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C to DD cup + Breast Augmentation

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Goodbye Real Boobies! 24yo 250cc overs.

I'm having my surgery tommorrow aaaargh i can't believe it. I booked the surgery 1 month ago after moving to japan. I'd been looking at doing it for years but in australia it's far more expensive and i didn't want to deal with my family criticizing me about the procedure. I actually don't want... READ MORE

22 y/o, 5'4, 485/520 silicone HP unders

So nervous! I've wanted to get my breasts done for years and years and finally have the money saved up and the courage to get it done. My consultation is tomorrow so I'll have more updates for sure after. Right now I'm a 32C but definitely NOT a C-cup in volume - more like an A. I'm not stuck on... READ MORE

29, No Kids, 120lbs, Want Kids, 34C-34 D/DD?

Soooo let's see where to start. A lot of my friends think I'm crazy buuuuut , maybe I am. lol I'm currently a 34 B/C. Normally even sometimes closer to a D when my cycle is near. However, right after my cycle, I'm peddling right back to a 34/B/C. And I even notice quite a bit of density is lost... READ MORE

25 Years Old, One Kid, Avid Weightlifter Moderate Profile 405cc Naturelle Gummy Silicone

I'm so happy I went with a moderate profile silicone 405CC. I was a 32C prior (VS sizing) or a large A cup respectively. I am now a 32DD (VS sizing) or large C/Small D respectively. I do wish I was able to go a tad bit bigger because I don't look any bigger now in a sports than before in a... READ MORE

Mid 30'S No Kids, Always Wanted Bigger Breast!

Hello everyone! First post on here! My surgery date is January 10th! I have chosen 700cc silicone high profile implants. I am 5'3 and weight is in the 130 range. I have wanted big boobs since I was about 15, was super flat chested always wore padded bra's , developed late in life and at that I... READ MORE

Totally worth every penney!!

I had my breast augmentation 9 months ago and I have been loving my new me. I feel more confident, because I had been wanting bigger breasts for a long time. I went from a (not fully) C to a DD. I am ver happy with Dr. Sozer and all the staff. READ MORE

36, 2 Adult Kids Breast Fed One for 1 Yr.

I have my BA in 2 days! I'm super excited and nervous! I am currently a small deflated c cup and hoping they will be a DD. I am 5'6 150lbs I was told I needed a lift but I am not going for super perky boobs I just want what I have filled up! I'm going with 600cc HP saline implants under the... READ MORE

21 Years Old, No Kids, 5ft2, 135lbs, 34C Looking to Go to 32DD/E - London, GB

Hello! I have found Real Self so helpful so thought I would share my experiences on here. I am due to meet Naveen on 30th March for my consultation to see what can be achieved, as I'm looking to go larger and get my areola reduced in size / raised so they sit higher. Will report back on what he... READ MORE

Love my New Boobs!!! - San Ramon, CA

I have always wanted larger boobs but never allowed myself the luxury of having them done. But I finally decided to do it. I went to 3 different PS consultations. All 3 recommended a lift along with the implants, but I REALLY didn't want that lollipop scar!!! I decided on Dr. Parhiscar because... READ MORE

650cc & 700cc Silicone UHP /26/No Kids/Breast Augmentation. Scottsdale, AZ

Looking at 560cc Silicone Implants, Under the muscle, Inframmary Incision. Will get 50 ccs more on my left to compensate for my larger right breast. Currently a large B almost C, hopefully end up at a DD or DDD. I am so excited!! Pre-op is March 4th / SX March 18th! Dr. Corwin Martin is... READ MORE

Bathing Suit Season is Coming

I'm 26 , no kids, 5'3 weigh 150-160 and my breasts are an embarrassing 38C (pics to come). I'm looking to be DD or DDD but natural looking. My first BA consultation is tomorrow, is there anything you ladies wished you'd asked but thought of afterwards? Any advice is welcome. RealSelf has been... READ MORE

500cc/530cc HP Saline Implants - Miami, FL

As of today I am 5 weeks and 3 days out from my surgery. I am scheduled for a breast augmentation with Dr. Friedman at CG Cosmetics. I have been working through Karla, so far so good, and she has been very helpful. I am currently a 34C looking to be a 34DD after my procedure is completed. I have... READ MORE

26 Years Old Mum of Two with Saggy Maggies!!! - Belgium

Hi girls!! so i am currently 16 days off my BA and im feeling quite chilled about it. have spent the WHOLE DAY looking at boobs (ive defo morphed into my hubby!) and i think ive decided on the look im going for. Pre Children i was a 32DD and they were gorgeous.....Post children im a 30C but... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation with Lift After Weight Loss-5'4" 155 Lbs 600 CC HP - Reno, NV

I have lost more than 45 pounds in the last year and I'm in the process of losing more. I didn't have boobs until my junior/senior year of high school , even though all the women on both sides of my family are very well endowed. I liked my 36 Cs until the weight loss caused them to sag and... READ MORE

700cc silicone over the muscle 5'4 140 pounds

Dr Luis Suarez is an amazing doctor he got me exactly what I wanted! 700cc silicone over the muscle I had absolutely NO PAIN after. I was a C cup post op and expect to be a double D with my new overs. His staff answered all my emails promptly and made me feel at ease when I arrived. They kept me... READ MORE

31 Year Old Mom of 1... 5'9, 145 lbs, athletic build.

I have a BA scheduled for 3/18/16. I cannot believe I am so close! I currently a 34 C, going up in size to a 34D/DD. I am still debating how large I want to go. I have been wanting larger breasts ever since I can remember, although I am not super small chested to begin with. I am counting down... READ MORE

22 Year Old with One Special Little Boy - Raleigh, NC

I went with someone I had researched for quite some time, after planning for about a year or more I finally booked my consultation. Everything went well, staff was great and overall good experience. I'm in day 3 post op, not much pain just a lot of discomfort. I went from 32C and I'm not sure my... READ MORE

31YO 5,7" 138lbs 2 Kids - Long Island, NY

Hi everyone. I've been peaking around for the past few months and after noticing that there are not May women with my body type/ frame with a review up I thought I would share my story. I'm a 31 year old mom to 2 awesome kids ( oldest 11 and youngest 7). The seems as if I've been a 34C for as... READ MORE

24years Old Deflated Breasts Due to Pregnancy So Treating Myself to Some New Boobs :) - Manchester, GB

I'm hoping to go from my flat 34c to a plum 34d/dd, I have a little sagging but plenty of skin under the nipple(doctor told me 6year ago I needed a lift????) I was smaller then so hoping at my surgeon consultation on 15/04/2015 he says I dont, as I don't think I do and it takes the price from... READ MORE

37, Mom of 3 Breastfed Babies, 5'8 138lbs, Natrelle Style 15, 421cc - Tampa, FL

I am very pleased with my whole experience. Dr. Rieger was my third consult and I knew I wanted to go with him right away. I loved his reviews and results, very conservative and has a lot of experience. Everything went great and dr. Rieger did exactly what I asked. I wanted a more natural look... READ MORE

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