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22 Yrs Old, 125lbs 5'6ft , No Kids, Silicone Mentor Undies

After years of being on RealSelf I have finally decided to take the big step! I'm currently a 34A, height is 5'6 and weighing 125lb. I finally decided that I would be going with Dr. Peck, I've done so much research on him and recently met with his office staff and I can definitely say that I... READ MORE

21 Years Old and Went Through Hell to Get Breast!

So since realself really helped me out during my post op when I was going through that phrase of mild depression bc I thought my breasts were too small and my experience with hematoma, I am going to write about my experience to help others who might be going through the same thing. I originally... READ MORE

20 Years Old, 460cc, Extra High Profile Silicone

I went from A cup to hopefully D or DD ,still can't tell because breast is still dropping and changing its shape every day. It's been 2.5 weeks since my surgery and I'm so happy with results!its been the best decision I've made in a while lol And also the best decision about doctor!Dr. Carmona... READ MORE

27 Yrs Old, No Children, Long Time Want - Lethbridge, AB

First I want to say how much I appreciate all you ladies sharing your experiences and input or has helped me hugely sorting out what I want! I am heading for my first consultation in 1 week!! So excited but biggest concern is that I plan to have kids and worry how the implants will... READ MORE

***Best Plastic Surgeon and Office Staff in the Bay Area*** - Greenbrae, CA

Not sure where to start my life has changed so much in so little time. Dr Kimberly Henry has been an amazing and attentive surgeon to me. I'm extremely happy with my procedure and it can only get better. It has only been one week of my breast augmentation surgery, but the procedure was so fast... READ MORE

28 Years Old. Feeling Proportionately Complete. - Reston, VA

Everyone wishes they can change something about themselves for many different reasons. I finally reached the point in my life where I wanted to and could make the change I wanted, for me. Not for anyone else in my life or the people I thought I wanted in my life. I included the minimal amount of... READ MORE

Dr. Miami

It was my first time getting any surgery and definitely something I never expected to do. From the minute I walked in I knew I was making the right choice. The doctor and staff are extremely nice, helpful and welcoming. They made me feel so comfortable and secure every step of the way. I am so... READ MORE

From Terribly Uneven to Practically Perfect!!

I have nothing but PRAISE and GRATITUDE for Dr. Harper! You will be in the BEST hands with him!! I was very skeptical and full of questions when I went into my consultation and now 6 months post surgery I can honestly say that it was one of the best decisions I made. I could not be happier with... READ MORE

42, Looking Into a Boob Job

Still debating whether to get implants or not! I actually like my boobs (they're As) and they've served me well over the years, but at this age I feel restless for a change. I've also gained some weight and though my boobs have increased a tad in size, they don't seem like they've filled out... READ MORE

Balanced - Honolulu, HI

I have always been self conscious about my breasts. I felt less than, insecure, and helpless about my lack of. When I found out breast augmentations even existed I knew immediately this is what I wanted. Although born and raised in Hawaii I currently live in NYC and am working as a professional... READ MORE

44 Years Old - San Diego, CA

A much-needed breast augmentation. My consultation went great and I loved the experience. I wanted to get breast implants to improve my appearance because my breast were too small. Everyone is self-conscious about some aspect of their physical appearance. I think that if there's something about... READ MORE

38 & Feelin GREAT! Mom of 4 Decided to Do This for ME! - Watertown, WI

It took this long to decide I could actually spend the money on myself. I was sick of being insecure and feeling as if I wasn't a real "woman" every time I looked in the mirror, got dressed, went out with friends, and just about every other waking moment since I can remember. I thought about... READ MORE

Needed a Better Look! - Raleigh, NC

I am beyond happy with my decision to have a breast augmentation! Only 9 days out from surgery with knowledge that there are still more changes to come in the look and shape of my breast, I am already in love with where they have come from and will go! My self esteem is already 100% on the rise... READ MORE

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