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32 Years Old, 1 Teenage Daughter

Het ladies! Well I've toyed with the idea of breast implants for about 10 years, it was only in June 2016 during a holiday to Greece that I finally made my mind up. I'd got taking to a lady, about 46 years old with INCREDIBLE boobs. (She was topless poolside) and I got into a debate with my... READ MORE

2 Kids (BF), 30-yr Old 34a to DDD, 575cc Silicone. San Mateo, CA

I'm on my 3rd day now out of surgery... Overall major pain was just the first night. Lots of swelling after the first few hours but overall everything seems very normal and easy to heal from. I have a burning sensation in the litter corner of my left breast almost on my ribs. But I'm sure it's... READ MORE

41 YrOld w/ 1 Child, Small B Breast, WhichSagged from Age. 5"2' 140Lbs, 400cc BA. Orange Park, FL

My surgery went perfect and very smooth. I actually have had no pain at all Just a little burning sensation like a sapping every now and then in too of my right breast which is normal until nerves return back. I received 400 's in each breast and couldn't be happier. They are BEAUTIFUL even... READ MORE

BA -51 YO, 3 Kids, Time for an Upgrade :-) - Raleigh, NC

Hi ladies, I'm 5 days post-op and wanted to share my experience since I'm a little older (51) and my perspective might help someone else out there! This site has been super helpful to me over the past few months as I've researched this surgery and deliberated about exactly the result I want to... READ MORE

High Profile Saline Implants - Clarksville, TN

In my quest for perfection, I have checked another modification off of my list. At my heaviest weight, my cup size was a C. After weight loss, it was an A. Dr. gave me high profile saline implants, placed under the muscle, with an inframammory incision. Additionally, I also had a tummy tuck... READ MORE

Boobs Under Muscle 330cc 360cc Mod Profile - Belgium, BE

Hi just thought I would write a review for anyone thinking of going to Beaucare in Belgium. So far I am 2 days post op and they look pretty good, although sore and high. But they are evenly placed, nipple projection is perfect and the size difference I had before has been minimised. I am so... READ MORE

25, Breastfed 2 Kids, from Deflated A to ...? - Minneapolis, MN

25 mother of two girls(5 and 3), breast fed for four years straight. Wanted to do this for a long time and I'm so glad I finally did. 5'8" 124 lbs, 32b pre op. 492cc. Smooth, round, submuscular, crease insicion. I was expecting a lot of pain and nausea post surgery but it hasn't been too bad.... READ MORE

37 Years Old, 2 Active Little Boys, Bringing Sexy Back After Nursing! - Richmond, VA

After nursing my youngest son for 13 months, I was left with deflated tatas! I always joked about getting them redone after kids, but I didn't realize how much I would want it after seeing the actual results of nursing two boys. I was able to work out hard in the gym to get the rest of my body... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation 350cc Saline Transaxillary

Had breast augmentation done by Dr.Jugenburg 2 days ago. Decided on 350cc saline transaxillary sub muscular. I was super nervous going in, but was honestly surprised with how quickly it was over and done with. The whole team at Dr.J's clinic was amazing & completely put my nerves at ease. As for... READ MORE

Recently Had to Have Surgery to Relieve Hematoma How Ling Until the Breast Goes Back Down? - Phoenix, AZ

Recently had breast augmentation I went from a 36 b and had implants of 700cc. 10 days after surgery my left breast continually was getting tighter and tighter and implant went all the way to collar bone and into armpit. Needless to say I had to have emergency surgery around 845 pm to go back in... READ MORE

BA Day 2 Post Op - Bathurst, AU

I am a mother of 2 I decided to get a BA.. I was a 34c and now 36DD I got 610cc cilicone everything is going well no bruising or anything abnormal but my incision are burning.. it's not red or anything.. is this normal? it's only on my left side :( they gave me dilaudid 2mg for the pain but... READ MORE

Gummy Bear Breast Implants - my Experience. Kirkland, WA

I had a good experience overall, but wanted to share a bit about my recovery because some of it surprised me quite a bit & I would have liked to know ahead of time that these things were normal. I had an excellent surgeon & the outcome was fantastic. I just turned 40 & I went from... READ MORE

Smyrna, GA

The doctor was very nice and polite. However, he was very quick to the point and did not spend a lot of time with me. Instead, his "nurse" ( though I doubt she even completed high school) gave me the consultation. She told me that I had to call a loan agency and try to get more money for more... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Gone Wrong. New South Wales, AU

Was wishing to enlarge breasts from A cup to C using Saline Implants. My initial experience with Dr Hodgkinson was positive. Although the consultation was short he seemed very self-assured and confident in his abilities, which gave me confidence. As I lived interstate I flew into Sydney for only... READ MORE

21yr Old Breast Augmentation - Huge Success! Sydney, AU

I considered breast augmentation for a year before deciding to go ahead with the support of my parents. I was a size 8A and extremely self conscious about breast size as comments were regularly made about my lack of boob. I had 2 consultations with different surgeons and the decision to go with... READ MORE

Breast Aug and Laser Scar Revision - Bellevue, WA

The procedure(s) I have had (breat aug and laser scar revision) have been nothing but a noteworthy experience with the same doctor. The breast aug was one of those situations where I didn't know what to expect or what I wanted really. Luckily, I had a doctor who I trusted and once I showed him... READ MORE

30 + Years and Counting/think About my Story Before You Go for It - Oklahoma City, OK

As a pioneer I can tell you I was told silcone implants would last a lifetime! Now think about it... you got 10 years or less to come up with twice what it cost you today in 10 years- maybe you'll have the money maybe you won't. Now let me tell you what is happening to me: I am a RN who... READ MORE

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