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BA/Scar Revision Age 37 - Boston, MA

Hi guys! I read this site all the time but this is my first post. After having Endometrial cancer, full hysterectomy, I'm finally ready to take my body back. It was never the same after treatments etc. I'm so excited to see PS next week! Has anyone had work done at Mass General Resident Clinic?... READ MORE

All About Me 46 5'8 174lbs

I am 46 yes 46 and after years of just life and taking care of others wants and needs I'm going to do this for me. I'm a mother of 3 and new grandmother. I have always since puberty been self conscious of my breast you know the one side larger then the other but for me it goes even deeper 12... READ MORE

65 Years Young

One day I am excited the next I want to cancel. I feel I am too old to undergo a procedure like this. I am scared about so many things that could happen. I worry about anesthesia, neurosis, mammograms will not show cancerous situations, I won't enjoy these long due to my age. On the other hand I... READ MORE

Twice Cancer Survivor, 20yrs Old, 2 Children, Need a New Start! Miami, FL

Hi Ladies! Cant tell you how long iv been trawling over this site for! So here's a bit about me... -Im 20 and a mum of 2! -Iv been diagnosed with bone cancer twice, once in 2007 and again in July 2014 which unfortunately left me having to have my leg amputated - I live in the UK but hope to... READ MORE

Are Foam (Polyuthrene) Implants Safe? - Poland, IN

I had my Breast Augumentation operation on the 8th of July 2016. I was waiting for it nearly all my life as never developed nice breasts. I had operation in very well known clinic in Poland (I am Polish) . Doctor is very famous in Poland and very succsesfull. I have seen his results of work and... READ MORE

Dr. Kurley is a Miracle Worker! - Champaign, IL

I had pancreatic cancer 10 years ago and have weighed just 100 lb. since then. My breasts had shrunk to less than an A cup. At age 61 I looked more like a pre-teen. My fiance and I both wanted me to be more voluptuous. Dr. Kurley performed the most amazing, problem-free surgical breast... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation - Albuquerque, NM

I have one side larger than the other, due to surgery that I had to remove lumps that were thought to be cancerous. I discussed my concerns with Dr. Hopkins and asked on several different occasions to have a larger implant placed in the smaller side. Dr. Hopkins said, every time that I mentioned... READ MORE

Professional and Honest - Houston, TX

My problem was not that simple. I had gone through surgeries for breast cancer before and needed an overhaul that could not only give a lift but also make sure that all the past marks are gone and that too in a short span. I am so glad to find such skilled and easy to get along with doctor for... READ MORE

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