why was I so tiny (36 - 38 A and they were sporting around a 34 - 38 D-F) My husband never complained about my size, in fact he was quite... READ MORE

4'11, 95 Pounds, Petite Frame. Recommendations About a High-Profile Cohesive Gel Silicone Implants

I have been seen by 3 Plastic Surgeons and have been given 3 different recommendations. I'm going to do a Mommy Makeover, but for this question, I'm specifically looking to get recommendations for Breast Augmentation without a Lift to avoid less scarring. I had 3 kids and solely breastfed so my... READ MORE

Saggy & deflated to full -no lift!! 5'5" 112,35,4 kids,all breastfed 335/365cc full profile unders ,transaxillary

Having my surgery done in 2 weeks!! I am very excited and 100% confident in my choice of doctor. I have been searching for a local doctor who's work I like for a long time and it's been hard. I'm so glad I found Dr. Iteld. His staff is amazing-especially the patient coordinator Caryle. I'm... READ MORE

34 Years Old - 2 Kids Breastfeeding 34AA

Like to have 34D. I have made 3Crisalix simlations. I'd like to hear your preferred simulation, which you think that will fit me best! I will have round cohesive silicone implants, but I didn't choose the size yet because there are lots of choices and I fear to choose too small or too big... READ MORE

30 Yo F 5' 120lbs

My pre-op appt is on June 2nd, surgery date set for June 29th. I am 5' 120lbs with currently wearing 34B. I am deciding on cohesive gel aka "gummy bear", my Dr said he can only do up to 400cc which will be what I am set on, otherwise if I go bigger than 400cc it will have to be saline. I dont... READ MORE

Dr tal is nothing short of amazing! - Miami, FL

My experience with dr roudner was nothing short of amazing. I had consultations with numerous doctors for my breast augmentation and none of them were as patient, kind and informative as dr tal. He took the time to do research for my questions, provide me with the most relevant information and... READ MORE

21 Yrs Old, No Kids, 34a, 130 Pounds and 5'7" and a Silicone Gel Under Muscle Inframammary Breast Augmentation

I have always thought about wanting larger boobs. I used to be a 34b and sometimes 34c at Victoria's Secret. I lost that fullness in the past couple of years and it has made breast augmentation even more appealing. I like the shape of my breasts and really would like to feel proportionate. I... READ MORE

Highly recommend!

I had a breast augmentation (dual plane with highly cohisive silicon gel 365cc) with Dr. Beck. I was a full B, small C with all breast fat on the bottom of breast - and now I'm a full C and fill out the top of my bra! I was pretty nervous going in, as this is a permanent procedure. I couldn't... READ MORE

Breast Aug 2/24/17

Dr Kelishadi is HANDS DOWN the absolute best! I was very nervous to start the process of looking for a surgeon & going to consultations but as soon as I met with Dr K I cancelled all other consults immediately and booked with him the very next day. He put all my concerns at ease and I felt... READ MORE

Extremely Happy!

I’ve been wanting breast implants since I was about 18 years old but never got the courage to go through with it until now and I’m 35 years old. I started out as a large A cup and then went up to a regular B cup after having kids. While breastfeeding I would go up to a C cup and then back dow... READ MORE

I have had a wonderful experience!

I had a breast augmentation with transaxillary (underarm) incisions. Dr. Wallace went with silicone cohesive gel implants, 415cc, high profile. I am thrilled with my results. Dr. Wallace and his staff have been great with responding to all my post op questions in a timely manner. He has... READ MORE

Scheduled my Breast Augmentation ! A Cup - C Cup

I scheduled my surgery for April 13th I'm so excited I am having my procedure done by Dr.Tehrani . I am doing 350cc high profile cohesive gel implants under the muscle . I can't wait to feel more confident with my body ! I will achieve a c cup with 350cc implants which is just what I wanted !... READ MORE

34yrs 2 Kids 130lbs 5"6' - Naples, FL

I have always wanted this after finishing breastfeeding both of my kids. It has taken a toll on my cute tata's! I am 5'6" 130lbs very active. I workout at least 5x's a week. I have decided on around 370cc at least and cohesive shaped implants above the muscle. I am hesitant about it being above... READ MORE

Disappointed with breast augmentation size

I am disappointed with the size of my implants. Initially, they had told me 255cc (moderate round cohesive gel, submuscular). However after reading reviews, I requested that I wanted larger and asked for 300cc. The Dr. ordered one size up from 255 and 2 sizes up from 255. In surgery they said... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation - 365cc Full Profile, Cohesive Gel, Under the Muscle, Transaxillary (Armpit) Incision

I have my upcoming breast augmentation on December 12 (in 16 days). I am getting Allergan 365cc high profile, cohesive gel, under the muscle placement, armpit incision. I am a 11.9 BWD. I was choosing between 335, 365 and 385cc. I found that 385 was too large and 335 looked good but I felt it... READ MORE

28 Years Old, 5'4, 100lbs Silicone Subglandular - Columbia, MO

Hello RS!! My procedure is in 11 days and I'm absolutely stoked!!! I've been practically flat chested all my life, barely grew boobs in puberty. My husband of over 6 years loves me the way I am, but happily supports me and it is our happy choice to have a BA. I've done a lot of research and... READ MORE

35 Year Old PANCAKE Breasts!! Needing a BA. Mississauga, ON

I was always happy with my breast even though they were on the smaller side - they were 34B/C, firm and perky. I loved how they looked. Two kids later who were breastfed....they are now pancakes. I can fill a 34B Victoria Secret bra, but wear the Bombshell!! Tired of looking at my breasts... READ MORE

29yrs, 5'7", 121lbs 365cc HP Allergan - Breast Fed for Two Years - Toronto, ON

In all honestly, I've been contemplating a BA for a solid 10years now. I had originally booked my procedure in May 2011, however I became pregnant with my beautiful little girl. And therefore had to cancel. I breastfed for 25months straight, and noticed afterwards that what tissue mass I... READ MORE

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