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25 y/o, no kids, 6'0" 160lbs -- 34B Marfan Syndrome -- Mentor Smooth Round 500cc Mod-Plus / 600cc HP for pectus asymmetry

I started researching BA earlier this year and have visited the (seemingly requisite) three different doctors in my area. My case is unique and while all three consultations went well I felt in the best hands with Dr. Gray's approach and experience. (plus, ~go bears~) I have been unhappy with... READ MORE

25, 5' 8" 120 Lbs, 375cc SRM

Hi all! I am 25 years old, with no kiddos yet, 120 lbs. 32A hoping to be about a 32D, but honestly I would be happy with anything that is bigger than what I am now! I have been considering breast augmentation since I was 21, and now think I have decided to take the plunge. Life is too short to... READ MORE

Starting my BA Journey :)

Since I'm on here for at least a few hours everyday reading everyone's reviews (thanks to the makers of RS and everyone on here, this source has been so valuable to me in my research and decision process!!), I thought I may as well make my very first post to mark the beginning of my BA journey.... READ MORE

29 Years Old. No Kids. Always Been Small Chested. Wanting to Feel Feminine! 390cc teardrop under the muscle

I've always been small chested, I tried to live with it and love the body I'm in, but it's always been in the back of my mind! I look ok in padded bras, but once the bra comes off i don't feel very feminine. I spoke to my aunt who has had a BA and highly recommended it, i thought its now or... READ MORE

32 Year Old with 2 Kids. 300cc Silicone Overs, Inframmatory Incision

I was always small chested and I've never felt proportioned. I've had 2 kids who were both breastfed. I almost had my BA done 6 years ago, but the time never felt right. Finally got them done and very happy with how they came out. Was a 34A pre-op and came out 34C. I wanted to look natural and... READ MORE

32 Year Old Mom to 3. Went from 32 A to 375 Cc High Profile Under the Muscle

So far I feel really good just a little sore. I haven't really l looked at them a whole lot just to shower and check my incision. I'm not in too much pain anymore either just tired from sleeping sitting up in the recliner. I have been placing an ice pad on my chest and that seems to have helped... READ MORE

5'1 112lbs, 560cc silicone inspiras

Hi, so I thought I would document my journey here in hopes to help others and also to get answers from real people who have been through plastic surgery before. I've wanted bigger boobs since puberty came and missed me lol. I've done everything to make myself appear to have bigger boobs taking... READ MORE

38years Old Been Wanting Breast Augmentation - Englewood, NJ

For so long I've been thinking about getting my breast done. I'm a kickboxing instructor and a medical billing clerk. Working out has left my chest so small. It was starting to aggravate me when i went shopping. Finally i did my research on doctors and had a consultation in Aug. After that i... READ MORE

35 Years Old with 2 Kids. 5'2" 108 Lbs. Finally Got a Pair of Boobs! - Virginia Beach, VA

I have been small chested all my life (maybe a 32 aa) and have always wanted a breast augmentation. Well, my husband and I decided to do just that as soon as we were done having kids. My friends, that day has passed and I sit here with a brand new pair of "friends" on my chest! I'm beyond happy... READ MORE

I Would Do It All over Again .. Breast Augmentation - London, GB

Having always been conscious about my chest size it was only a matter of time before I made my firm and final decision to go ahead and have a breast augmentation. That was the easy part, of course the hard part was finding the right surgeon. Having had numerous consultations in clinics in and... READ MORE

Deflated C Cup 27 Mother Now SO HAPPY with BA. Bondi, AU

A BA was something I always wanted and after friends of mine got it done I keenly started to hunt for a surgeon. Due to the low cost and high volume of girls with good reviews I decided on The Cosmetic Institute in Bondi. They are cosmetic surgeons however I felt considering this is all they do... READ MORE

20 Years Old - Miami, FL

I could not have asked for a better experience!!! Getting a breast Aug is a huge commitment. I have always been small chested I was so nervous but dr Franco and rn Lilly were there for me to assure that everything was going to be fine and it was! The staff at Miami plastic surgery was top notch! :) READ MORE

34 and Ready to Feel More Comfortable in my Own Skin. - Kansas City, KS

I have always been a small chested athletic person. I decided to get my surgery done after years of complaining and being extremely uncomfortable with myself.....even in my own home. Every time I had to reach up high while wearing a bra it would go right over my small deflated chest and I would... READ MORE

Small Boobs Wanting Full Look

I would recommend dr Eddy dona to everyone. He is professional and matches the right implant for your chest size. He gave me a sense of ease when nervous during my first consultation in choosing my sizes. After my operation he gave me the right look that I was after with minimal scarring Top... READ MORE

Amazing experience

My experience and result with Sam can be summed up with one word. Amazing! Sam was lovely fro day one of my very first consultation he was very informative and offered great advice. Using the 3D machine was an excellent way understand the different implant results and be comfortable with your... READ MORE

32-34A to 34C day one post-op breast agumentation

Measurements, sizing, and more Age- 20 years Height- 5'7" Weight- 115Lb Breast width- 12cm Original breast size- 32-34A Post op- 34C (as of now) Implant size- 350 right, 325 left Implant shape- round Implant type- silicon Implant profile- moderate plus How I feel Post-op I woke up from the... READ MORE

Boobless Till 26

The process, from being to the end, was unbelievable. From the first day I met Dr. Rezai, I was very comfortable with him. I was a size 34A with one breast much 2cm larger than the other and I was very insecure about it. Dr. Rezai took my body measurements, and suggested a size that was... READ MORE

One fantastic experience

Anthony was amazing, I searched around but as soon as I had the consultation with Anthony I new he was the one who will make a fantastic job. He did!! I can not be more happy, I was known as a tricky one due to chest deformity. Cannot recommend Anthony enough, the whole experience was calm and... READ MORE

18 Years Old, Very Small Natural Breasts That Caused Immense Insecurity - Baltimore, MD

Starting in middle school I began noticing how much smaller my chest was than my friends. It wasn't that I was a late bloomer, as I was one of the first to hit puberty, it was just my body type. As I hit high school boobs were the main focus among both boys and girls. That's when my friends... READ MORE

25/ 5'4/ 120lb/ Fit/ No Kids - La Mesa, CA

After interviewing few PS I put my faith in Dr. Pousti not only did I feel the most comfortable with him and his staff, I felt his professionalism and understanding fit what I wanted. His confidence and knowledge in breast augmentation made it easier for me to trust him and his expertise. The... READ MORE

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