capsular contracture + Breast Augmentation

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16 year old breast implants- capsular contracture and nipple lift

I'm left with scars both physical and emotional. I had out of pocket costs for a portion of the hyperbaric therapy treatment charges I had post op. Now I have to consider whether or not the scar tissue should be looked at and what a solution might be. I've waited a year to post my review. If... READ MORE

"48 Yo, 182 Lbs., 5'7", 4 Children, Nursed Everyone, Wanting to Look Proportional to the Rest of Me"

Well, this is where my adventure begins. I have a mother and 2 sisters that are endowed more that me and my whole life I wondered what happened to me. Why was I so tiny (36 - 38 A and they were sporting around a 34 - 38 D-F) My husband never complained about my size, in fact he was quite... READ MORE

36, 5'6, 134 Lbs, 13 Bwd, Not Much to Start with

I have been researching like crazy for the last month and I am so overwhelmed. I have done three consultations with another scheduled for Tues with Vectra 3D. I initially wanted teardrop as I heard they were more "natural" looking. However the more pictures I have looked out I haven't really... READ MORE

Hoping for 350cc but dr say might be too big- Montreal, QC

I've been looking at everything héréditaire for a while. All pros and cons, good and bad experiences. Huge, large and medium implants, i want to see and heart everything to make a good and reaponsible decision. I've been wanting larger breasts forever, probably since i was 15, i'm now 34. Our s... READ MORE

305cc Sientra textured, unders, 2 kids breastfed, 5ft 95lbs

I've been stalking this site for about a year now. I've always wanted a BA, but I wanted to be sure I was done having children. Well, both kids have been breastfed, and are thriving! So it's time to upgrade the girls! I've chosen to have my BA done by Dr. Alfred Sofer located in Fairfield, CT.... READ MORE

33 Year Old, No Kids: Textured Round 330cc for 5'1, 49 Kg Athletic Body - Seoul, KR

Hello! This site has been helpful for planning my surgery, so I thought I would contribute as well! Thanks for all your input ladies. I am so grateful! After my introduction, this post asks whether you all think 330cc would be good for my frame or 350. I am feeling greedy with 350, but I don't... READ MORE

Boobs! - San Antonio, TX

I had lots of consultations with lots of different doctors in San Antonio but as soon as I met Dr. Lawton, I knew he was the one! I was always super flat chested. I couldn't even fill a training bra. As soon as I turned 18, I told my mother and we started researching and going to consultations.... READ MORE

28y/o Subglandular(overs) Implants. 400cc after 2 pregnancies

Hello all, I have been researching and reading reviews like crazy since i decided to do a BA. I had a consultation and the MD recommended over the muscle 400cc through the areola. I was a bit nervous because the majority of reviews are under the muscle and that is what i thought i would get. But... READ MORE

Breast augmentation- biggest mistake

Hello ladies! I got breast augmentation done 25 days ago . It was the worst decision of my life ! For no reason i spent so much money n damaged my beautiful natural body . B.A is a very very bad plz dont get it done. So many side effects with it. Like rupture, capsular contracture, infection etc... READ MORE

5'6" 120lbs 25yrs Old 34B Wanting 450CC Should I Really Do It??!

I need help! I have been to 2 consultations and have scheduled my surgery with a really awesome office (unofficially, haven't paid yet).... but how on earth do you decide if you REALLY want to go through with this? Currently I am a nice symmetrical 34B (not nearly as big as I would like to be,... READ MORE

Capsular Contracture Nightmare- Ruined 2.5 Years of my Life and Counting - Los Angeles, CA

I developed capsular contracture (I noticed 3 months post-op but PS told me "no" and said to take the wires out of my bra and come back 6 months later. I came back with grade 4. Same surgeon performed Capsulectomy and I have 2nd CC. I now have to see specialist. Biggest mistake of my life. RESEARCH! READ MORE

325cc HP Sub-glandular, and capsular contracture. Not Happy. Eyelid surgery too.

Hello all, I have contemplated writing a review for quite a while. Since my roller coaster is still on full throttle I figured it's as good a time as any. I had my BA 6 months ago at age 47. I was a small 34B. I wanted a natural look, not too big, would be happy with a large C. The first and... READ MORE

26Yr Old, 5'3 105lbs, breastfed for 18mo. A cup doing mentor CPG 323, 345cc.

I've always wanted a breast augmentation after I realized in highschool I was never going to get more than an A cup. After breast feeding for a year and a half I decided it was time. I've done ALOT of research on the surgery, things that would benefit me when choosing my dr and after meeting... READ MORE

Can I Correct my Capsular Contracture at Home? Tustin, CA

Hi everyone. I'm sorry, I'm very new at this. I am at 4 months post-op and I seem to have developed capsular contracture ): I really would not like to spend more money to correct it with surgery as I do not make a good living, and my breast augmentation was not needed but I made a hasty and... READ MORE

Before and After. New York, NY

My before and after. Unfortunately I developed a CC. I have to stay this way for a bit longer but I can't wait for a revision. My experience with the entire procedure was great except for the fact of the CC. I didn't have much pain but I did notice the left one was healing a little firmer than... READ MORE

29, 1 Child Constricted Breasts/capsular Contracture. La Mesa, CA

Everything about this experience was AMAZING. I have been considering. BA for 10 years and finally decided to get it done. after talking to several friends I decided Pousti was the right Doctor, after having a consult with him and his team I KNEW it was where I would go. they were caring,... READ MORE

The Biggest Mistake I've Ever Made....Norman, OK

I had always had large breasts but I had lost weight and wanted them to feel full again so I got implants, silicone, sub glandular. I got cc in my right breast which I had come to terms with but now, 3 years later my left breast has developed cc as well and has migrated up my chest and has... READ MORE

21 Years Old // 455cc UHP Silicone // 5'4 120lbs. Altamonte Springs, FL

Okay so I have been wanting to get a BA for at least 2 years now. I'm originally from a small town in Kentucky where having a procedure like this done is not seem as normal. A friend of mine had it done our senior year in high school and was completely shunned for it. She was seen as a "whore"... READ MORE

My Treat. San Antonio, TX

I have always wanted to have larger boobs, seeing they running on both sides of my family. I was always teased about being so small. I thought when I had kids it would change. That is only a myth in my case. I searched for years until I found Dr. Lawton. I knew what I wanted, he didn't change my... READ MORE

21 Years Old , 1 Child. Oklahoma City, OK

I was tired of looking at my breast agter breast feeding, before that they were a size 34A but perky and round (cute) after they enlarged from the milk they started to get droppy after i stopped breast feeding. I decided to get saline implants because incase they leak it would just pee out n... READ MORE

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