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20 yo, BA, BBL. HE KILLED IT!!!

HI guys. I'm glad to be writing my first review. I've been sitting on RS for weeks nonstop, reading everyone's reviews and trying to find the right doctor. First and foremost, I'd like to thank all of you ladies who reviewed their experience in such detail. Surgery is a painful and emotional... READ MORE

finally going through with it.

I am set on getting a tummy tuck in the near future, and have not had any consultations as of yet. I have four kids ages 10,7,3,and 1. Ya four kids took a toll on my belly and I feel I am far to young (28) to have body image issues. Not that any age is acceptable we should all be happy in our... READ MORE

35 Years Old, 2 Kids, Natural Look and Not Telling Anyone! - UK

I'm booked in but feeling nervous and almost about to cancel. I'm worried about being judged, and always feel bad that this is a self elected surgery. Then other days I think, so what just go for it. I have small boobs, breast fed and although they are quite pert still, I don't fill a bra... READ MORE

Deflated Breasts After Nursing! - Spartanburg, SC

I was actually referred to Dr. Orseck and even his amazing staff from several of my own clients. He is rated top 3 in our state for cosmetic surgery in 'New Beauty Magazine' Dr. Orseck made me feel very comfortable with all of his knowledge of what would be best for my body type and what I... READ MORE

25 Breast Aug - Pomona, CA

He made me extrememly comfortable and knew exactly what i wanted the staff was unbelieveable especially alexis that help and guide me through my process. Even after surgery he checked on me , had his staff call me . He answered all my questions its been two weeks since my breast aug . And im in... READ MORE

30 Years Old, Mother of a 13 Month Old That's Looking for a Change... Boobs Will Do. - Morristown, NJ

Hey everyone! I went on my first consultation and am more confused than I had expected. I went in thinking I would be getting 300ccs, moderate plus profile-saline, but apparently the dr had a different idea in mind. Since my son, it appears I have a little big of a sag to my breast and they... READ MORE

Dissapointed with the Results. Considering Another Augmentation. - New York

I am 24yo, 150lbs, was 34 A. Got 421cc silicon low profile Natrelle implants. I definitely hadn't done enough research before going for BA. My surgeon didn't explain much, said that he will decide on the size to give me what i desire. As soon as I opened my eyes after surgery I knew that's NOT... READ MORE

34 Years Old, 2 Kids and Weigth Loss - Marbella, Spain

Dr. Aslani resolved my doubts clearly and real without creating me false expectations about the final outcomeand seeking harmony with my physical.After two pregnancies with 10 months of breastfeeding each and a perfidious considerable weight, my breasts were empty and fallen. I felt self-... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation with Rhinoplasty April 2013-Toronto

Im very nervous after years of contemplating rhinoplasty after breaking it in competitive cheerleading and many consultations I have booked my surgery for April 18th, with Dr. Lista and Dr. Ahmad in Toronto. I am also having my breasts done at the same time as I am pursuing a career in... READ MORE

Yah! I have boobs!! Madison, WI

I decided to write about my journey because it has been so helpful for me to read about everyone else and their journey. I am 5'7 and 140 pounds, no children. I have decided to get BA almost 2 years ago when I went to Vegas and it seemed like everyone had BA except me. I thought I wanted to... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Review - Miami, FL

I decided to have a breast augmentation because I couldn't find tops or dresses that would fit properly. Everything was big on me. READ MORE

So Glad I Did It!! :-) - Mountain View, CA

If you're looking for a VERY knowledgable doctor and an amazing staff to take through this process then Dr. Lowens office is the place!! I had my breast augmentation back on April 19 and I couldn't be happier. My breasts look and feel great!! My only complaint is that I wish I had done it... READ MORE

Proud to Finally Be Able to Fill out my Business and Casual Attire! - Loveland, CO

Talk about a confidence booster! I am so happy with the way my breasts look now and the way I look in both my casual and professional clothes. After two kids I wanted to do something for myself and I am glad I did. Dr. Gonyon did a fabulous job - not only does he perform high quality work but... READ MORE

110% Satisfied -Beverly Hills, CA

I must admit I was really worried about the size, even though Dr Rahban made it as easy as possible when he asked me to provide photos of what was too small, too big and ideal. I still felt unsure at the time of surgery. He told me not to worry so much about it, so I trusted him and being the... READ MORE

Highly Recommend! -Orange County

I had a breast augmentation three months ago, 350CC, silicone, under the muscle through the armpit. I am extremely happy with my results. I recommend the armpit approach because you don't have a scar around your breasts. My scars are in the folds of my armpit and are hardly noticeable. I am a... READ MORE

Breast Lift/ Augmentation Combination!

Choosing the right doctor is so important for this procedure...the breast lift/ augmentation is considered one of the most difficult procedures a plastic surgeon encounters... My doctor(see above!) was so helpful in the planning of my surgery...he let me know what would look the most... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation: Life Being Bigger is Better

I absolutely love my breasts. I am so sorry I waited until I was 40 to do it. I was always embarressed by my breast size, filling up my bras with anything I could find. I took the plunge with {edited: provider information appears above the review for registered users} and I am so glad I did... READ MORE

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