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C to D cup + Breast Augmentation

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25 Year Old, C Cup to a Deflated B Cup After Weightloss, 485 Cc

I had my first consultation on Valentines day of tis year and i had a great vibe with my surgeon ( 2nd surgeon met), he told me I didn't need a lift which made me extremely happy. On my second consultation we tried on different sizes and I told him I wanted a full D, he then made me try the 535... READ MORE

22 Year Old, 5 6' and 140lbs - Seattle, WA

While growing up I played soccer litterally my whole entire life! I feel like as I was going through puberty my body didn't get the chance to grow and mature as it should have because I was always training. I am currently a 32C/34B. And looking for a full D hopefully. Pre-op was last week and I... READ MORE

24Yrs Old 5'4 135lb No Kids moderate 640cc Natrelle Inspira under

I want to be at least a small D. Looking to get mod profile or mod plus. I wanted a lot more side boob and some good cleavage vs having projection. I do want to go for the more "natural" look. I have no doubt I want to get them under the muscle because I plan to have kids in the near future.... READ MORE

27 years old, nursed 2 kids, very deflated-no upper pole fullness

I am 27 years old, nursed my first child for 18 months, when I found out I was pregnant with my 2nd child, then nursed the 2nd child for 23 months. My breast are very deflated and have no upper pole fullness. I am hoping to achieve a very natural look and would love to be a full C small D. I am... READ MORE

Considering a breast augmentation without lift

I'm considering a breast augmentation would it be possible for me to get the operation without a lift. I currently wear a 38c (200lbs 5'8) but I do not feel my bra completely. I would like to achieve the look of a midsize to large Double D. READ MORE

No kids from a C to a D.

For two years I was doing my research on breast augmentation I thought I was pretty set on what I had in mind...I came across Dr.Newman and I continued my research I was satisfied with the results I had seen online so I decided to have a consultation with him. I immediately fell in love with... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation or Nah???

I started another review in the wrong treatment But anyway, I recently had a tummy tuck with liposuction of flanks and muscle repair, 3 weeks ago and I am loving my results!! Now I am considering Breast Augmentation with saline implants. I am only 5 ft tall, petite, but curvy frame... READ MORE

BA Dr.krau 6/2016. Miami, FL

Scheduled to have a BA in june @cg cosmetics, im expecting to obtain my ideal boobs after having kids and breast feeding ! 5'2 - 126lbs i'm trying to go for full a C to a small D ............Ive been doing my research for about 2 years and i have finally gone ahead and scheduled with dr. Krau ... READ MORE

Best Decision Ever...Chicago, IL

I have always wanted bigger boobs. 10 years later, it finally happened! It really is the best decision I have ever made for myself. I went from a small c to a full d cup... And they look amazing. It's only been 2 weeks since my surgery, but everything is going great. My only regret is that I... READ MORE

26 Years Old Mum of Two with Saggy Maggies!!! - Belgium

Hi girls!! so i am currently 16 days off my BA and im feeling quite chilled about it. have spent the WHOLE DAY looking at boobs (ive defo morphed into my hubby!) and i think ive decided on the look im going for. Pre Children i was a 32DD and they were gorgeous.....Post children im a 30C but... READ MORE

20 Years Old, Small 32c with Asymmetry Due to Scoliosis! - Southampton, UK

So the story is...I had nice full c-cups until I had to have spinal surgery, which completely flattened my chest wall, and pronounced my assymetry even more! So I spoke to my spinal surgeon who referred me to my PS, originally I would have had this done NHS! but due to cutbacks the funding... READ MORE

35 Yrs Old 5'4" 130lbs. After 2 Babies I'm Finally Getting my Boobies Back! - Asheville, NC

So here goes! My surgery is on the 8th of March and I couldn't be more excited and nervous! I am 5'4" and 130lbs. Currently a small C and hoping to go to a full D or possibly a DD. I want upper pole fullness like i had while breast feeding. I am trying to stay calm and not freak out about the... READ MORE

After 6 Years of Wanting, Finally Doing It! - Springfield, MO

I am a (flat/deflated) 34C (sometimes B) as of now. After breastfeeding 1 child & many weight fluctuations I am finally to a steady weight and have been for a while so I finally made the jump! I am hoping to be a full D, possibly DD! My doctor has suggested Moderate Plus Profile but in worried... READ MORE

29Yrs Old, 5Kids, 110 (49kg), 5'4, before 10aa now 10DD smooth rounds under muscle. Brisbane, AU

Hey ladies, after stalking this site for months, and getting a better idea of what I want I have decided to finally go for it! I've always been I small AA to a AAA I breast fed 5 babies all for around 12 months each and feel they are looking a bit worse for wear my nips are quite out there! So... READ MORE

27 Y/O Breastfed One Child Looking at 400CC's

Hi everyone! I'm new to this site and just love the wealth of info I've recieved. I'm in Northern California and I'm getting my Breast augmentation on July 21st! I'm super excited/nervous. I was born w tetralogy of fallot (heart condition) and with clearence from my cardiologist I'm ready to get... READ MORE

Finally at 29! 110Lbs, 5'3, 375cc's, MP+, Memory"Shape"Implant (textured).

Currently starting the 10 day count down to my breast augmentation. I have been waiting to do this for 10yrs and couldn't be any happier that I chose to take my time to make this huge decision. I have always wanted this but never could do it because of all of the possibilities of something wrong... READ MORE

22 Years Old, 2 Breastfed Babies. 560/630cc saline implants. Dual plane!- Owensboro, KY

So to start, I'm a 22 year old mother of 2. My boys are 2, and 10 months. I'm 5'1, 128lbs. I'm currently a 32C roughly (I'm asymmetrical). I'm looking to have a full D, husband wants a full DD LOL so I'm good anywhere between the two. My BA is scheduled for Dec 23rd at 7 am. I will be seeing Dr.... READ MORE

25 Yr Old *Pure Romance Consultant*, 2 Kids (Nursed Both), Wanting to Feel SEXY Again!! - Charlotte, NC

Hey Ladies!! I was debating on posting here but here goes. First off a little bit about me, I'm 25 mother of 2 beautiful daughters, I'm married, and I have become a Pure Romance Consultant about a couple months ago. I am wanting to achieve a full C small D. I'm hoping to have surgery by May or... READ MORE

39 Yrs Old -pre BA 34C - No Kids -married. Ontario, CA

Wanted to get fuller breast & go one size bigger. I also desired to be able to not worry about a bra in the summer with "cute back" shirts or a bathing suit just was looking for some "firm & full" boobs! Over 2 yrs Consulted with several Dr.'s but none made me feel as comfortable as Dr.A's... READ MORE

Love my Jugs! - Atlanta, GA

Hi ladies, I'm a week out of surgery. I spent $5,840.00 on my breast augmentation and so far I feel it was money well spent. I was a 36c and went with 510cc silicone(the memory gel aka gummy bear). I'm still a little swollen, but the doctor says I'll probably be a big D or even a double D, yeah... READ MORE

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