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bruising + Breast Augmentation

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I got serious about getting in shape a couple years ago. I started working out and dieting. I've settled into a good rhythm and I am really happy with the results of my efforts. Except my already small boobs somehow got smaller. I went from a decent B-ish state to a small A-cup. I like my boobs.... READ MORE

33 year old 5 kids, breastfeed 3 450cc 400cc may need more surgery for haematoma

Day 11, had surgery with Dr frati in London Fitzroy lovely staff and Dr frat was great, anisetic team were lovely too very kind and friendly. Woke up with my drains in spaced out my left boob was bleeding over the 250 mil line so Dr Frati came back to check on me was put on a drip to stop the... READ MORE

31, 1 Child, Lift and Augmentation 300cc - London, GB

I've never really loved my boobs- certainly after having a baby and then weight loss following that I hated them! The mid-end of last year I started meeting with surgeons and companies. I met with the Harley Group and Dr Mark Solomos and immediately felt happy and comfortable! He recommended the... READ MORE

24 y/o Breast Augmentation. 425CC polyurethane foam teardrop implants.

It has been a dream of mine to get a BA once I finally realised I wouldn't be graduating from an A cup! When I started considering my options I made the decision that I would not pay less to compromise my wellbeing or the outcome of the surgery; if I was doing this I wanted to do it right. As... READ MORE

If I Can't Have Em, Imma Buy Em! 23 Year Old, 5'9, 130lbs - Toronto, ON

I am 23 years old, 5'9 and approximately 130lbs. Currently, I wear an A32 (do not fill out the entire cup) and my desirable size is a full C, or small D. I have had my first consultation several weeks ago and have been recommended the following sizes: 375CC, 415CC and 450CC. Since I am an active... READ MORE

26 Years Old 2kids 5 Ft Tall - Las Vegas, NV

I got surgery on 5/11. Got 500cc HP under mussle. Before I was like 32A I have to wear sports bra for like a month so I'm not sure what size of bra I'm going to wear but hopufully D or DD. Still in a pain and has bruises and constipated badly because of the pain meds? Overall I'm happy that... READ MORE

28 Year Old Two Kids - Gainesville, FL

My Dr was amazing. He's such a gentleman and would refer him. Dr Poser has changed my life. Unfortunately I was in a really bad car accident 4 days after so in still waiting for bruising and swelling to go down but they have been in contact with me the entire time. Dr Poser even came in on his... READ MORE

Couldn't Be Happier with my Natural Looking Full C's! - Chicago, IL

Dr. David Shifrin did an AMAZING job with my breast augmentation!!! I am so happy with the way my breasts look. I was a full A/small B and went to a full C. I asked him to make them look as natural as possible and he exceeded my expectations. You would never know I had any work done with the way... READ MORE

27 Years Old, No Kids, 145 Pounds - Surgery 1 Week Away! - Boston, MA

I am one week away from my BA procedure. I am confident in my decision, but I would be lying if I said I didn't freak out from time to time as it is getting closer and closer! My plastic surgeon and I decided that the best size/shape for my anatomy was a 250-300cc (final size to be decided... READ MORE

24 Year Old, Deflated Boobs - Sydney, AU

Dr Norris made me feel so at ease! His clinic is wonderful and he was able to achieve such amazing results (even though i'm only at day 1 post op!). Even though i was anxious at the beginning, i am glad i went with my gut instinct and went with him! This is my review i posted on... READ MORE

29 Year Old Female, 115 lbs/5' 4", 1 Child, Deflated/saggy Breasts. Webster, TX

Let me start off by saying, I was terrified of surgery. I breastfed my daughter for over a year, which resulted in very deflated breasts. I recently befriended someone who referred me to Dr. Adam and raved about him. She showed me her before and after photos. Dr. Adam's consultation was free so... READ MORE

21 Years Old, Slightly Flat Chested and No Childreb - London, GB

Yesterday at 8:15 am I had my breast enlargement op and Harley house in London with mr maisam fazel. I was a 32 b/a before procedure, I'm now in a 32 double d surgical bra so not 100% what cup I will be after swelling. I had 345cc implants wich is perfect for my frame as I am really curvy. I... READ MORE

Hematoma Immediately After Surgery. Yuba City, CA

I love my new look! I am so happy with how they turned out. I used to wear a 34b bra but that was even perhaps too big. I am one month post op and now wearing a 36c. I am a runner so I didnt want to go too big. I am 5'2" and 125lbs with no kids. When I awoke from surgery I recall feeling pain... READ MORE

Healthcare Professional with Deflated Breasts After Breast-feeding my 2 Children - Bellevue, WA

I am a Healthcare Professional who breast-fed my 2 children which left me with deflated breasts. I kept putting off this procedure because I was worried about my recovery time and the time it would take away from my patients and clinic. The 24 hr. Breast Augmentation procedure I had done by Dr.... READ MORE

27, 5'3, 125 Lbs. Feeling great and like it may just have been worth it! Brookline, MA

Hi all. I had a BA done 3 days ago on 2/24/2015. I surprised myself in getting a BA cause I never considered it an option, mostly due to money and because it wasn't natural. I went to school for environmental studies and learned to value things in their natural state including myself, but being... READ MORE

40 Two Kids Small 36b 5,8 11st 12lb

Took the first step and saw a doctor about my long awaited B/A. At the hospital group clinic in Nottingham Dr Mileto said I could have 500 or 550 cc under the muscle. Anyone had him .? He hurt me when he examined me he pinched the top of my breast I'm now left with a bruise, I'm trying to get... READ MORE

23 Years Old. Breast Lift Reduction to the Right and 450cc Textured Implants - Calgary, AB

Well all I have to say is my experience so far has been the worst! I'm 23 years old from calgary alberta Canada. Reason for my Breast augumentation is because of weight loss. I was 200pounds 2.5 years ago lost 60 pounds and did one fitness comp. With extreme weight loss my breast took the punch.... READ MORE

40+ Yr Old Athletic Mom of Twins.... Just Got 350cc Mod Plus Silicone Unders!! - Greenwich, CT

I always had small boobs but was never unhappy with them. I had always been a 36B and able to manage to get the look I wanted with light padding in my bras and swimwear. When I was pregnant, my boobs grew to a 38E but my stomach was so huge with the twins that they didn't look big in... READ MORE

I Am 33 Waited for Ever to Do It. Salem, OR

I am so in love with my new breast I just had my surgery 2 days ago . I have some bruising , swelling , and a lot of tenderness . My incision sites are not even sore just my side areas are but I feel it will be well worth it ? I went from a small A/B to my surgical bra is a D . My body... READ MORE

7/10/2013 Breast Augmentation - Great Experience with Awesome Staff :-) - Bellevue, WA

I was highly satisfied with my experience with Dr. Jourdan Gottlieb and his staff. He has an exceptional awesome staff! One of the nurses, Libby Bauman, is so incredible. I was not so sure about the size on the post-op day which was only 5 days before my surgery and she took the time to help... READ MORE

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