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choosing a size + Breast Augmentation

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34, 4 Kids and Can't Wait to Have Boobs!

Hi ladies! I always been an A cup except when breastfeeding ???? I had the most amazing boobs for the first year when feeding then....nothing lol I'm booked to have my surgery on the 9th May, one month from today eekkk! So excited but freaking out too. I never thought choosing size would be SO... READ MORE

32 Yr Old Mom, 3 Kids Needing New Boobies - South Lake Tahoe, CA

Hello I'm a 32 yr old mother of 3 beautiful kids, all breastfed. while nursing i was a full D cup pushing DD, but now i find my boobs have gone flat and deflated. i want to have those full D's again and was wondering what size i should go with, please help and thank you for all info, pics included READ MORE

DR Plovier Giving Me New Boobies :) HELP with Size?!?! - Belgium

Hi girls, i have recently been to my consultation with Dr plovier as i read so many good reviews online, and booked my date for surgery on the 10th november, i just cant decide on size, he said he wouldnt need to know any size til my day of surgery. but im so worried i will get them done and get... READ MORE

My Journey - I've been thinking of getting breast augmentation for quite some time

Hi, let me start by saying I've been tuned into realself for a long time now. I've been thinking of getting breast augmentation for quite some time now. After getting closer and closer on deciding to actually go through with it, I find myself scouting the web almost everyday. I just want to know... READ MORE

34 Year Old, Breast Aug

I’ve been thinking about breast aug. for 10+ years, but I’ve always been nervous of the results. I am very petite and have always been afraid that I would end up looking unnatural and top heavy. I recently got to a point where I was extremely unhappy with my natural breast. I decided that it ... READ MORE

BOOBS": 30th BDAY Gift to Myself 5'6" 116 Lbs - Altamonte Springs, FL

Since this was my first time ever going to a plastic surgery consultation, I was very nervous. That is why I asked my sister to come with me. She had her breasts augmented twice in two different cities, so she knew exactly what questions to ask. Before I even arrived into the office, the staff... READ MORE

31 Year-old Bikini Competitor, No Kids (Yet), & Considering BA - San Diego, CA

Wow, I almost don't know where to start. :) I am 31 years old. Married, no kids, but planning to start TTC in 2016. I am 5'0" tall and approximately 110 lbs. I recently started doing NPC bikini competitions and I absolutely love it! However, I am usually a 34 C, but when I step onstage, I'm a... READ MORE

Consultation - Toms River, NJ

Have wanted breast augmentation since I was 18. I am a 36 small 24, a friend told me to wait til I had children, well I, 33 now and still no kids...SOOO it's time...had my consult and my procedure is scheduled in two weeks. Not sure if I should get a full C or Small D. Getting... READ MORE

Great Experience & Results - So Happy I Did It!!! - Omaha, NE

My regular doctor recommended Aesthetic Surgical Images and Dr. Edney. I met with him over a year and a half before I finally decided to have the surgery. Small children, the cost and small town gossip were the things that made me wait. I dealt with those, had a friend that had been through... READ MORE

Dr. Brown is Amazing ~ Beautiful Natural Work! - Toronto, ON

I am a mom of three who lost what little breast volume I had after breastfeeding. What I had when I first got pregnant was perky and cute... what I had after 3 babies was devastating. I NEVER thought in a million years I would be "the kind of girl who gets implants" but OMG... they don't TELL... READ MORE

Beautiful Natural Results! - Chicago, IL

I originally went to 2 other plastic surgeons and they scared me with how big they wanted to go with my teeny frame. So after they wanted to dissect me, I ran! Then I didnt think about it anymore until just a few months ago when I decided to call Dr. Ross after a lot of research and great... READ MORE

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