bumpy + Breast Augmentation

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My Final Results 30 Mom of One - Hewlett, NY

So I am super happy with my results and the whole process was not a cake walk but my results were well worth the week of pain. My first week was filled with oxycodone overdose (just kidding) it was really painful like an elephant was sitting in the middle of my chest. I was in contact with my... READ MORE

1 Year Later Need to Have Second Breast Augmentation Because Capsular Contraction and Very Bad Scars

Hi, I had my BA a year ago and since then I've not been completely happy with the results, my scars are terribly thick, red and bumpy and one breast has changed shape. I went to see my surgeon yesterday for my 1 year review and he said he needs to replace implants because of capsular contraction... READ MORE

Breast Lift and Aug , Four Kids , Hematoma ! - Mobile, AL

I had for kids and age 39 . Wanted by breast to look attractive . I had complications . Hematoma developed before I was sent home day of surgery . Doctor took me back into surgery and I went home with a drain . So much more painful than I expected ! I had a hysterectomy not long before this and... READ MORE

Dr. Lee is an amazing doctor.

I've had a BA and Volbella by Dr. Lee. In both occasions my experience has been nothing but amazing. My concerns and questions were answered adequately. I was never promised perfection but was instead given very realistic expectations and outcome. My breast are great!! Had my surgery March 2013.... READ MORE

Unacceptable Results

Dr. S. did my breast augmentation 10 years ago. They healed horribly. I had tubular/tuberous breast deformity, and whatever the doctor did left me with a different deformity. The scars were so awful that they totally screwed up the side contour and silhouette of my breasts. They are not round... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Gone Wrong. - Houston, TX

I heard good things about Dr.Newall and decided to go to him after a few consultations with others. I had my breasts done when I was 18, and had two kids after. I decided to get my breasts redone to make them more perkier and bigger. The consultation was good (probably because they wanted to... READ MORE

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