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23 y/o, 5ft 3in, 110lbs, 30C/32B (27-inch rib cage), 1 kid, Mildly Tuberous Breasts!

I always knew I didn't really have a full lower-pole, but pre-kiddo it never really bothered me. I had never really minded having small boobs and I still don't (gotta work what you have and love yourself!!), BUT I've always wanted to go bigger and have a fuller lower-pole. Post kiddo, I felt I... READ MORE

26 Yr Old, 1 Kid, XL Implants

Scheduled a BA with Dr.Revis, hoping to get the best XL implants for me. Currently a 36B, 5'4" and 160 lbs. I have had 1 kid and have always been looking to enhance myself greatly. Although I am a little worried about boob greed. Will update review in it's entirety once surgery has been... READ MORE

25 Yr Old Mommy to 1 W/tuberous Breasts and Asymmetry

I have been planning on getting this surgery for almost ten years now. I can't believe I finally have an official countdown! Its really happening. My boyfriend actually found Dr. Deluca for me when he google Tuberous breast doctors. I'm so glad he did. I went to so many other consultations. 2 of... READ MORE

38 Yrs Old, 5'3", 125lb, One Child, Tuberous Breast Correction in Albany NY

Everyone with tuberous breasts knows the embarrassment and confusion that comes along with it. Chances are, if you're over 30, you had no idea why your breasts weren't developing during puberty the way everybody else's were, seeing as the internet was still young and not many people have heard... READ MORE

25 Yrs Old. 1child. 132lbs 5'4. 550cc Brest Augmentation

So glad to finally get this done. Before I got pregnant two years ago I was a D. Well after my daughter I went down to a B. So i decided to get a Breast Augmentation. My original size hat I had picked out was 580. Afte thinking and talking to the nurse, I felt like they was going to be not... READ MORE

48 Years Old, 1 Child, 5'4, 123 Lbs, Size 10 UK

I wanted this for 10 years and finally had the courage to go through with it!! Early days but so pleased. PS explained about sizing and process really well, discussed 310 and 325 opted for latter on the day. My right breast slightly lower than left. Wasn't as painful as I thought. Had over... READ MORE

23yo 5'10 143lbs one child A cup to C cup

Starting at an A and hoping to fill a full C. I don't want to go too big, and I don't want to fit a small D. Doctor suggested 400-475cc but I don't know if that's too much? I was thinking 350-375, maybe 400. But I'm tall so I don't know. It makes me anxious I wish I could know how much I need... READ MORE

31 Year Old, 1 Baby, Athletic Figure with an Original A Cup

Hi all, so I was always small chested and after having a baby and not being able to breastfeed for long I wanted to get back in shape. I lost 15 lbs so far and my breast got even smaller. I have been wanting to her a breast augmentation for many many years and yesterday I finally had the surgery... READ MORE

38 Years Old One Child and Much Needed Breast Augmntation

I wanted a fuller breast and bigger cup size . I went from size B to D with 560CC high profile silicon implants . This type of implants gives you highest projection and nice round size . I took a 3 weeks off to fully recover because I was able to , in reality 10 days are just fine . First 3... READ MORE

33 Year Old, Mother of 1. Pre-op 32A to Post-op 32DD

I had my surgery on June 6, 2017. I am almost 3 months post op. My recovery went smooth and as I expected. I had 385cc silicone implants placed under the muscle through my breast fold. I was a 32A pre-op and sized recently at Victoria Secret with 32DD's???? I've never been more confident. I... READ MORE

360cc Saline Implants and Liposuction!

For years I've wanted breast implants. I love my breast but after having my child I decided I wanted some more fullness. After going back and forth with so many surgeons. My 2 tops picks were Dr. Rai and Dr. Hubbard. After much consideration I decided on Dr. Hubbard. My consultation is on the... READ MORE

25 y.o and a Mother of One, 97 lbs, 290cc, high profile teardrop

Pre-pregnancy I was 32A and when I got pregnant, I was a full A or small B. I thought my boobs will stay like that but nope! It got deflated like a flat tire!! I'm scheduled with Dr. David Stephens on Monday, I'm going under the muscle and hopefully will be a full 32C, small D or a full D. PS... READ MORE

34AA Wanting Natural-Looking Large B or Small C!

I am currently 32 years old with 1 toddler (15 months) and pregnant with baby #2 that's due in 1.5 month. I want to get my surgery once baby #2 is at least a year old. I have always had extremely small boobs; 34AA is being generous. My boobs actually got bigger (contrary to most mommies) after... READ MORE

24 Years Old, 1 Bf Kid, 112 Pounds. 32a *** 400cc saline under's transumbilical incision (TUBA)

Surgery date is scheduled! My Pre-op is set for August 2nd. Surgery on August 16th! Super excited. What's everyone's favorite post op sports bra? Also he said to wear comfortable clothing, something that zips in the front on top of my bra so it's easy to get on and off! With it being in summer I... READ MORE

5'8", 125 Lbs., 400cc High Profile

When I used to sell bridal gowns I met my fair share of bride-zillas. Since I am pretty sure that I have turned into a boob-zilla after making the decision to have a breast augmentation I am going to vent my obsessing here so that I can spare my wonderful husband (somewhat) and support others... READ MORE

33 Years Old, Tuberous Breast, 5'7 and 172lbs,1 Child Breastfed briefly

So this is my journey so far..... So to start I am a - A cup hoping to become a full C cup. I have a birth deformity called tuberous breast, you can Google it if you don't know what it is ;) My surgery is coming up in 6 days and I'm extremely excited about it! I've wanted boobs since I can... READ MORE

24, 5'7, 128lbs, 34A saggy cup before, 520cc natrelle inspra SRF

24 years old. 1 child (he's 3). 5'7 & 125lbs. A little background- I was about 110lbs before I got pregnant with my son. Throughout that pregnancy I gained 100lbs and went from BARELY an A cup to beyond a DD after my milk came in. Post breastfeeding my breasts went back down to that A... READ MORE

Woman, 1 Kid, 37 Years Old, Height 5,4 Ft (165 Cm), Weight 120 Lb (54 Kg). Cup Size Before – B, After – DD/E.

Last summer I referred to Dr. Colgrove at Vinings Surgery Center in Atlanta for a breast augmentation consultation. I felt quite doubtful about the breast augmentation surgery and didn't really know what I wanted to do with my breast. Dr. Colgrove and his team gently helped me out through my... READ MORE

40yr old, 5'10", 150lb, 1 child

Since I was 12 yrs old I wanted big boobs. All the women in my family were well off, so naturally I thought I would be too. Unfortunately the years went by and I was still waiting! Lol. I always wore heavily padded push up bras, I even remember stuffing my bra with tissue's in middle school just... READ MORE

29yrs Old, 1 Kid Excited & Finally Doing This!!!

Hi ladies I'm going to make this short and simple. I am 29yrs old 32B 115lbs. I had been doing my research for sooo long. Once I came across this site I read nothing but great things about Dr Kerr and his staff. I scheduled my consultation, everything went great. He answers all your questions... READ MORE

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