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C to A cup + Breast Augmentation

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30 Yrs, 2 Children

Hello everyone! I recently turned 30, I have two kids, 9 yrs old and smaller is 1. I used to have a nice c cup, but after my first child, it changed to an a cup with lots of scars. I was unhappy ofcourse,but I didn't consider a surgery, I even thought it's disgusting to have implants. 9 years... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation- Dr Guerra - Scottsdale, AZ

Aftwr breast feeding two children my breasts went down from a C cup to barely an A. Unfortunately I waited 25 years to have the surgery, the only regret I have is I waited so long. Dr Ado Guerra performed an amazing job!! He and his staff are so professional, and though. Be the best you can... READ MORE

34 Years Old and Wanted to Feel Proportioanal - Cherry Hill, NJ

I have been shopping for a surgeon for a few months. I knew i was going to get my implants after the summer of 2015 but i have wanted them a few years. After losing 30 pounds and keeping it off and working out regularly gravity came into play. I was very aware and self conscious about my breasts... READ MORE

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